Zcoin (XZC) Release wallet v0.13.7.4

  • Instructions

    Important Upgrade

    Please backup your wallet before upgrading to this version. To do this, navigate to File > Backup Wallet and save the file to a secure location.

    For Users

    Client versions older than will stop working with the hard fork. However contains a lot of bug fixes which include huge performance and bandwidth improvements so is highly recommended.

    For Znode owners

    If you do not upgrade your Znode, you will stop receiving rewards after the hard fork. We highly recommend updating to to greatly reduce bandwidth consumption even if you're on As we are aware that many Znodes are on budget VPS providers, this is important to prevent overage charges.

    A new Znode start should not be required.

    For guidance on how to upgrade your Znode, please refer to: https://zcoin.io/znode-upgrade-guide/

    For mining pools

    Please update pools before December 10th 2018. We highly recommend using which has bandwidth and performance improvements.


    • Changes sync to greatly reduce bandwidth consumption found in earlier 13.7 releases
    • Sync speed increased by 3x.


    • Version: v0.13.7.4
    • SHA256 Hashes:
      • Linux: 9e486562c195e4d96d15a868ba948f53e3e9ecf3622dc52b6efae1be2c5753e5
      • macOS: dfbd7a44ba930ffcc11827dcf9da0ca0c2e14fb0a2ff890ab99949436a12d7c7
      • Windows Installer: 3bab9d1bcc364180898edb114c586da630a5e9462044f49b229fa10a991b7ba2
      • Windows exe: d3c8370b6b1e33c6eeb67bb2efc7bb5b4dc1719e4178293a03300813e28ee876
    • The signatures can be verified with this public key.

    Source Code:


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