NOVAM (MNVM) [ICO] [Bounty] - Distributed Cybersecurity for IoT | Up to 20,000,000 MNVM Token worth$1,000,000 USD in Bounty Rewards

  • NOVAM monitors and automatically mitigates threats to IoT devices and provides auditing & compliance investigation   for enterprise.

    How NOVAM Works

    NOVAM was inspired by the human immune system to change the way we think
    about cybersecurity, in an agnostic, autonomous, self-detecting,
    self-healing approach.

    Using machine learning, probabilistic mathematics and additional methods, our
    system will act without prior knowledge of the threat, to monitor,
    identity, alert and in some cases initiate an immune system response to
    automatically remove, replace or quarantine the threat.

    What We Offer

    Endpoint Protection

    Network Protection

    Audit & Regulatory Compliance

    Device & System Mitigation

    Core Factors


    A NOVAM token is used as a software license to record health checks,
    authenticate a chain of trust, and mitigate threats while allowing for
    forensic, regulatory compliance and auditing capabilities.

    IoT Device Visibility

    Using patent-pending technology, our software allows for unprecedented
    monitoring and security identification across all IoT devices and
    environments at any given time. Giving companies better visibility and

    Health Check

    NOVAM’s health checks enable users, devices and applications to verify that
    software packages and hardware components are uncompromised and
    unmodified by malware or other cyberthreats, across the entire secure
    boot chain and run-time on a device.

    How To Buy Our Tokens

    The Roadmap

    The NOVAM roadmap focuses on the development of the technology, operations infrastructure, new partnerships, and marketing initiatives.


    Q3 - Ideation & Research

    Q4 - Market research with IoT manufacturers


    Q1 - Market research, Whitepaper creation

    Q2 - R&D, Marketing prep, Advisor consultations, Legal

    Q3 - Pre-Sale & Public Token Sale prep, Legal, Marketing campaign

    Q4 - Build team, system health check development, bootloader development


    Q1 - AI R&D, system health check private testing, additional partnerships, job openings

    Q2 - NOVAM TestNet, AI network development, system health check TestNet private partner testing, job openings

    Q3 - API build out, Analytics platform build starts

    Q4 - Analytics platform and API testing with NOVAM TestNet


    Q1 - AI network NOVAM TestNet, beta health check TestNet

    Q2 - Rapid expansion to new markets

    Q3 - AI Productization, Health Check Productization

    Q4 - Marketing increase for new partnerships and clients

    NOVAM Team

    We are hiring and growing our development and marketing teams.  Contact us to learn more

    NOVAM Advisors

    NOVAM Official Bounty Program in order to reward its supporters with MNVM tokens.

    Up to 20,000,000 MNVM Token worth$1,000,000 USD in Bounty Rewards

    “stacked round gold-colored coins on white surface” by Ibrahim Rifath on Unsplash

    NOVAM is changing the way you think about cybersecurity. Help spread the word about NOVAM by participating in our Bounty Program. Bounty hunters are awarded MNVM Tokens by taking part in any of the below programs.

    Please respond to the original thread here or fill out the proper forms for each program.


    This bounty campaign is active till the token sale end (Estimated: 10th of December, 2018). The NOVAM team is offering up to 1% of MNVM tokens (20 000 000 MNVM tokens) through this program.


    Facebook Campaign: 20%. Twitter Campaign: 20%. YouTube Campaign: 15%. Blogs Campaign: 15%. Translations Campaign: 10% Reddit Campaign: 15%. Telegram Campaign: 5%.


