Bitcoin Tiger (BTR) - CryptoNight-Lite v1 - Scarce and Anonymous

  • Bitcoin Tiger is a fast, light weight , scarce and anonymous coin. It's primary purpose is to serve as Store of Value for the future where users can maintain anonymity and hence keep their finances secure. We are working on several partnerships with high value products manufacturers and dealers. Work on our own blockchain is also in progress. BTR has maximum supply of 18 Millions which is even lower than Bitcoin.

    BTR Specifications:

    PoW algorithm: CryptoNight-Lite v1
    Max supply: 18 million
    Block reward: smoothly decreasing
    Block time: 120 seconds
    Difficulty: retargets at every block
    Name: Bitcoin Tiger
    Ticker: BTR

    Premine :-

    1 block : 1 000 000 PREMINE
    the Premine will be distributed back to the community in next few
    months through Airdrops/Bounties/Presale for Exchanges etc. A very small
    amount will be kept aside for Marketing to promote Bitcoin Tiger on
    some big media platforms.

    Bounty Phase 1

    ANN Translation :- 25 BTR each
    First 3 Pools :- 1000 BTR each
    First 2 Explorers :- 1500 BTR each
    First 2 Good exchanges (also approved by community members) :- 10 000 BTR each
    Youtube Videos about the Project :- 100 BTR and above, depending on the video content quality
    More Bounties and Airdrops in Discord.


    Dec 2018

    • Mainnet
    • Pools
    • Exchanges
    • Website

    Jan 2019

    • Whitepaper
    • Detailed Roadmap after 1st Partnership
    • Diamond Merchant Partners


    Command Line Wallet:
    GUI Wallet: Coming soon

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