ASICMiner Cube

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    ASICMiner Cube

    The ASICMiner Cube contains 6 mini blades that hash at ~5.4GH each, mounted on a single motherboard.

    You will need the following:

    1. A network cable.
    2. A power supply (see next section)


    Cubes do not come with a power supply, and you will need a typical computer PSU with:

    1. 2xPCI-E 6 pin power connectors
    2. At least 28A on the/each 12V rail

    No load protection. When cubes are turned on they exhibit an immediate burst of high draw, which some larger PSUs identifies as an overload and refuse to turn on

    Estimated power consumption is as follows:

    1. ~200W (no overclock)
    2. ~280W (overclock)

    Cooling :

    Each cube comes with 1x120mm RPM controlled fan which remains quiet at all temperatures. Should the fan fail, the unit will stop hash and so is prevented against overheating. It is recommended to reverse the fan's direction in order to increase cooling performance (and hash rate). You'll have to unscrew the end plate with the fan and the 4 silver screws attaching the fan to the end plate to do this.

    ASICMiner Cube Setup Guide

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