Steem Release Velocity 0.20.6

  • Steem Velocity 0.20.6 Release Notes

    This is a bug fix release primarily targeting the RC Plugin.

    Note: witness_api plugin no longer exists, and should be removed from config.ini if present.


    • Nodes running the RC plugin need to manually force a reindex with --replay.

    • Nodes that do not run the RC plugin do not need to upgrade or replay.

    • At this time we recommend witnesses and API nodes upgrade.

    • This is an optional release for exchanges. While the RC values will be different on 0.20.5 and 0.20.6, we have determined through our testing the difference will not be significant and should not cause problems for exchanges. If an exchange wants to update we recommend reindexing 0.20.6 up on a separate machine and switching only once the 0.20.6 node is functional.


    • RCs are no longer calculated prior to HF20 (#3007)

    • Removed the old bandwidth system. This includes the removal of several API fields that were specific to bandwidth and the removal of the witness_api, which was used exclusively for returning information related to bandwidth. (#3029)

    • Changes were made to the RC parameters to conserve current pricing while more aggressively protecting blockchain resources at high usage levels. (#3061)

    • The state byte cost for votes has been reduced as votes are only required in consensus before a comment has been paid. (#3064)

    • Negative RCs are limited to 2 hours worth of regeneration. (#3050)

    • The execution time cost of custom json operations has been reduced by 20 times for all custom json operations except those used by the follow plugin. (#3027)

    • RC Execution Time was not be charged against ops. This has been fixed and execution time is properly being checked. (#2972)

    • Fixed command line interface compatibility issues with boolean flags. Flags work as intended on the command line but are settable to boolean values in the config file. For example, on the command line you can set --enable-stale-production or set it as enable-stale-production=true in the config. (#3025)

    • The account creation fee in the command line wallet uses the correct HF 20 value. (#3019).

    Source Code:

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