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  • The main task of logistics is the establishment of equilibrium demand and equilibrium supply for this product, i.e. coordination of demand in the market, and the proposals put forward by the enterprise.

    In the logistics system, all activities are interrelated. The logistic system can operate both within production and in the sphere of circulation, linking economic areas, suppliers and consumers. In everyday life, a person, each new day, starting from the moment of awakening from sleep, acts according to a premeditated plan. Both in business and in everyday life, a person sets a goal to achieve the best result with the least expenditure of resources. For example, a person, trying to save time, outlined several things that need to be done, for example in the next couple of hours, and makes them, thinking through each step, every second. As a result, this person manages to do several things, almost simultaneously. At the same time, he will be able to meet the timeframe, or, moreover, reduce their importance by doing all things ahead of time. You can still give examples of the activities of a realtor, and with the campaigns of the female shopping. So, going shopping, a person builds a plan of how he will go, what path will be most effective. Touching on this, it will be impossible not to mention the application of logistics in the transport problems of higher mathematics. But, about it a bit later. In the work of a realtor, logistic thinking is necessary, for example, in order to visit several properties located in completely different parts of the city in the first half of the day. Here the goal is put such an aspect as the optimization of the route of reaching the points of all objects.

    Logistics has found wide application in the successful conduct of business, in particular the issue of transporting goods. Here, the graph theory and the transport problems of higher mathematics are relevant to the application. With their help, entrepreneurs receive large incomes, skillfully optimizing transportation, for example, of the red game around the country. Logistics, perhaps, has found its widest application in this area. Although, in the daily life of a person plays a significant role. At the moment, such educational profiles as logistics have even appeared in the educational institutions of the country. Professionals of these profiles will be called logisticians. Logistics made a specialty, the whole profession. Logistics, as a science and a part of our everyday thinking, plays a very important role in the life of mankind. Even if we recall the old times, historical chronicles, even if there was no such term, then we can see that people have already widely used tactics and strategies of logistic thinking. Thus, it is clear that logistics, regardless of the existence of the term itself, has always existed and will continue to exist.

    EndChain offers a comprehensive logistics solution for all markets and supply chains, which means stopping counterfeiting and logistical complications. EndChain aims to cover every sector of the supply chain, including the second-hand market. The proposed product will be affordable, which will allow you to track goods on the blockchain daily. Additional functions for communication between the supply chain and allowing customization of the subchain further increase the relevance of the product to the supply chain:

    Production and raw materials
    Expert-import activity
    Primary movement
    Distribution centers
    Secondary movement
    B2B & B2C distribution
    After-sales service

    EndChain is easy to use

    QR code EndChain is unique in that a barcode is embedded in it. This design makes it easy to use, since EndChain users will know that they need to scan a single code found on the package. Other companies that use outdated barcode technology will be able to scan the embedded barcode. Thus, EndChains QR code creates a single code to work with any type of system. An additional advantage is that a single code can update both the blockchain and any internal legacy systems in one scan. The purpose of this is to reduce complexity while improving efficiency.

    How it works

    A team of highly qualified professionals with an impeccable reputation proves the viability and reliability of the project

    Project consultants

    EndChain launched ICO to promote the project.

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