Insight Chain A Decentralized Research Ecosystem Chain Based On Blockchain

  • Insight Chain, a decentralized research ecosystem chain based on
    blockchain, will focus on data ecosystem on the blockchain domain
    firstly, works on building Wall Street-like financial order in the
    blockchain domain. It integrates companies, media, analyst and investor
    with blockchain technology, co-constructs a decentralized platform
    integrating information sharing, review & index, data trading and
    interaction based on research to promote the upgrade and healthy
    development of the blockchain industry.

    Data Research

    By Insight Chain, analyst can make research on crypto-currency
    companies, media and investor. Research data will be saved on the
    blockchain to keep data reliable and traceable. As well, all the
    participated will be rewarded with token.

    Information Sharing

    Insight Chain can help blockchain company to build management
    concept and provide a platform for them to disclosure information which
    will establish a decentralized information sharing platform for company,
    media, analyst and investor.

    Review & Index

    Based on data research, analyst can review crypto-currency and
    crypto-currency fund from multiple dimensions to provide guidance for
    investor. Meanwhile, the platform can offer a series of indexes like
    Insight 500 and RONI which can be referred by rating and investment.

    Data Trading

    Insight Chain will establish a decentralized data trading
    platform based on blockchain technology. On this platform, analyst,
    investor, company and media can trade on data, ratings, indexes and
    reports point-to-point.

    Interactive & Consultation

    Through Insight Chain, analyst can give real-time
    recommendation on investment strategies to investor, also all
    participants can engage in forum, chatting, live and questioning and
    answering interaction.








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