Introducing Lumenshine - A multi-platform, user-friendly, fully-featured wallet app for the decentralized Stellar network


    Hello guys,

    I would like to introduce the first version of our Lumenshine Wallet:

    Lumenshine is a multi-platform, user-friendly and security-driven wallet that has nice features to offer, such as free federation addresses, searching and filtering transactions, sending of own assets and more.

    Lumenshine gives you a way to create new stellar accounts, view them and their associated data in the global ledger. It helps you to compose transactions (such as payments), sign them and submit them to the stellar network.

    Current features of the web-wallet include:

    • create and manage your stellar accounts (multiple wallets)
    • deposit, send and receive payments
    • add short stellar addresses to your accounts (federation)
    • set inflation destination for airdrops
    • add any asset/currency from the stellar network
    • send your own assets
    • add and use contacts for payments
    • search, filter and view transactions of your wallets

    We are currently working on following features:

    • payment templates
    • shared wallets
    • import external accounts and mnemonics
    • release iOS and android mobile app

    The Lumenshine system has its own stellar node, running an instance of stellar core, open source software created by the Stellar Development Foundation.

    By running a stellar node, Lumenshine participates in consensus, adding more security to the decentralized stellar network. Lumenshine also sends transactions to the network without depending on a third party - providing its users a trusted stellar node to submit transactions to - and see the state of their own accounts.

    Running an own stellar node also gives us the possibility to set-up customisations for our Lumenshine users that will automatically trigger some action based on some event (such as push notifications on payment received).

    Lumenshine can directly access the history of the network, giving you the possibility to search, filter and view your transactions.

    Sign up here: to easily interact with the stellar network!

    Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated!

    Best Christian Rogobete, founder of Soneso

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