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  • In the beginning world of cryptocurrencies, it is important to understand that the exchange of cryptocurrencies is very important. As the cryptocurrency penetrates the markets, exchanges with a reliable mechanism and additional benefits will improve the use of this technology. This would encourage more people to join the safest trading facility that will ensure their benefits.

    Problems that arise on cryptobirths:

    · Low transaction processing speed

    · Total number of available cryptocurrencies on exchangers

    · Will there be unlimited currency supply

    · Is there a real need for this software/currency

    · Introduction of technology in the real world

    · Does it make sense to use software

    · Whether founders have authority_

    BitcoinBing offers solutions to these problems. The BitcoinBing team has developed a platform that bypasses these issues. After the project, it will be the most advanced exchange. Bitcoinbing spent a lot of time developing and developing its platform to provide a user interface so that it does not deteriorate as the volume of users on the platform increases. The project team has vast experience in the world of cryptocurrencies, with collective efforts that have created a platform that supports a single standard for users, with the ability to withstand large transaction loads and huge fluctuations.

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    BitcoinBing advantages and solutions:

    The platform uses Bing's own token, which will provide traders with a zero trading fee, which will be used to pay the fee for transactions made on the Bitcoinbing exchange. This suggests that Bitcoinbing raised sufficient capital and was launched with a functional product that has user benefits. BING is a coin that, through intelligent contract programming, can be used in many different ways - to pay for services on the platform, while having a zero trade commission.

    The BitcoinBing platform offers several currency pairs that will allow them to perform two or more transactions simultaneously. Initially, tokens will be merged with BING, BTC, ETH and USDT. During the first quarter of 2019, Fiat's main currencies will be dollars, pounds sterling and INR.

    The built-in trading calculator includes all the parameters with which the trader makes transactions and gives accurate results.

    Security is a huge priority for every platform offering trade and transaction services. Bitcoinbing evaluated all aspects of security and made the platform sturdy to eliminate any security threat. This platform includes KYC to make information completely secure. Blockchain technology provides security, but for more confidence, Bitcoinbing adds its own parameters, which make the platform paramount.

    Bitcoinbing features planned:
    · 2FA authentication
    · OTP check
    · Email Verification
    · Storage of funds in a protected cold wallet
    · Encrypted keys
    · Preliminary preparation of the DDO
    · Data transfer

    Once a quarter, Bitcoinbing will keep at least 50% of the amount of stock trading and use them to buy Bing tokens. This will maintain a balance between the availability of tokens on the market and on the platform for users. This will occur by burning additional coins collected on the market, which will ensure the safety of the value of the Bing coin.

    To save crypto traders from the problems faced by many exchangers, the project team successfully worked on its creation. The Bitcoinbing negotiation mechanism instantly has the ability to process transactions of up to 1,000,000 per second.

    The Bitcoinbing platform is designed for both PCs and mobile users. The number of mobile users is steadily growing, so the proposed platform also develops a mobile application. Bitcoinbing is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS and Linux, and has also been tested by experts in this field at many stages.

    The accounts will be set automatic deposits and withdrawals after verification.

    Bitcoinbing Exchange conducts ICO, releasing its own BING token, the Ethereum platform, standard ERC20:
    For sale - 150,000,000 BING
    Softcap - $ 4,000,000
    Hardcap - $ 40,000,000
    1 BING = 0.5 $

    In my opinion, Bitcoinbing will be one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, so join now. Do not miss the opportunity to become a shareholder of apromising platform.

    Details of the project can be found on the website reading

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