Questions for Lisk Community General Meeting 08.27.2016

  • On August 27th, 2016, the Lisk team is conducting it’s bi-weekly general meeting with the community. The general meeting is open to any sort of question the community might come up with for the Lisk team. Below is a google document for collecting detailed questions prior to the meeting. The questions will get answered and posted one hour prior to the meeting itself. The deadline for collecting questions is Tuesday, August 23rd.

    Lisk Community General Meeting Questions - 08.27.2016

    Editors: joel, MrV, MrFrismint, punkrock, GreXX, tharude, cc001, malreynoldsPlease reach out to one of the editors for adding questions to this documentAnswers will be published on after every Community Meeting

    1. Communication
      1. Are there any thoughts about a weekly newsletter/blog status update post for Lisk? Ideally you could sign up for email notifications when the weekly update is posted to the blog. (MrV)

    1. Delegated Proof of Stake / Algorithm

    1. Forging rewards / GenesisDelegate-Replacement
      1. So, my question is not provocative, but very important! I think when you say that forging will delay until 6 month, you was understanding that you can't enable this in 1-2 month. Now I see that we(team and community) must do all that enable forging as soon as possible! This make ecosystem more active! You can see started activity after Lisk team activity! What time do you need to enable forging? (grumlin)

    1. Testnet
      1. What do you think about the proposal for testnet bounties? If we want to pay such bounties, how exactly? how much and to whom? (cc001)

    1. Release-Management / Development-Process

    1. Roadmap

    1. ICO funding

    1. Team/Developers/Advisors
      1. How is the process of acquiring new devs/team-members going? Any updates/progress? (cc001)

    1. Sidechains

    1. Node running

    1. Legal
      1. How is the formation of the gGmbH going? Any updates/progress? (cc001)

    1. Clients

    1. Other
      1. The quotation is taken from the official blog of Dan Larimer. His thoughts about Smart Contract Scripting Languages.
        "...From what I can tell about Lisk and it's reliance on Javascript, it is not suitable for running untrusted code on a public blockchain in the same way Ethereum is. Lisk is targeting a different market. When I first heard of lisk I was excited because I thought they found a deterministic Javascript interpreter with sandboxing and computation metering; I was wrong..."
        Can you comment it? (vi1son)
      2. Will you start and support a faucet on mainnet for new users? If yes, when will it start? (grumli)
      3. What will you do with 4m lisk bounties in near time? (grumlin)

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