​[ICO] ​sky[nav]pro [SNP] - Navigate to the in-flight revolution - Made in Germany

  • skynavpro™ is a planning and navigation software integrated in a
    specially developed hardware for communication, collision avoidance
    and live tracking for general aviation. It is the first product in the world
    which successfully combines these extremely useful features in a single
    and portable box that can be cost efficiently mass-produced. Our longterm
    goal is to develop an extensive system-level integrated cockpit
    architecture based upon portable devices. The software, consisting of an
    online planning and navigation application, is offered free of charge. For
    additional and premium services (such as live weather data, collision
    alerts, worldwide tracking with integrated SOS feature) the specially
    designed and developed hardware is required. The hardware will be
    available in a variety of models on our online shop as well as through
    certified partners. Throughout central Europe skynavpro™ is an already
    well-established brand and hardware prototypes are already developed.
    Due to its system level integration concept it can easily fit in any manned
    and unmanned aircraft (e.g. drones, UAV’s).
    Therefore, Dacher Systems GmbH plans the initiation of an ICO. The
    proceeds of which will be directed towards the development of a new
    blockchain-operated flight-planning and tracking platform as well the
    production of the first units for mass market. This will be launched
    worldwide through several phases. The platform is unique and has the
    potential to establish itself as a standard in general and business aviation.
    The name of the Token is: skynavpro [SNP]

    The Problem

    In general aviation on average, old age aircrafts and technologies meet
    modern UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, commonly known as drones).
    These UAV’s are equipped with most modern electronics; however, they
    are not yet considered in a systematic solution for the safe execution of
    air traffic. Due to an expected duplication of air traffic and a massive
    increase in UAV’s by 2035, the air traffic density will grow dramatically
    worldwide, with dangerous approaches already happening frequently.
    Therefore, organisations such as AOPA, EBAA, ECOGAS, ERAC, and GAMA
    call for a solution for the safe execution of air traffic and the transmission
    of flight important data. International regulations (e.g. Single European
    Sky, SESAR, ADS-B Out 2020, NextGen) ask for digital networking to
    preserve and increase safety. A modern networking solution that covers
    the entirety of air traffic is not available; that is where the skynavpro™
    network comes in.

    Business Idea

    The foundation of the business idea is the fact that, there is currently no
    planning and navigation tool on the market that incorporates the valuable
    services of in-flight live weather data, collision alerts for all surrounding air
    traffic and live flight tracking integrated in a single mobile device. skynavpro™
    unites all relevant flight information in one application: free planning and
    navigation, flying weather data, 2-way text communication, worldwide tracking
    and a traffic monitor for collision avoidance. SOS emergency calls can be
    communicated automatically, and positions and accelerations can be measured
    via GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) or g-force sensor. By accessing all
    process-relevant data via standardised communication channels, permanent
    availability during all phases of the flight is guaranteed. The pilot of the aircraft
    or UAV will therefore be relieved. Additionally, the direct transmission of
    valuable data increases safety in general aviation – manned or unmanned –
    with each flight!
    In the flight-planning and managing tool a free account is created. Within this,
    premium services (e.g. weather, communication, tracking and additional map
    information) can be booked over the basic features provided. To make these
    services available during flight the purchase of the skynavpro™ hardware is
    required. The basic model is the BlueLine, which provides the fundamental
    communication solution for tracking and weather data. The advanced RedLine
    is step-up compatible and completes the BlueLine through the integration of
    collision avoidance systems such as ADS-B (Automatic Dependant Surveillance
    – Broadcast) and FLARM.
    Each user can set an individual budget in the flight-planning and management
    portal. The SNP tokens will then be transferred to the user’s account from a
    smart-contract portal, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain. The
    budget of SNP-tokens will fund the fees for the add-on-services.


    Our aim is to expand within the international market based on the great
    experiences and pilot needs we recognized at our trade shows across central
    Europe and to grow with regards to the UAV market. Our innovative and unique
    solution satisfies worldwide requirements and is the only system operator that
    provides a flight-safety concept for the entirety of air traffic. Nationwide
    hardware-sales, as well as continuously selling add-on-services generate
    permanent, sustainable and stable sales figures.

