Tiberius Crypto AG presents Tiberius coin - protecting your wealth!

  • Cryptocurrency opens up new opportunities for the whole world and humanity, expanding the horizons. Companies carry out ICO, promote their projects, promote cryptocurrency in all possible ways. But what if you want to become a participant in the project and benefit from the future, but you do not have a complete picture of the opportunities that this unique world provides. But not all companies implement their projects - in my opinion, the determining reason for scam is the lack of experience and knowledge of the team, both for the formation and for the competent promotion of the proposed ecosystem. This factor is of key importance and the “right” team composition is the path to project success!
    Today, there is a project that is doomed to success, because the team behind it is the mastodons of their business and what they offer to the world of cryptocurrencies - the reality associated with decentralization. Blockchain is a technology of the future, a distributed database, protected from hacking and fraud. Today, this technology is used everywhere, ranging from financial services to the film industry. The demand for blockchain is growing and we are presenting a new revolutionary project based on this technology. This refers to Tiberius Crypto AG, a commodity and asset trading company, which set itself the goal of ensuring direct communication and rights of these resources to participants using blockchain technology. Resources are stored in a secure and insured warehouse, which is verified by PwC. All metals will be purchased on the London Metal Exchange (LME) to ensure the quality, purity, and origin of their customers.

    Tiberius is known for managing investments in energy, precious metals, agricultural production, and industrial metals. These products are undoubtedly one of the most stable, so the Tiberius coin based on them cryptocurrency will also become stable. The Tiberius Foundation, based in Zug, Switzerland, has more than $ 300 million in assets under management. This factor indicates the scale of the project launched by the company.

    A Tiberius coin will be reinforced with a basket of physical metals: 25 g of copper, 25 g of aluminum, 6 g of nickel, 1 g of cobalt, 5 g of tin, 0.003 g of gold and 0.0015 g of platinum and will remain stable throughout the life cycle of Tiberius coin .

    The coin is intended to create stability, since its base physical metal is 100% secured and implied as a safe store. Along with the right to sell a token, investors are entitled to cancel it, which is important for establishing the lower limit of the price of the token. Market participants are encouraged to support symbolic prices by buying undervalued tokens and then cancel them to get a more valuable physical asset. It is planned that this process will reduce price risk, since investors must buy undervalued coins and bring liquidity to the market until the price does not disappear from the physical metal.

    Tiberius will also provide a constant market rate, providing liquidity to market participants at any time and metal prices will be stable in the long term. Industrial metals are described as profitable investments, and given the growth of the market over the past couple of years, price outbreaks are possible.

    Metal stability was chosen to reduce volatility. The use of gold also provides increased liquidity and protection against currency and inflation risk. I think all the advantages of this platform are obvious, so do not waste time - join the Tiberius coin.

    Website https://www.tiberiuscoin.com/ and Whitepaper https://www.tiberiuscoin.com/wp.pdf
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