GXChain (GXS) Core Release v1.0.181212

  • This is a protocol upgrade release. All nodes should upgrade before 2018-12-26 04:00:00 UTC.

    Replay will happen automatically.

    Features and improvements:

    • support updating contract
    • add TrustNode pledge
    • use wabt as WebAssembly runtime
    • optimize voting statistics
    • add get_account_name_by_id contract api
    • add get_block_id_for_num contract api
    • add get_table_rows db api

    Bug fixes:

    • fix read_transaction contract api
    • fix transaction_size contract api
    • fix withdraw_assset contract api
    • fix contract mult-index
    • fix get_required_fees db api

    SHA256 checksum:

    • f5fb1e13ecea30ad0629dfab95964bae1ae25134ad7a98ce25cd72370375f6a7 gxb_1.0.181212-osx.tar.gz
    • 15b6d33dfb0af18bd7b8d58e76509d410d17f90c6bc9cd8736b181147986dcd6 gxb_1.0.181212-ubuntu-14.04.tar.gz
    • 1d5d4027c4aa5d5c341f7ad4f9703acbbeb238e30c5093b589a87c4b942d5934 gxb_1.0.181212-ubuntu-16.04.tar.gz

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