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    PAXCoin belongs to the area of cryptocurrency 2.0 , the area where encrypted money contributes to daily life.

    Cryptocurrency 2.0 incorporates block-chain technology to enable reliability , time and cost savings in inter-personal , inter-company and inter-nation transactions.

    PAXCoin has the best security and reliability and is the best encryption currency that does not require exchanges between individuals , corporations , and countries through the establishment of payment and settlement systems.

    PaxCoin Intro:

    Cryptocurrency 2.0 and PAXCOIN

    Cryptocurrency 2.0 seeks to build an associated financial system and ecosystem
    that can be used as a means of settlement and payment in real life (Cryptocurrency
    1.0 does not function as a monetary function yet, and it remains an investment property
    due to price fluctuation like stock in Cryptocurrency exchange).

    PAXCoin has the highest level of security and stability, and through the establishment
    of a payment and settlement system, it is the best Cryptocurrency that does not require
    currency exchange in transactions between individual and individual, company and
    company, country and country. Although various technologies have been used for fair
    and reliable transactions in the past, they have many limitations that current financial
    systems cannot be resolved. The best technique to overcome this limitation is the
    Blockchain technology and the Cryptocurrency 2.0. By using Blockchain technology,
    you can record and share various kinds of information needed for trade transactions in
    the distributed ledger, so that the same information is sent to related parties, and
    information can be directly viewed or modified without an intermediary. Also, because
    the record remains in the Blockchain for the act of modification, it can be verified with
    past history even if there is any malfeasance. In addition, the emergence of
    Cryptocurrency with Blockchain has enabled reliability, time and cost savings in interpersonal,
    inter-company and international transactions.

    Blockchainstory Co., Ltd is specialized in developing Blockchain and AI(artificial
    intelligence) related technology, developing Cryptocurrency with Bitcoin and Ethereum
    as platforms, and provides related services such as Explorer, Mining Pool, e-Wallet,
    Cryptocurrency exchange and payment platform. Based on this, we are carrying out
    research to fuse and develop Blockchain's innovative technologies such as Distributed
    Ledger, Digital Value Movement, Decentralization, Smart Contract, Security Solution,
    Encryption Technology and Blockchain Authentication System. In addition, we are
    developing our own Blockchain Protocol. And we are building Blockchain integrated
    platform through collaboration with various Blockchain start-ups.

    Instant payment system
    Instant payment system based on credit card slip

    Point system
    VAN interworking point system development

    Mobile Loan System
    Korea's first mobile loan system development

    Payment system development
    Multi-purpose Payment System development

    Cryptocurrency Development
    Developed 16 kinds of Cryptocurrency including PAXCoin, Qcity, and Ventas Coin, etc.

    Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

    Established Cryptocurrency Exchange in Korea and California, USA(VENTAS USA)

    Mobile CRM

    PAX is derived from the goddess of peace of R oman mythology, Latin means
    abundance, victory, peace. The PAX Foundation was founded to build the
    the foundation of a Smart country where all mankind can ultimately lead an
    affluent life. Blockchain technology will be very useful in industries such as
    Internet of Thing (IoT), payment system, medical, finance, shopping, gaming,
    energy, social media, real estate, entertainment and it is e xpected to contribute
    to improve the quality of human life Especially in the case of economically
    weak countries, it is expected that it will contribute greatly to improve the
    quality of life of the people b y dramatically improving the underdeveloped
    financial system. Blockchainstory Co., Ltd has established the PAX Foundation
    to support the development of Blockchain industry in economically weak
    The PAX Foundation has been working with Block chain experts from all walks
    of life to support the development of Korea's blockchain industry and to support
    the economically weak countries efficiently.

    In order for Cryptocurrency to have a strong vitality and to build its own ecosystem,
    many participants must join and be able t o actually utilize them in mining, trading
    and utilize it in real life. To be able to do this, the Blockchain The network must be
    maintained reliably, and many general participants should be able to actively
    participate in mining to have a valuable Cryptocurrency at a lower cost.
    PAXCoin has been developed to be the most suitable for the original purpose
    of encryption currency. PAXCoin is based on the most stable platform, Bitcoin,
    and has better performance than Litecoin (LTC) or Vertcoin (VTC) etc. PAXCoin
    has eliminated the concentration of Coin mining b y large mining equipment
    manufacturers or multi-pool miners and has allowed miners to be equitably mined.
    This will provide opportunities for all miners to compete fairly, allowing more
    participants to benefit from mining. This will create a healthy PAXCoin ecosystem
    and allow more users to buy and sell things with PAXCoin, and making PAXCoin
    even more valuable. In addition, the commissions generated through the
    transaction have been distributed equally among the mining participants around
    the world, laying the foundation for more people to participate in mining.

    PAXCoin was developed based on the Bitcoin platform, which is securing best
    safety and security, and by maintaining compatibility with the Bitcoin API,it is easy
    to integrate into existing applications supported by Bitcoin. PAXCoin uses the
    proven Scrypt encryption method in LiteCoin and Dogecoin. Also, in order to
    reduce the long block formation time, which is a problem of Bitcoin, it extended
    the block size to 2 megabytes and implemented the transaction time to less than
    1 minute.

    The total issue volume of PAXCoin is 8.8 billion and 25% of them were mined to
    2.2 billion and the remaining 6.6 billion are designed to be mined over the next
    100 years, Reward per block is 125ea. Mining has been dev eloped to support the
    currently popular CPU and GPU mining methods and pr ovides Mining Pool and
    Explorer also.

    PAXCoin's electronic wallet provides the Native Wallet that does not require
    administrator control based on the principle of "Do not allow the third party
    intervention", the basic philosophy of Crypt ocurrency, and safely manage
    your assets in any case.

    Source code public
    To ensure the reliability of PAXCoin, November 14 / 2017, PAXCoin's Source
    the code was released on its most reliable source code public site, Github
    ( ).

    Source Code

    Core(QT) Download


    Mining pool

    Mobile E-wallet


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