    1. Bounty campaign lasts until the end of the Pre-Sale, or until all tokens are sold out. 2. Every participant must sign up using the proper form. Submission of the report without proper signup will result in a no-match within our counting application. 3. Every participant must join NOVAM Telegram Group and Infinity Bounty Group, Do not leave the group before the end of this campaign. 4. NOVAM reserves the right to adjust the reward amount, depending on the number of applicants in each of the bounty campaigns. 5. Any application with improper information will be disqualified without notice (i.e. Multiple alts, scam and etc…) 6. Double check your ERC-20 address which you submit via the form, this cannot be changed till the end of the bounty. 7. All work will be submitted in forms. Reports submitted on this thread will not be counted 8. When the bounty ends, you will have 7 days for any questions/complaints 9. You can request changes to update your weekly stake status within 7 days after each week’s review(above-mentioned campaigns). We will not make any adjustments if the deadline is passed. 10. We count your activities in stakes and generate the ratio between stakes and coins in the final calculation. All final rewards will be in MNVM Token. 11. EVERY PARTICIPANT WILL HAVE TO APPLY BOTH ON THIS THREAD AND IN FORM, AND IN THE FORM ADD AN URL OF PROOF OF AUTHENTICATION POST ON THIS FORUM

    If you are disqualified for any reason, you will NOT receive any bounty rewards.   All rights reserved by NOVAM team, Team can make any changes to rules or terms and conditions, if applicable. For Bounty related support during the bounty campaign, to ask questions about bounty please join to Infinity Bounty Group. Then you can contact our bounty manager here @Okkured

    By signing up for the bounty, you’re accepting these above terms

    Rewards   100–500 Followers/ Friends: 1 Stake per week. 500–1500 Followers/ Friends : 3 Stakes per week. 1500–3000 Followers/ Friends: 5 Stakes per week. 3000 Plus Followers/ Friends: 7 Stakes per week.

    Rules   1. Every participant should like and share NOVAM official Facebook page  2. Must like and share every post published by the official Facebook page. 3. Minimum 2 posts and 3 shares with Hashtags #NOVAMIntl #CyberSecurity #ICO required to get the stakes 4. Participant’s every shared post must be public. 5. Every week you need to submit the report on the Form

    NOTE: Minimum(Total:5) 2 original posts and 3 shares must share with above-mentioned Hashtags throughout the week.

    Application 1. Follow and like NOVAM Facebook page 2. Join Infinity Bounty group 3. To sign up follow the link HERE

    Rewards   500–1500 Followers: 2 Stakes per week. 1500–3000 Followers: 3 Stakes per week. 3000–5000 Followers: 5 Stakes per week. 5000 and above Followers: 6 Stakes per week.

    Rules   1. Every participant must follow NOVAM official twitter account 2. Must retweet and like all tweets by @NOVAMIntl and use hashtags #NOVAM #CyberSecurity #ICO. (minimum 3 every week). 3. Must tweet at least 2 of the original tweet about NOVAM and use hashtags #NOVAM #CyberSecurity #ICO. 4. Twitter accounts must be cryptocurrency related, real and have at least 90% of real followers (twitter audit). 5. Every week you need to submit the report on the Form

    NOTE: Minimum(Total:5) 2 original tweets and 3 retweets must share with above-mentioned Hashtags throughout the week.

    Application 1. Follow and like NOVAM Official Twitter account 2. Join Infinity Bounty group 3. To sign up follow the link HERE

    Rewards   Each week : 5 stakes

    Rules   1. Make a minimum of 5 posts, shares or comments per week in or the cryptocurrency subreddit ( but your post must speak positively about NOVAM.  2. You can not delete your comments during this campaign 3. Posts and Comments must be constructive and on-topic. Spam, low-quality posts, copypaste, and off-topic posts are strictly prohibited. Users found doing so will be immediately and permanently disqualified from all bounty activities. (30+ characters long, constructive). Useless comments will be deleted without stakes   Application 1. Follow NOVAM Official Reddit 2. Join Infinity Bounty group 3. To sign up follow the link HERE

    Rewards   Join the telegram Group — 1 Stake/week Wear The Avatar — 2 Stakes/week Add “NOVAM Supporter” to your telegram username — 2 Stakes/week