    Our customers profit by the network effect of the total system. Since the
    Ethereum blockchain is based on the pay-per-use model, costs only apply
    for the actual use of a service, for example in weather, tracking,
    communication, landing charges or refueling.

    Mission & Vision

    Basic services like flight-planning and navigation will be provided free of
    charge to pilots of aircrafts and UAV in the B2C. Thus, essential
    information is actually already implemented and available. Add-onservices
    which require one of the hardware Box will become available and
    quickly applicable in 2019. This will effectively increase flight-safety in GA
    (General Aviation).
    The communication technologies combined in the new skynavpro™
    network will render innovative solutions for increased safety in air
    traffic. The data-exchange on several levels between all traffic, as well as
    ground-stations and operators, or simply for flight-planning and
    evaluation purposes, it offers a variety of premium and additional
    services. These are available to all manned and unmanned aircrafts in
    general aviation. Further, by using the pay-per-use model costs only
    apply once the customer makes use of the services. Due to the
    blockchain technology all services can be displayed better, processed
    faster and fraud resistant.
    A new Automated Pilot Assist System (APAS) is currently in development
    with notable partnerships. This will allow autonomous UAV flights in
    multi-use air space with mixed traffic, to be safe and without endangering
    others. This skynavpro™ network based solution, was demonstrated for
    the first time at the aviation exhibition in Ghana in 2017. Especially in
    remote areas with weak infrastructure the interest in APAS is
    considerable. Individual development is already in negotiation with
    military and governmental institutions.

    Why skynavpro?

    Already the legal requirements are quite complex but will increase its complexity and formal regulations in the future even more to make collision avoidance, communication, as well as tracking more transparent and safer.

    sky[nav]pro™, the worldwide first interconnected Avionic System for pilots (>1.2 Mio. worldwide) and aircraft operators (> 0.5 Mio. aircraft worldwide) in General Aviation (GA). sky[nav]pro™ consists of the following elements:

    • Network

      Satellite communication and navigation, (ADS-B) and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), secondary radar, FLARM

    • Webportal/App

      Free online Flight planning Apps for Navigation Book relevant Services

    • Own Hardware

      Communication, In-Flight Weather, Tracking & Aircraft Monitoring, Collision avoidance

    sky[nav]pro™ is unique in market comparison due to a removable
    Hardware concept, worldwide availability, usage of portable and multiple
    communication technologies. It‘s also cost-effective in production and
    operation compared to competing products. Sales of Avionics in civil
    aviation: 26 Bn. US-$ per annum, thereof 2.4 Bn. US-$ in GA with CAGR
    Forecast of 3.5-7.9% by 2025. State of Development: Webportal with
    flightplanning and App for Android and iOS fully operative. Hardware
    (BlueLine & RedLine) in a Prototype field-tested stage. Prototype
    stage is successfully finished. Several systems are already in use for
    testing and marketing purposes by private and commercial customers such
    as flight training schools

    Why SNP Aviation Token is designed for success?

    We believe in the evolutionary potential the blockchain can provide to flight planning and flight tracking. sky[nav]pro™ will improve safety and reduce costs in the general aviation. Our goal is to improve flight safety while combining this useful elements in one single Box fitting in manned and unmanned aircrafts powered by the advantages of the Distributed-Ledger-Technology.


    skynavpro™ features a light and portable box which integrates the
    aircrews Android or iOS devices (free apps) into a worldwide hybrid
    communication network. Thus, it allows to integrate two-way
    communication, real time reception of weather information, live tracking
    and collision-avoidance (ADS-B and FLARM®) into a moving map
    navigation solution. skynavpro™ is server based and employs open source
    interfaces for seamless integration of third-party providers. Many built-in
    devices are outdated because simple updates are not possible, and
    technology evolves quickly (e.g. map updates, airspace structure,
    airfields, frequencies). The aim is integration.
    Free services:
     online flight-planning via https://fly.skynavpro.aero
     Navigation app for iOS and Android
     Aeronautical charts including vertical terrain and airspace profile
     Weather, i.e. GAFOR/TAF forecasts
     Offline weather for flight-planning and navigation
     Compare petrol prices on different airfields
     Multiple data-link communication channels, LTE and Iridium
     Live flying weather during flight operation
     Worldwide 2-way text communication
     Worldwide tracking and monitoring
     SOS Emergency button, global availability
     Pay petrol prices at selected stations
     Calculate landing charges via app


