Ahead of Bitcoin Cash Fork, Mining Power Still Favors SV

  • Bitcoin cash is expected to execute its scheduled hard fork in the next few hours, but warring mining-pool factions continue to duke it out over control of the network.

    According to Coin Dance, mining pools supporting Bitcoin SV lost some of their relative hash power over the past 24 hours, though they still maintain a majority with roughly 72.22 percent of the current network’s power. In contrast, mining pools which likely support Bitcoin ABC mined 16.66 percent of the current network.

    While the latter group of mining pools have increased their relative hash power from 11.11 percent roughly 24 hours ago, they have yet to match the 19 percent of the network they controlled earlier this week.

    On the other hand, just two mining pools supporting Bitcoin SV – CoinGeek and SVPool – control more than 51 percent of the network hash power, meaning the two pools are potentially able to mine empty blocks on the Bitcoin ABC network as threatened by SV supporter Craig Wright.

    It remains unclear whether all of the mining pools and nodes currently running bitcoin cash software will upgrade to the versions published by either Bitcoin SV or Bitcoin ABC, and whether the network will indeed split.

    The hard fork is scheduled for roughly 16:40 UTC later today.

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