GODTOKEN (GDX) - Cryptonight Lite | Peer-to-peer Electronic Blessings

  • what is Godtoken?

    Since the beginning of cryptocurrency trading, many people have relied upon the higher
    powers to keep their portfolios in the green and to maximize their profits. With Godtoken,
    this faith is taken onto the blockchain. Godtoken is a peer-to-peer electronic blessings system
    - you pray to get the blessing - the Godtoken. By holding the token in your portfolio, it will
    be poured with blessings and good luck. Also, it’s easy to share the token with your friends,
    because shared blessings are even more powerful. Simply put, Godtoken can be anything you
    want - a blessing, a store of value or a currency.

     Technology behind Godtoken

    At it’s core, Godtoken is a very simple and straightforward cryptocurrency based on the
    Bytecoin source code. It uses CryptoNight proof-of-work hash algorithm, which is from the
    CryptoNote protocol (CN Lite v1). CryptoNote has private and fast transactions it can be
    mined ( prayed ) on ordinary computers.


    Total supply of the Godtoken is 7 Million GDX. Premine is 3% (210k GDX), from which 2%
    will go to early adopters of Godtoken (took part of mining in the test chain) and the rest will
    be used for further development of Godtoken and Holychain. The blockchain has 120 second
    block time and dynamic block rewards (initial rewards around 25 GDX). 

    How to get Godtokens

    Get Godtoken client

    Download Godtoken CLI client from here. Once its downloaded, unpack it. 

    GUI wallet releasing at a later date

    Start the daemon

    First start 'godtoken.exe' and wait it for to synchronise. Leave the program running for the next steps.

    Your first wallet

    Once the daemon has synced, you are ready to create your first wallet. Just open 'godwallet.exe' and when asked, type 'G' in the command line. Set a name and a password for your first wallet and it should generate a new wallet file. It will be generated in the same folder where 'godwallet.exe' is located. Be sure to save your private key. Type 'help' to get more commands in the wallet.


    Before mining you have to edit Start Praying.bat and add your newly created address in the command. Just open the file with Notepad and paste your address where shown.

    You can also change the number of mining threads there.

    If that is done, just run the .bat file. No need to run the miner.exe.

    Sharing the Godtokens

    After praying hard for some Godtokens, you might want to share the blessings with your friends. Start 'godwallet.exe' again and open up your wallet. Type 'O', then the filename and the password to access your funds.

    To see your GDX balance, type 'balance'. Note that your funds are locked for some time after mining, so you may have to wait a little. When you have enough available, you use the command 'transfer <mixin_count> <address> <amount>' 

    Note that the mixin count refers to the number of other signatures in the ring signature that authorizes the transaction. Someone looking at a transaction with a mixin of 4 has no way of knowing which of the five signers is the true sender.

    The Future of GDX - HOLYCHAIN

    Crypto God's future plans include building a decentralized community - Holychain. More information about the project will be released in the future.


    Q4 2018

    Humble beginnings

    1st of December, 2018 - public testnet release

    19th of December - release of Godtoken blockchain

    25th of December - browser based blockchain explorer

    Q1 2019

    First circle of heaven

    First listing on a TBA exchange

    Windows/Linux GUI Wallet release

    Q2 2019

    Holy gains

    Spreading of the gods word

    MacOS GUI Wallet

    Q3 2019


    Search for God's disciples

    Android Wallet with NFC transactions  

    Q4 2019 - 2020


    Full release of the HOLYCHAIN project. Transition to the new platform.


    Website - https://godtoken.eu/
    Blockchain explorer - http://explorer.godtoken.eu
    Github - https://github.com/cryptogod/G...
    Telegram - https://t.me/holychain

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