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  • Information about PostCoin,


    Postcoin Is the official currency of the first revenue sharing altcoin forum. The forum allows you to earn tokens for every post you make and then exchange them in the forum's Exchange Center into PostCoins.

    The forum's revenue will be generated by several forms of ads including banner ads, partnership programs, paid/sponsored topics, etc. , however we will do our best not to flood the website with annoying ads, and keep it a friendly discussion board.

    The AltcoinBoard ads

    Payment for the ads will be preferably in PostCoins, but we accept BTC also. In case of BTC payment the forum administrators will immediately exchange the BTC payment into PostCoins

    Initial distribution

    Postcoin is distributed initially for free between Bitcointalk members based on their postcount to the date of application.


    Mining: Pure POS
    Ticker: POST
    Block Time : 60 sec
    Minimum Stake Age: 12 hours
    Maximum Stake Age : 14 days
    Stake Rate: 1% Fixed
    Initial Supply : 30.000.000 POST
    Supply after burning the leftover coins from Free Distribution : ~15.081.003 POST

    Distribution start: 16 March 2016
    Distribution end : 16 April 2016
    Method: Free distribution - Closed

    Forming the idea of the development of the PostCoin, we turned to the experiences of successful projects outside the crypto-area, in the real world. For the project to become commercially successful needs a clear plan and resources to implement it in the reality. Unfortunately, most startups and the cryptocurrency poorly represent the realization of their ideas. Unlike the most other startups, we have a specific goal to create a commercially successful project. This approach fully reflects the interests of PostCoin investors.
    To achieve the goal, we have decided to combine new technologies and schemes of creating successful business projects.
    Development of the PostCoin is based on the mutual integration in information projects and business portals. Much attention is paid to supporting the long-term investors. This approach makes the less profitable short-term speculation and more attractive long-term investments.

    Postcoin giveaways
    All participants PostCoin community can participate in the coins giveaway.
    For these promotions was created fund with 2 000 000 coins, participating in the POS. Mined coins will spent on rewards in daily promotions.

    Bounty for the performance of simple tasks
    Every week in this topic carried giveaway coins.
    To get the reward you need perform simple tasks (Like, Tweet, help to newbie and so on.) The higher your rank the more coins you will get.

    Free Yobit codes
    Every day in this topic you can get free Yobit codes. Promotion is available to all without restriction. In day is published 5 to 10 codes.

    Weekly poker freeroll from PostCoin
    Every sunday you can participate in a private freeroll. Tournament is open for all.
    Freeroll kicks off at 20:00 MSK 28.08.2016
    Applications are accepted in this topic

    Faucet for rank holders
    In September will start testing and launch of the weekly faucet for rank holders PostCoin.
    Rank holder will be able to go once a week to the private site and receive coins. The higher rank, the more coins you get.

    Tournament "À l'abordage!"

    Every month for PostCoin community carried a free tournament "À l'abordage!"
    Tournament is open for all. The tournament is held in playoff mode using a random number generator.
    Rank holders have higher chances of winning. The next tournament will start 15.09.2016

    The bonus system - "Table of Ranks"
    There are 7 ranks in the PostCoin system to maintain a long-term investors. The rank of the holder depends on the number of coins in the wallet and the time of their storage.
    The number of coins received in promotions are dependent from the rank. For an example, in the promotions "100 PostCoins", the midshipman will receive 100 coins and 50% as a bonus for the rank, in the sum it will be 150 PostCoins. The captain will receive 100 coins and + 200% bonus for the rank, and the sum will be 300 PostCoins.
    Holders of the three highest ranks (Lieutenant, Captain and Admiral) receive a part of the profits from the information projects which has integrated with the PostCoin.
    Details of the bonus system:

    ntegration of information projects
    The main purpose of the information resource Crypto-Compass is acquainting the people with the possibilities of the Crypto-universe. Less than 1% of the people who are living on the planet are familiar with the cryptocurrency. Between the developers, startups and the ordinary people, a vast gulf of a misunderstanding has formed.
    The purpose of the information and training resources is eliminating this abyss, becoming the connecting bridge between new technologies and the world, outside of the crypto audience. The projects will get profits from the advertising, content placements and other services. A part of the profits will be distributed among the holders of the PostCoin who belongs to the three higher ranks. The transparency and the public control of payments are guaranteed by the blockchain.

    Bounty for translations of a topic
    2500 coins for the translation for each language:


    Windows Wallet

    Linux Wallet - 32bit

    Linux Wallet - 64bit

    Mac OS Wallet

    Android Wallet - TBA

    iOS Wallet - TBA

    Github Source

    Block Explorer - TBA

    Faucet - TBA

    source code ... g/v1.0.2.0

    Block Explorer


    Novaexchange -






  • Detailed road map PostCoin to 2017.

    1. Technical Plan
    2. Marketing Plan
    3. Social Plan
    4. Investment Plan

    1. Technical Plan
    Testing and multifunctional online PostCoin purse
    Starting direct exchanger: Fiat-PostCoin and PostCoin-Fiat.
    Creating a payment gateway for transactions having a legitimate (legal) acknowledgment
    Integration of online shops
    Creation of online games using PostCoin as game currency
    "Liquidity Calculator" (the ability to calculate their return on investment in PostCoin, taking into account all financial instruments)
    Personal user account PostCoin c mass of useful features
    Automation of most payments PostCoin
    The study features a hybrid algorithm, which was founded in the source PostCoin, but not yet implemented.
    Technical "upgrade" online community PostCoin

    2. Marketing Plan
    Create a short promo video of PostCoin, all major destinations
    The publication of review articles on PostCoin
    Promotion PostCoin through news portals
    Indexing in search engines
    Create several "landing pages" - cards of PostCoin
    Advertising companies for different audiences

    3. Social Plan
    Reputation confidence.
    Voting right
    Details will be published in the review articles.

    4. Investment Plan
    Complete filling the cells of rank from captain to midshipman inclusive.
    Not less than 30 safe level 5
    Connecting at least 10 portfolios

    Performing all of the above items will result in a significant increase in capitalization PostCoin (above $ 1 million).
    Each rank of the holder displays coins from the market, indirectly increasing the capitalization PostCoin (this is true with regard to the safe and portfolios)
    Details will be set out in the review articles devoted to the project roadmap.

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