Hyperbridge is developing the next generation of digital distribution platforms that enable decentralized crowdfunding

  • the potential for Blockchain Technology is so vast; it can find a place in nearly any business or industry, especially those with digital assets or where transactions occur digitally. Not only does Blockchain improve efficiency and scalability, it also improves security tremendously. In an age where transparency and accountability are essential for long-term success and growth, it’s safe to say that the power of Blockchain is exponential, with its potential only limited by the imagination.

    Hyperbridge is aiming to create a platform that facilitates deployment of blockchain projects and Dapps. It has something for both, the creators and the users. While the Blockchain technology is yet to be explored to its fullest potentials, with more and more businesses — including the giants like Boeing and IBM recently — showing their interest in this technology leaves little to no doubt that Blockchain is the technology of the future. To keep at pace with the fast-evolving technical advancements, business have started to adopt “Blockchain Technology” to run their micro-economies. A quick observation of everyday news and events surrounding Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies coupled with massive institutional investments (a recent research showed over 50% of the investments in ICOs is institutional) pouring into Blockchain projects is a convincing indicator of the fact that there is already a growing demand for mechanisms that facilitate an easy adoption and deployment of blockchain technology. This is where the Hyperbridge’s innovation fits in as it provides a platform which makes it all easy for both creators and consumers alike.

    BlockHub — A Digital Distribution Platform, Marketplace, and Future of Crowdfunding Applications!

    Blockhub is the premier product of Hyperbridge wherein they’re developing decentralized protocols to bring both the creators and consumers together. The concept of Hyperbridge’s Blockhub is to redefine the way creators and consumers interact. It identifies the major issues facing blockchain developers and provides them with a decentralized ecosystem with features that enable them to overcome those barriers.

    “BlockHub is a decentralized, smart contract enabled platform where users can search and install new and existing decentralized applications, and where developers can fund, market, and launch their applications.”

    Currently, it is difficult for creators to publish decentralized applications or DAPPS because of the complexities involved in the process and high fees involved in traditional publishing models to make it costly for developers and businesses. Blockhub is a platform developed to help them publish DApps at the fraction of the cost they would be incurring otherwise and it also makes the process easy. Moreover, the platform hosts a range of features for developers that allows decentralized crowdfunding, asset tokenization, tokenized licenses and more. The entire ecosystem will be powered by the HBX tokens that can be used for a purchase, fees, bounties, and transactions.

    The Blockhub which is an ecosystem of Hyperbridge’s decentralized protocols has a strong and varied practical use case. From crowdfunding to asset tokenization and tokenized licensing the platform simplifies and makes otherwise complex and expensive process easy and cost-effective. Crowdfunding which has emerged as a great source for getting funds for developing and giving shape to an idea can be easier, more effective and transparent with Blockhub. For instance, Indie Game developers will be able to host their games on Blockhub Marketplace to either sell it or to develop it further.

    Hyperbridge Token Details

    The hyperbridge token “HBX” is developed on top of Ethereum’s Blockchain and is built on Ethereum’s ERC 20 protocol. The tokens have a number of use including participating in current and future micro-economies within BlockHub. They can be used to purchase membership subscription, marketplace apps and in-app purchases., publishing d’apps on the marketplace, incentivizing curators to review their projects, and for other non-basic operations and more.

    “Fees collected by Hyperbridge will be put into the Hyperbridge Reserve. Each day, up to a maximum of 0.5% of tokens present in the reserve will be sold to users within the platform in order to maintain liquidity and generate revenue. The price for each token will be determined by taking an average of available third-party exchanges.”

    Hyperbridge ICO Details

    Hyperbridge ICO Details
     30% of the total 100,000,000 will be made available to the public. 5% of the tokens will be sold privately. Verified KYC users will be able to exchange ETH for HBX at the price of $0.055 USD. Here’s the token distribution chart for HBX tokens.

    For more information about the ICO, please visit the following links:

    Website: https://hyperbridge.org/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hyper...



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