[ICO] Tokoin - Decentralized Trade Distribution Platform

  • What is Tokoin? Why is it So Important for The MSMEs Business Ecosystem?

    On this 4th industrial revolution, technology has become an important entity to brought convenience social impact. Without exception, the business world. The industrial revolution liberated mankind from the animal power dependency, mass production no longer a myth, leverage digital capabilities to billions of people.

    The 4th industrial revolution, or commonly known as Industry 4.0 represent the combinations of cyber-physical systems, internet of things, and the internet systems itself. Briefly, this is the smart business idea when machines are added to the web connectivity and connected to systems that can visualize the entire production chain.

    In society, every industrial revolution changed the way people live, work, and communicate. Without exception, the industry 4.0 itself. The evidence of this dramatic event marked by so many changes that occur at exponential speed. Fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds, affecting all disciplines, economies and industries, and even confronting the ideas about what means to be human.

    Then, what next?

    All the exponential speed of innovation is nothing if it is not followed with a well-secured system. This tech-industrial phase, security to the digital assets is mandatory. And what to secure? The answer is data. Data become the world’s most valuable resources.

    As an asset, data supposedly give their owners and users advantageous. But yet, weak security make the data can be easily stolen and being misused by others. The benefit that should be the data owner collected were disrupted.

    As a platform that leveraging blockchain technology to establish Valid identity and reputation of MSMEs. We offer a solution that allowing TOKOIN users to build a trust-able profile with security for all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

    In the world of MSMEs, there is one complex question that can`t be solved by the current system. Because of the needs of capture data transaction, causing a roadblock in the MSMEs system itself. By leveraging Blockchain that emphasizing the decentralized capability to incentivize users who contribute to the network, by providing correct data is where TOKOIN roles play.

    The replication multitude of transactions could be made within minutes and yet guarantee. Data integrity needed by the MSMEs. So they could leverage their business in a sustainable way.

    By using blockchain it also means TOKOIN implement encryption that enables the system to transact faster but also secure.

    Tokoin carry missions to help MSMEs to; built a trusted profile with integrity, providing virtual ledger for each users transaction, lower financial inclusion bariers, and increasing economic capability of the whole MSMEs ecosystem.

    To succeed the mission, Tokoin act as a pooled data platform that present real-time data of users activities (inc. Buyer Profile) with encryption that secure the data exchange that happening in the platforms; the data only can be access with the permissions from the data owner.

    As involved at this data exchange activities, MSMEs act as the data suplier, for that, MSMEs will be benefitted with; (1) Create their credible business profile, by processing user’s non-financial data to build credit scoring, (2) Enable easy access to funding applications, (3) Able to get a lower price through aggregated buying, (4) Earning points for making transaction, that able to be redeemed to discount or services.












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