    Rules   1. You must Stay in the group until the end of the ICO to receive your stakes. 2. Messages / Posts MUST be made in OTHER relevant Telegram Groups. They need to be made in a constructive way, not in a way that might be considered spamming. Deleted messages won’t be counted. 3. You must be active in the group at least once per week   Avatar for Telegram: OR

    Application   How to join: 1. Join NOVAM Telegram group 2. Join Infinity Bounty group 3. To sign up follow the link HERE

    Rewards   Low Quality: 1 stake Average Quality: 3 stakes High Quality: 6 stakes   Rules   1. All content will be judged by the criteria: quality, views, and effects. 2. Video must be at least 2 minutes, videos shorter are not accepted. 3. Your channel has at least 50 subscribers. 4. You should make the video in English only. 5. You will receive a reward at the end of the week, depending on the quality and popularity of your work. 6. The video must be original. Copying graphics, text and other content are not allowed. (You can use official images, logos, images posted on websites, ANN-topic, Twitter and Facebook) 7. To prove authorship, your Bitcointalk profile must be added to the video description.   Application   1. Join NOVAM telegram Group 2. Join Infinity Bounty group 3. To sign up follow the link HERE

    Produce a good written review or video review of NOVAM by following the below norms: We are looking for bloggers, journalists, and video content creators who are willing to write about NOVAM and the upcoming token sale. All content should be unique and original. Not for Blogspot or Telegram channels.

    Rewards   Low Quality: 1 stake Average Quality: 2 stakes High Quality: 3 stakes

    Rules   1. Blogs and Sites eligible for this bounty campaign are: -Blogger -Medium -Quora -Reddit -Steemit -Wordpress -Websites with Alexa Traffic Rank of less than 1,000,000 (and Regional Traffic Rank less than 250,000) 2. The blog/article must be focused on the relevant topic. It must speak positively about NOVAM. 3. Blog posts must have at least 500 words. 4. Only original content will be accepted. 5. Articles must be available till the end of this campaign. Removal/deletion of post prior to that will result in disqualification and no stakes. 6. The article must have a link to our website, telegram channel and Bitcointalk Ann thread. 7. URL Shortener links (TinyURL,, etc.) will not be valid 8. Please provide your bitcointalk username and profile at the end of the article so that the authenticity can be verified and easy to define stakes for you. 9. Maximum submissions by any participant = 5 articles + 5 forum posts

    Application   1. Join NOVAM telegram Group 2. Join Infinity Bounty group 3. To sign up follow the link HERE

    Rewards   ANN thread+Bounty Thread+Moderation/Management: 6 Stakes White Paper translation: 3 Stakes Website translation: 2 Stakes


    Earn stakes for translating our Whitepaper, Executive Summary, Announcement+Bounty Thread and actively moderating it How to join: Apply on this thread with the link to your previous links. Participants will be picked manually.

    1. Translations must be original. The use of any translation tools, such as Google Translator, WordLens, etc, are strictly prohibited. (FAILING THAT, you will be blacklisted and will NOT receive any reward) 2. For stake counting, only the posts of the OP should be moderated in the translator’s language. Translators should be active, if OP(you) becomes inactive, another Moderator will be replaced for updating and moderating the thread. The NOVAM Team reserves their right to change these terms or apply new ones. 3. Enter your translation results no later than 6 days after accepted on the FORM 4. Check spreadsheets to find out that you are accepted in this campaign, which gets a green band meaning you are accepted

    List of Translations   NOTE: Will be updated upon acceptance.   Arabic Chinese English Farsi French Hindi Italian Indonesian Japanese Korean German Polish Greek Portuguese Romanian Russian Slovenian Spanish Tagalog Thai Turkish Vietnamese   Application   How to join: 1. Join NOVAM Telegram group 2. Join Infinity Bounty group 3. To sign up follow the link HERE

    To view the full bounty program click here.


    white paper:
    e-mail:[email protected]

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