Bitwin 2.0 (BWT) - Decentralized iGaming and become world’s leading creator of premium on-chain gaming solutions for platforms alike.

  • Mission

    In order to accomplish that, we are building on top of our current platform to adapt possibilities
    brought about with blockchain technology. In addition, we are planning on sharing results of our
    work with the blockchain casinos community by provision of various on-chain gaming solutions
    easily adoptable in other platforms alike.

    What problems does Bitwin solve?

    1. Fairness

    In Bitwin, all transactions and computing will
    be based on Ethereum network and its unbiased
    smart contracts. Thanks to an insight into
    Ethereum smart contracts, a doorway for profit
    draining will be closed, as opposed to Bitcoin
    blockchain vulnerabilities.


    We have come up with a system and a set of
    solutions that will not only allow us to transfer
    just the final result of player’s wagers to the
    Ethereum blockchain, but also enable near-instant
    payments with negligible transactional
    costs, even in case of the lowest wagers.

    Additional Features

    Random Number Generator

    In order to generate random numbers, the smart contract will be using repeated hashing function to generate a stream of random numbers, as big as is required for the player to play the game seamlessly. This solution allows anybody interested to verify the randomness by dehashing last revealed hash output and comparing it to the outcome on Ethereum blockchain.

    Bitwin Network

    One of the main issues that trouble iGaming industry is transaction cost efficiency. It is a problem we are able to overcome with our novel solution called Bitwin Network, differentiating us from any other online casino out there. It is based on Raiden Network’s open source project solution providing a secure off-chain scaling, enabling near-instant, low-fee and scalable payments. This allows us to create a payment mesh between all players and casino, scaling upwards and downwards depending on the player base.

    Game Developers Kit

    We strive for a community fueled platform that allows for users entertainment, but also grows together with the community. That is why we came up with an idea of Game Developers Kit, which will consist of all the game development tools necessary for seamless creation and adoption of the final product into the platform, such as game engine licences, unified developer program and other crucial middleware.

    Bitwin Vault

    Bitwin Vault will freeze BWT tokens for 6 month period after the launch of Sportsbook section. After this period - 50% of tokens will be unlocked to Bitwin’s Team members. The sole purpose of the Bitwin Vault will be to provide liquidity for Sportsbook. Our risk management team will set up wagers with players until there is enough liquidity to enable players to wager with each other.

    Global Jackpot

    Considering the fact that the base platform of Bitwin 2.0 will be available to license by other parties interested in running a blockchain based casino, our goal is to create a network of blockchain slot games run by multiple Bitwin platform operators accumulating a percentage of winnings into one, truly enormous Jackpot.

    Token Details:




    450 000 000 BWT


    2,0% Bounty

    10,0% Advisors and Partners

    10,0% Private Sale

    33,0% Bitwin Vault

    45,0% Public Sale

    [email protected]

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