• ![0_1472356175259_omni.png]( Adam Omniwallet Continuing to handle support Working on user feedback from rebrand Working with Tomas on data feed from db for charts Patrick Legal research regarding US securities laws, recruiting counsel Work on triangular arb for Dex books Co-ordinated with Tomas on Omniwallet Market operations smooth Dexx Refreshed setup for and Providing support via GitHub and Reddit We should push for tutorials and guides Port to 0.13 still ongoing, but not much progress this week Zathras General support ‘Chest brand being decommissioned New version of explorer to improve all-pair trading support Sean Bitcoinj-addons v0.1.3 released Poloniex exchange fix (for OmniJ/OmniPortfolio) See CHANGELOG for other improvements OmniJ 0.4.0 release in progress Working on Transaction fee computation (last issue for 0.4.0 release) OmniPortfolio 0.1.1 in progress Added PDC (Project Decorum Coin) to exchange rate ticker Work on native windows release (Greg) Consulting Greg Helped Sean review and test bitcoinj-addons release v0.1.3 OmniPortfolio testing on Windows and Linux Installer development/testing for native Windows build Tomas OmniDex v2.0 Refactor orderbook screen to resemble open ledger and other exchanges UI Trying to get new charts to display properly, going to sync with Adam on the data queries required to show significant market data, candlesticks for OHLVC Brave New Coin Collaborating with BNC on getting 21inc apps for them to publish their APIs in the 21co marketplace Judith Ongoing Communication with projects Preparing for Hackathon

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