Blocknet (BLOCK) Release Wallet v3.11.0

  • 3.11.0

    This is the most significant update to the XBridge order system in 2018. With it comes many additional verification checks and performance improvements. This update is capable of supporting trading with bots and provides the most coin support for traders ever. If you find any issues please let us know in the Official Blocknet Discord feedback channels.

    • Revamped XBridge verification checks
    • Improved address validation checks on orders
    • Greatly improved RPC performance for bots
    • Service Node auto-redeem of failed orders on behalf of traders
    • Improved wallet connectivity checks
    • Fixed XBridge locking issues
    • Additional expired order handling
    • Updated to Qt 5.7
    • Added additional coin support

    Source Code:

    • Many bug fixes

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