    03.2014 – Founding the skynavpro™ core-team
    05.2015 – Launch of FLY, flight-planning and navigation in its basic functionality
    04.2016 – World premiere at AERO trade fair in Friedrichshafen
    06.2016 – Presentation of the navigation app
    04.2017 – Presence at AERO trade fair in Friedrichshafen
    05.2017 – Fly-In to Avieur in Eisenach
    06.2017 – Presence at AERO Expo in Lyon/FR
    06.2017 – Presence at UK AERO Expo in High Wycombe/GB
    09.2017 – Fly-In to Avieur in Eisenach
    11.2017 – Presence at African Airshow in Accra, Ghana
    04.2018 – Presence at AERO trade fair in Friedrichshafen
    06.2018 – Presence at AERO Expo in Paris/FR
    06.2018 – Presence at UK AERO Expo in High Wycombe/GB
    07.2018 – Fly-In to WINGLY in Koblenz
    09.2018 – Fly-In to Avieur in Eisenach
    11.2018 – Start skynavpro™ Pre-Sales SNP Token
    12.2018 – Start skynavpro™ ICO 1st Stage
    02.2019 – Start skynavpro™ ICO 2nd Stage
    04.2019 – End of skynavpro™ ICO
    05.2019 – SNP Token Trade
    06.2019 – Start of skynavpro™ FLY flight-planning and navigation platform with
    Blockchain functionality
    08.2019 – Start of skynavpro™ app with blockchain functionality & serial
    production of the Box BlueLine and RedLine
    2020 – Start Distribution & Business Development sales efforts Europe
    2021 – Start Distribution & Business Development Northern America/Canada
    2022 – Start Distribution & Business Development Asia/Pacific
    2023 – Start Distribution & Business Development Rest of World

    Application of funds

    Use of investments for the internationalisation and scaling of success

    A budget of roughly $ 9,000,000 would make the ideal foundation for the
    targeted process. If the resources from the Token sale would not suffice, the
    platform will be structured from later proceeds. The intense and certainly
    aggressive distribution serves the increase in global popularity


    The amount of SNP Token distributed is limited to 400,000,000 and can
    therefore not be elevated. The use of SNP Token on the platform is
    mandatory. However, customers can easily interact with common Fiat
    currencies. To achieve this merely the API-function must be undergone to
    convert into SNP. Thus, the SNP Token will become the accredited
    payment method within the skynavpro™ platform. However, aside from
    SNP’s, Fiat currencies such as EUR/USD/CHF are also accepted. The
    integrated Exchange-API converts the transactions realised with Fiatcurrencies
    into SNP to increase usability. Therefore, the end-user can still
    use the system without constraints and aside their crypto-affinity. The
    pay-per-use model is supported by Smart Contracts. Smart Contracts
    embody the code or computer protocol on the Blockchain that form the
    elements of the contract. The contract details and specific functionalities
    are therefore safely implemented on the Blockchain. Smart Contracts
    offer various advantages. They can not be manipulated, are highly
    automated and can follow a standardised execution. In relation to
    content (weather, tracking, communication) via Smart Contracts, the
    payment follows without an (expensive) intermediary as for example
    PayPal. The content will immediately and automatically become available
    to the purchaser through the skynavpro™ hardware.
    Dacher Systems GmbH issues a total amount of 400,000,000 SNP Token
    of which 240,000,000 will be sold within the Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
    Dacher Systems GmbH will not release any further Tokens, once all
    400,000,000 Tokens are sold. During the Pre-Sales and ICO, Ethereum
    (ETH) will be the only acceptable payment method. The SNP-Token is an
    ERC-20 Utility Token, which is available during the selling period.
    You will find the essential information on the SNP Token sale in the
    • Pre Sales: 03th December 2018 to 31th December 2018
    • ICO, 1st Stage: 31th December 2018 to 15th February 2019
    • ICO, 2nd Stage : 15th February 2019 to 15th April 2019
    • Total-Token amount: 400,000,000 SNP
    • Token for sale: 240,000,000 SNP
    • Value: 1 SNP = 0.070 $ (+ Bonus)
    • Accepted currency: ETH

