5 Quick Ways to Buy Bitcoin With PayPal

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    Though there is a no direct way to buy Bitcoin with Paypal still you can have alternative/indirect ways to access it.

    Since the history of bitcoin– flexibility and security are the features that remained it on top.  It was designed with a mechanism that everyone can use it as currency as well as currency effectively and easily.

    Across many countries of the world, there has been a lot of buzz on usage and regulations relating to cryptocurrency and bitcoin. As a result, users often fed up with waiting for banks and other regulatory authorities for a precise judgment. On the other hand, it never stopped users to invest or deal with Bitcoin.

    Where Bitcoin creator is still a top secret – users continued finding the most easier method to trade bitcoin in everyday life. In contrast, service providers are also in the curse to catch huge bitcoin audience by delivering what they are expecting in real-time.

    Bitcoin and PayPal
    However, we have faced that often people searches how to buy Bitcoin with PayPal and this encourages me to get an in-depth eye on it.

    While Bitcoin is payment and currency – PayPal works only as payment in terms of international fiat currency. With this view, you may have a question; can I buy bitcoin with PayPal? Or finding ways where you can have easier access to Bitcoin using Paypal?

    Well, here is a guide, showing it all.

    #Top 5 ways to Buy Bitcoin Using PayPal

    Though there is a no direct way to buy Bitcoin with Paypal still you can have alternative/indirect ways to access it.

    Option 1: VirWox

    It is a cryptocurrency trading platform backed by a key difference wherein you can buy bitcoin through PayPal. Founded in 2007, it is the oldest exchange which was originally set up to trade Second Life Lindens (SLL) before jumping up to bitcoin trading in 2011.

    When it comes to buying Bitcoins with PayPal, VirWox comes on top and I already tested this myself. Once you get through verification process (up to 48 hours) you can buy SLL and convert this to BTC and withdraw it instantly.

    All you need to do is, follow below steps:

       Create Account and Verify it;
       Deposit Money into your account using PayPal;
       You cannot directly buy bitcoin with Paypal here, rather you need to purchase SLL with USD first;
       Once your account has SLL, you can make a purchase of bitcoin by using newly purchased SLL on the BTC/USD exchange;
       Finally,  you can then withdraw bitcoins and can send it to your wallet.
    Visit Website – https://www.virwox.com

    Option 2: eToro

    eToro brand itself as the world’s leading social trading and investing platform. This exchange allows buying bitcoin services only to Non-US residents.

    Steps to buy bitcoin with eToro:

        Visit eToro website and register your account on eToro trading platform;
       Log in your account and deposit funds using PayPal as depositing mode;
       Visit eToro’s BTC marketplace on its dashboard;
       Add the desired amount of bitcoin to buy in fiat currency;
       Setup the stop losses and take profit parameters;
       Proceed with Open Trade button visible within the page.
    Visit website – https://www.etoro.com

    Option 3: PaxFul

    PaxFul is yet another marketplace available for users to buy Bitcoin with PayPal. It is a peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange. However, the platform is quite similar to Localbitcoins but has clear UI.

    Steps to Follow to buy Bitcoin On PaxFul using Bitcoin:

       At first, you need to create an account on PaxFul and verify;
       Set the desired amount to buy Bitcoin and select payment method as PayPal;
       This is quite simple. In the next stage, PaxFul allows you to select the best seller you can purchase bitcoins with or you can also let PaxFul select itself;
       As soon as you proceed and trade initiates, you can have online chat with the seller on its platform. Here you’ll have access to finalize the deal;
       Once the deal is finalized within a stipulated time (say 30 minutes) and when you confirm the payment, seller’s bitcoin that are in escrow will be released to your account.

    Option 4: Localbitcoins

    Local Bitcoin is an online peer to peer platform where buyers and sellers directly deal with each other to trade Bitcoins. The platform is quite simple with the easier interface – It gives the autonomy to users to quickly search for buy or sells with their preference, including it allows users to search bitcoin buying/selling possibilities with their desired fiat currency, country, and payment mode.

    Quick steps to buy bitcoin with PayPal on Localbitcoin:

       Once you search for bitcoin seller – a list of the seller will be available based on the search parameters;
       Choose your sellers by comparing multiple parameters like Trade limits, feedback score and more;
       As soon as you select the best seller, enter bitcoin amount on the open window and send buying/trade request;
       The process will then continue with escrow service and your account will be credited with a purchased number of bitcoins.

    Visit website – https://localbitcoins.com/inst...

    Option 5: Wirexapp

    It is quite a popular platform to buy bitcoins using PayPal. The platform is largely known to offer virtual and physical bitcoin debit cards. A debit card of Wirex is what all you need to get to buy Bitcoins with Paypal.

    Look at steps on Wirexapp to follow while buying bitcoin using PayPal:

       Create an account with WirexApp and verify;
       Once you complete verification, you can get the free virtual visa card. You can also request a new card (click on the button) from a website;
       Now login to your PayPal account and add WirexApp card by clicking on “Add Card”;
       Confirm your WirexApp card on PayPal by visiting your WirexApp account and adding confirmation code to verify on PayPal;
       Once the card is verified, you can start purchasing bitcoins using your PayPal. To do this, you need to transfer money/funds from PayPal account to WirexApp card;
       Doing so, you will have funds within your Wirexapp card which lets you buy bitcoins on Wirexapp platform.

    Visit website – https://wirexapp.com

    Final Thought

    Besides these, there are other platforms surging with the popularity of Bitcoin, few of those are UpCoin, Cryptex, Cryptonit. Though there are no platforms or ways to buy bitcoin directly with PayPal, these platforms look more interesting to enable alternative solutions and allowing users to get bitcoin at their convenient.

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