• What is FortFC?

    FortFC is global crypto liquidity aggregator that provides following services:

    What issues does FortFC solve?

    Who are the prospects of FortFC?

    Crypto brokers, exchangers, investment funds, etc., get a convenient terminal with a transparent and functional API, a FIX/REST connection, a choice between Fill-Or-Kill (FOK) or Immediate-Or-Cancel (IOC) order modes for big volume transactions.

    FortFC also provides deep liquidity/depth of market from different crypto exchanges, high-speed performance, a crypto currency basket, and effective risk-management tools.

    Demo of product

    Video preview

    By aggregating the prices from the pool of most popular and trusted crypto-exchanges connected to FortFC, we offer our clients unique opportunity to choose the best price from a particular exchange as well as to get the best price available on the whole market due to the aggregated liquidity

    To open a demo account you have to pass the registration of your personal area using this link

    As soon as the registration procedure is completed you will receive a login and passwords to your e-mail address and right after that all you need to do is to download MT5 terminal.







    FortFC Token

    Welcome to FortFC Bounty Program!

    Over the past year plus, FortFC team has been working hard to develop the most innovative and effective crypto-liquidity provider!

    Now it is time for us to build the crypto-liquidity provider ecosystem and we are starting with forming a strong and vibrant community. To kickstart this, we offer one of the most generous bounty programs that we have certainly ever come across.

    You can pick and choose which aspects you would like to be engaged in. Many tokens are awarded for simple social media participation and there is a whole lot more if you want to really get involved with translation and content development.

    We are looking forward to welcome you on board!



    Private Sale start
    AirDrop and Referral Program start
    Preparing the documents for applying FSA license 

    Aggregation Engine prototyping 
    Two crypto exchanges integration 
    MetaTrader Server integration 

    Pre-ICO start
    Bounty start
    Project listing in 200 rating agencies
    Listings and Partnership with 5 exchanges of the third-tier 

    Aggregation Engine development in C++ (basic functionality) 
    Setting up the production infrastructure 
    Aggregation Engine testing 

    ICO start
    Partnership with 5 exchanges of the second-tier 
    Application for MFSA license 

    REST API development 
    FIX API Server development (basic functionality) 
    REST API and FIX API documents preparation 

    Preliminary project report publishing 
    Partnership with 5 exchanges of the second-tier 
    Application for MFSA license 
    Roadshows in 7 cities in Asia 

    Designing website and Personal cabinet 
    Payment systems integration 
    Price charts adding in Personal area 
    Trading transactions via Personal area 

    End of ICO 
    Depositing to 10 exchanges of the second-tier 
    Partnership with 5 exchanges of the second-tier 

    Developing and testing the connectors for the rest of exchanges 
    Expanding the administrative interface, KYC 
    Partnership program realization 

    Depositing to 5 exchanges of the second-tier 
    Partnership with 5 exchanges of the first-tier 
    Preparing the documents in order to apply for ASIC license 
    Roadshows in 10 cities in Europe 

    Aggregation Engine development in C++ (extended functionality) 
    FIX API Server (extended functionality) 
    Expanding of monitoring functionality 
    Load-testing, primary processes optimization 

    2019 annual report 
    Depositing to 5 exchanges of the first-tier 
    Beta-version has 2,000 active clients 
    Application for MFSA license. Establishing the office in Malta 

    Adding new cryptocurrencies and tokens 
    White Label development 
    Public testing of fully functional service 
    End of the product testing 

    Referral program

    Recommend our project to your friends and get your % on investment! We pay you 3% of invested amount in ETH or bounty-tokens - FortFC Token (FFCT). For example, investor purchases 100 FFCT tokens, therefore, your reward is 3 bounty-tokens.

    To take part in the referral program it is required to complete the following simple steps:

    • get registered in the Company’s website
    • get your unique referral code
    • recommend our project to your friends and subscribers
    • get your % for each investment acquired

    Attract new clients using your referral link by placing it on web resources focused on ICO or cryptocurrencies and get a reward from us for each new client you acquire!

    As soon as the registration is done ,you receive the unique referral link that contains your code . In order to acquire a client to your group (referral network) you need to provide the investor with the link in the following form:  By following this link, the investor is automatically registered in your network and you as a partner will get a percent of investment



  • FortFC Christmas Sale is on!

    Today we launch the holiday promotion during which you can get free tokens and a bonus for tokens purchase.

    The terms are as follows:

    1. Get registered on and complete the verification before the end of the promotion — 25 FFCT will be credited to your account for free.
    2. Purchase tokens for 500 EUR and get an exclusive 70% bonus.

    The promotion is valid from 13 to 28 December 2018. More info can be found here:

    Join us to get the best bonus!

  • FortFC - What are we developing?

    It is important for us that our project’s community understands what product we are developing within Fort Financial Crypto, because it is not only a tokensale, but also a unique cryptotrading instrument, unlike anything else on the market.

    After the main development stage is completed, our clients will be presented with a truly innovative product.

    The platform will provide its users access both to all the trading information of the connected exchanges and to actual trading using their aggregated liquidity in one window, in real time.

    From the technical point of view it is FortFC team’s own development — Aggregation Engine which accumulates the liquidity of the large cryptoexchanges pool. This is the project’s core.

    Pictured: Aggregation Engine work scheme

    Aggregation Engine uses the connectors of the project team’s own development to integrate the exchanges. Using separate connectors allows fast integrating of new exchanges without disrupting the service.

    End users will get a choice to access our product through:

    • FortFC web-platform for quick and easy cryptocurrency exchange with the best prices from the connected exchanges.
    • MetaTrader 5 for margin trading with the leverage up to 1:500.
    • FIX API for brokers, exchanges, banks and big-deal traders.
    • REST API — a universal protocol which can be used by all cryptocurrency market participants.

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