Stellar Donation week (starting monday)

  • Hi fellow community members,

    As you might have noticed Keybase has created a build in wallet functionality. This allows us to send XLM to social media accounts. People can then claim this account through keybase and thereby claim the XLM.

    We can now send money to anyone we know only the Reddit/Twitter/Facebook username of!

    How you ask?

    1. You download keybase and fund your wallet with XLM.

    2. You go to the "people" tab and search for the social media profile you want to donate to

    3. You open a chat and press the $ button in the right bottom corner

    4. You send XLM to them and send them a tweet (or post) notifying them of your donation, telling them that they can claim it with Keybase.

    The plan

    I was thinking about donating some XLM to my favorite podcasts and some friends and family, but then thought, why not think big?

    What if we all start donating to our favorite online persona's and friends and family next week? We could really start something! I noticed more of you are enthusiastic about this idea, therefore I created this thread to prepare for monday.

    What we need:

    • All create a Keybase account and load it with an amount of XLM that we feel comfortable donating. I'm donating my blockchain airdrop for example.

    • It would be awesome if we had some kind of explanation on what a Keybase donation is, how keybase works, how to claim the XLM and why it is so awesome that you can now donate to online profiles. Maybe a one page website or just a medium post that we can link to.

    • Pick some friends and family to donate to.

    • Decide on some online persona's we want to pool together for to create maximum exposure. For example when 10 different people donate to the Twitter handle of Ezra Klein (Economics blogger for the Washington Post).

      • We should make a fair estimation wether these persona's control their own social media accounts.

    The result

    The donation posts will obviously create exposure. Also it will show how cool it is that we can now donate to someone by only knowing their social profile. And ofcourse we support our favorite online persona's.

    If you are enthusiastic, please join in by either creating the explanatory webpage/medium post or making a list of persona's that we could cluster donate for exposure.

    Let's do this!

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