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  • **What is NEXXUSCOIN** INTERNAL CURRENCY OF NEXXUS REWARDS NexxusCoin is the internal currency of the Nexxus Global Rewards Community that gives people a good reason to buy and use cryptocurrency with a commerce benefit to drive buyer demand. NexxusCoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency with a distributed, decentralized public ledger; that unlike ones held at traditional banks, are viewable and easily audited by the people. The ability to manage transactions and issue additional NexxusCoins is all handled by the network of users utilizing NexxusCoin. Because the NexxusCoin network is run by the people, holders of NexxusCoin receive a 5% yearly interest through a process called staking. **Nexxus Rewards** Shoppers earn cashback rewards for purchasing with bitcoins and other top cryptocurrencies from any of the potentially hundreds of thousands of merchants worldwide. Shoppers also earn award points redeemable at the issuing merchant for their loyalty. And shoppers get cash rewards for referring other free shoppers when they make purchases. This viral shopper referral program creates explosive growth towards critical mass. Nexxus Rewards is the first Killer App for the Cryptocurrency industry. Cashback Rewards on all Nexxus Merchant purchases Loyalty Recoginition Points redeemable at Nexxus Merchants Referral Cash on all purchases from personally referred shoppers KEY FEATURES NexxusCoin has many fundamental advantages based on BlackCoin. Low Inflation NexxusCoin was widely distributed over a short proof of work mining phase. No new NexxusCoins will ever be minted aside from the 5% yearly interest paid to holders of NexxusCoin. Fast Transactions NexxusCoin's proof of stake system makes the NexxusCoin network lightning fast. NexxusCoin is the ideal digital currency for face to face transactions and all applications that value speed. Blockchain Security NexxusCoin's network is secure against the attacks other digital currencies face due to their reliability on large-scale mining operations to run their networks. Environmentally Sound The NexxusCoin network does not require the use of large-scale, specialized hardware operations. NexxusCoin is far more energy-efficient than traditional digital currency networks. Innovative Community NexxusCoin has a strong and dedicated community made up of both talented affiliates and users working hard to push NexxusCoin as far as it will go. Wide Merchant Adoption New merchants and services accept NexxusCoin every day to tap into the emerging Cryptocurrency market. The Nexxus Rewards Merchant network is built by a motivated force of international entreprenurial affiliates. SPECIFICATIONS NEXXUS MINED COINS 302,179,635 NEXXUS BLOCKS 265,630 NEXXUS COIN HOLDERS 2,977 299 MILLION INITIAL COINS PROOF OF STAKE SHORT POW PHASE FIVE PERCENT COMPOUND INTEREST FAST CONFIRMATION 60 SECONDS BLOCK TIME DIFFICULTY RETARGET EVERY BLOCK Getting Started With NEXXUSCOIN Enough technical jargon, lets get started with NexxusCoin 1 Download a wallet First, you need to get a wallet to store your NexxusCoins. NEXXUSCOIN WALLETS 2 Buy NexxusCoins Once you have your wallet, you can now buy NexxusCoins directly or trade for them with Bitcoins. Public Exchanges coming soon... 3 Stake your NexxusCoins NexxusCoin holders receive 5% compounded yearly interest through a process called staking. STAKING HOW-TO Mine for NexxusCoins NexxusCoin is no longer mineable, but your can earn NexxusCoins by staking your NexxusCoins. STAKING HOW-TO 4 Spend your NexxusCoins Now that you have some NexxusCoins you can do some shopping at many online and retail merchants. You can locate merchants accepting NexxusCoin, Bitcoin and most top cryptocurrencies at Nexxus Rewards. Nexxus Rewards coming soon... 5 Join the Community We have a dedicated, positive and friendly community made up of both NexxusCoin users and affiliates. JOIN US TODAY **Wallets:** WINDOWS WALLET: APPLE WALLET: LINUX WALLET: NEXXUS BLOCKCHAIN EXPLORER : GitHub: Twitter: Private Trading: Need Help? NEXXUS DEVELOPER: Bob Wood

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