Verge Development Update - iOS wallet public beta, Verge Wallet Service (Bitcore wallet service) & More

  • To kick off the year, on a good note, I have some very exciting things to tell you! I believe many of you have been waiting for this moment, for quite some time: Today we start the Verge iOS wallet public beta!

    iOS wallet public beta 📱

    Yes, that’s right, starting today! After months of working hard on this flagship-product, we’ve reached the crucial point of testing the application with the great and amazing Verge community.

    The public beta will start with me inviting random people on Twitter, Telegram and Discord to join me into making this application; an awesome XVG wallet. When I’m comfortable enough about the whole system, I’ll post a link where you can take part in the public beta yourself. The link will be limited to a certain amount of people. The limit will increase if and where possible. For more information on this, follow my personal twitter account: @SwenVanZanten

    When you get your hands on a Verge iOS wallet… make absolutely sure you don’t transfer your whole bag of XVG to this wallet as it is a BETA!

    In advance, thank you for helping me out. 😘

    Verge Wallet Service (Bitcore wallet service) 🦠

    The iOS beta is using the Verge Wallet Service which is the service responsible for talking to the blockchain and Verge nodes. This service is originally created by Bitpay where they use this piece of software for their own Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash wallets. In the last two weeks, when we should have been focusing on our friends and family (well, we still did technically), we made this service work seamlessly with the Verge blockchain. This is another major achievement which isn’t even on the road map… but in my opinion it could have been.

    The Verge Wallet Service will be used by the Verge iOS wallet, Verge Android Wallet and Verge Electron Desktop Wallet. Maybe even the coolest part of this service is that you can host it yourself, if you want to do that. Documentation is still under preparation.

    The Codebase 👩‍🔬

    Since the last codebase update, we’ve actually got more work done, even though it was the holiday.

    We have been working these days …


    • 👩🏼‍💻 — ongoing
    • ✅ — done
    • ⏲ — up next

    Verge Codebase Updates:

    • ⏲ — Enabling the test network for Verge and bringing nodes online
    • 👩🏼‍💻 — Re-integration of Stealth Addressing
    • 👩🏼‍💻 — Upgrading Tor from 0.3.2 (end of life) to 0.3.4 (LTS)  (Source:
    • 👩🏼‍💻 — Integration of Tor into our new codebase, while maintaining old structures such as ports, proxy options, hidden service availability, etc.
    • ✅ — Adding the possibility to manually configure the codebase to compile without the Tor integration --without-tor (Default: ON)  Previously known as clearnet-branch, which got removed and thus solves a lot of complexity regarding the maintainability of the new project.
    • ✅ — Enabling hardening for the Tor source code
    Build-In Tor on startup Adjust the fee to 0.1 XVG per transaction or custom fee costs for higher priority.
    • ✅ — Disabling BECH32 address overall, with possibility of re-enabling it when it’s necessary. Also commenting out all occurrences of “SegWit” to make it compliant with the old codebase.
    • ✅ — Transaction tests have been successfully completed on the current main net including the setup of multiple nodes across the world to be synced via old and new codebase.
    • ✅ — Checks for inter-compatibility between old and new codebases has been tested
    • ✅ — Update copyright signs accordingly

    Be prepared … but not like this.

    Regarding the picture, we’ll do our utmost best to make it the best release within Verge. Not that we’ll end up like the ship above or the dude who held the camera meanwhile.

    Interested in contributing?

    If you are interested in contributing to VERGE and want to be a part of our amazing community of volunteers, be sure to reach out to us, either via Github, Discord, Telegram, or by email: [email protected]

    Please show your support!

    Thanks to Marvin Piekarek.

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