district0x Dev Update - Meme Factory,Ethlance,d0xTasks & More

  • Development progress and product changes from district0x

    The previous two weeks of progress have been largely contained to several important optimizations needed across our apps, including compacting down smart contracts, introducing vital forms of logging, and making the final preparations for all current and future apps with the transition to EIP-1102. Our group of service providers remain committed to the four in progress dApps, and we’re coming closer to a concurrent release of all of them.

    Meme Factory

    As mentioned in our last update, Meme Factory hit an unexpected issue with deployment leading to a required revision of our smart contracts. This was a short-lived effort, but also provided an opportunity for us to construct much better logging facilities than we previously had. Besides the conveniences like issues being surfaced straight to github, we can now get logs directly from end-user clients. This will help significantly in diagnosing many issues as we scale Meme Factory out to the public.

    Most of the work regarding the inner workings of the DANK faucet is complete, and we’re building the remaining pieces needed to fund the faucet after the initial generation and distribution of DANK. This involves building an on-server wallet for us to collect the portion of generated DANK promised for the faucet, so we can safely separate the faucet pool in case of any unforeseen bugs allowing it to be drained.


    Ethlance has had updates to both the currently live version and the rework in progress. On the live version, we’ve made updates (pending deployment) that account for the web3 injection changes brought on by EIP-1102. These also apply to Name Bazaar and our other live dApps.

    As for the reworked Ethlance, most effort remains firmly embedded in smart contract functionality. With some code reviews and revisions of the user model mentioned in our last update, we are now focused on implementing invoices and disputes. We also polished off our newest art style and designs, and have even drawn up a new landing page for Ethlance.

    A sneak peek at the new Ethlance landing page


    d0xTasks is humming right along, with most of the time in the past two weeks spent linking our various front-end pieces to their respective calls through our GraphQL implementation. We’ve pushed forward with all wallet and web3 form integrations, and now that we have manually populated the application with data, we can begin on styling towards our original web designs show in a previous update.

    District Registry

    The District Registry, in borrowing from Meme Factory’s design for the TCR portion of it’s backend, requires an analogous revision to it’s smart contract load to the one that Meme Factory had to undergo above. This work is currently underway, following from the completion of the un-styled UI and fixing of the failed transactions issue we mentioned in our last update.

    The more we accomplish as a group of independent development studios, spanning across a range of applications, the harder it becomes to include the same level of detail for each project. As we come closer to the launch of each milestone in our roadmap, we’ll take the time to spin-off individual pieces of content explaining their form and function, and reincorporate this into the Education Portal for a more clear and digestible look at how everything fits together.

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