Stellar (XLM) Core Release v10.1.0

  • Stability improvements

    • This release contains major changes to the way stellar-core communicates with the database. The changes make the code easier to change in the future, and the immediate benefits are that the performance is improved for certain ledger types by several orders of magnitude.
    • Replaying buffered ledgers during catchup may sometimes cause stellar-core to get out of sync.
    • In some rare circumstances, some buckets would be deleted on startup, causing the instance to be in a corrupt state.

    New features

    • New command line --disable-bucket-gc that allows to disabled bucket garbage collection (used in recovery and diagnostics scenario)
    • New command line option to flush the publish queue.
    • Updated command line argument parsing to follow a “subcommand” syntax. Making it easier to understand the logical grouping between commands.
    • Reworked all metrics (now documented in

    Breaking changes

    • The invariant CacheIsConsistentWithDatabase has been removed.

    Source Code:

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