    Token Bonus Structure

    • During the SNP Token Pre Sales, which runs from 03th December 2018,
    10:00 UTC to 31th December 2018, 09:59 UTC, the following conditions
    60,000,000 SNP, 1 SNP = 0.035 $ (50% Bonus)

    • During ICO 1st Stage of the SNP Token sale, which runs from 31th December
    2018, 10:00 UTC to 15th February 2019, 09.59 UTC, the following conditions
    80,000,000 SNP, 1 SNP = 0.045 $ (35% Bonus)
    • During ICO 2nd Stage of the SNP Token sale, which runs from 15th February
    2019, 10:00 UTC to 15th April 2019, 10:10 UTC, the following conditions apply:
    100,000,000 SNP, 1 SNP = 0.070 $ (no bonus will be awarded)

    Hard Cap: 9 Mio $
    Soft Cap: Not required, as we are a true utility token under German regulations
    and already have a working Product, we do not require a Soft Cap.
    Minimum contribution: 1 ETH
    Token distribution
    Regarding the SNP Token distribution:
    •60% of the Tokens are reserved for the pre-sale and ICO.
    •10% of the Tokens are reserved for company Reserve
    •10% of the Tokens are reserved for Marketing & Events
    •5% of the Tokens will be used for promotion of quicker acceptance of the
    product, as well as for customer relations (Future Community Campaigns)
    •15% of the Tokens are intended for the Core Team & Founders

    The use of the financial resources from the Token-sales is planned for the
    following purposes:
    •10% of the Contribution are planned for the extension of the FLY platform
    •15% of the Contribution will be directed towards production
    •15% of the Contribution will be allocated towards sales & marketing within
    •25% of the Contribution are planned for sales & marketing in Northern
    •15% of the Contribution are planned for sales & marketing in Asia/Pacific
    •15% of the Contribution will be allocated towards sales & marketing in the
    Rest of the World
    •5% of the Contribution will be reserved for administrative purposes (security,
    legal counselling, accounting)
    The SNP Token does not represent any legal claims to the project or the
    company. Instead, customers shall use it as payment method once the project
    is completed. The SNP Token is an ERC20 Utility Token. We firmly believe in the
    success of our project. Consequentially, the demand for our SNP Token will
    increase gains on trading platforms. The Token therefore holds inherent value.

    Founder & Core-Team

    Idea provider, visionary, founder and shareholder of Dacher Systems
    GmbH is Tiberius Dacher. Mr. Dacher is currently the CEO of Dacher
    Systems GmbH. The project skynavpro™ started in 2014. In 2016 it was
    first presented to interested specialist audience at the biggest European
    “Global Show for General Aviation” (AERO) in Friedrichhafen. Since then
    it has continuously and consistently evolved. With skynavpro™, Dacher
    Systems GmbH aims to revolutionise the worn-down structures of
    General Aviation in avionics and communication. The professed long-term
    goal is to create an extensive system-level integrated cockpit architecture
    based upon mobile devices. The project currently lists more than 12,000
    registered users of the fly.skynavpro.aero portal spread globally, with this
    number growing constantly.
    To achieve this ambitious goal, a strong team of aspiring and motivated
    people were formed. A short excerpt:



    white paper:https://skynavpro.io/wp-conten...

    Petch deck:https://skynavpro.io/wp-conten...






    Download our APP

    Request Live Demo:https://skynavpro.io/#newslett...

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