StreamPay : Blockchain Payment Tracking System

  • The recent momentum the crypto world is gathering and its popularity as conventional means of transacting,means of payment and its general positive impact to the ecosystem is huge with alot of adoption, the urgent and unique crave for platform with exceptional features and intuitive features cannot be overemphasized. This development will empower individuals to adopt and raise their love for crypto because there is a trusted and secured medium of trade which protects their interests and provides guidance. 

    All the urgent need has led to the establishment of a three in one platform with an objective of empowering adopters and the entire Cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This platform through its blueprint and structures has great and standard features which makes provision for adequate trading instruments along side updates and creates an ecosystem which will allow them to execute a large number of activities compared to the first blockchain.

     streampay an enterprise supply chain risk monitoring and payment tracking solution that uses blockchain smart contracts to manage suppliers and finished goods. StreamPay technology keeps distributed ledgers to create articles to insert into smart contracts so supply chain manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, logistics companies, and customers can track goods and services from the raw materials to the finished product using QR codes and digital signatures.

    Through the smart contracts based on blockchain technology, users can also validate the movement in supply chain on a real time basis. It will also manage the payment process on behalf of the users therefore offering them a worry free experience throughout the supply chain process.

    StreamPay also has a global payment and tracking system that implements blockchain technology in managing smart contracts. The system is accessible via a consumer’s smartphone and is compatible with all forms of payments and currencies all around the world. The system is syneed to a user’s e-wallet therefore, any payments made on the platform will reflect on the user’s wallet. Users can also make deposits or transfer their funds to other users regardless of their geographical location.

    Once a user signs up to the platform, they will recieve a debit card, which can be either a Visa card or MasterCard. The card enables the user to make purchase products or services from any merchant that accept Visa or MasterCard. The platform will integrate smart contracts into the payment tool to guarantee the safety of the user’s funds.

    StreamPay provides merchant with basic Point of Sale Services. The services include calculating the amount a customer should pay, creating an invoice for the calculated amount and providing the customer with the payment options they could use. Apart from simplifying the transaction process for merchants, this service will also enable merchants to offer discounts, roll out a loyalty program for customers, and control stock more efficiently.

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    StreamPay Advantages:

    Improving Of Supply Chain:

    As the platform allows user to track the supply chain process from when the purchase of raw materials until when they are processed into finished goods, users can identify the components within the supply chain that can be altered in order to improve the supply chain process.

    Faster Processes:

    Using blockchain, StreamPay can identify the parties within the supply chain that are slowing down the process. This therefore enables enterprises to get rid of such parties and to add new parties who can speed up the process.

    Reduced Risks:

    Through the StreamPay transfer services user can transfer money to other users without having to face the risk of volatility and fraud as the platform disperses the risk across the platform and puts in place measures to ensure the discovery of fraudulent users.

    s you can see, the potential for Blockchain Technology is so vast; it can find a place in nearly any business or industry, especially those with digital assets or where transactions occur digitally. Not only does Blockchain improve efficiency and scalability, it also improves security tremendously. In an age where transparency and accountability are essential for long-term success and growth, it’s safe to say that the power of Blockchain is exponential.

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    StreamPay STPY Token ICO Details

    The platform will operate using the StreamPay tokens. The tokens enable users to access the services offered by the platform and be part of the StreamPay Token (STPY) Network. 

    • Token Symbol: STPY
    • Token Price: 1 STPY = 1.00 USD
    • Accepted Payment Method: ETH
    • Token Standard: Ethereum
    • Soft Cap: 100,000 USD
    • Hard Cap: 50,000,000 USD
     Smart contracts are the backbone of companies. Blockchain technology will have significant implications when it comes to contract management. Blockchain is becoming an area of concern to design new distributed ledger technologies. Contract management helps with contracts that are self-enforcing or self-executing. Block chain’s role in the contract is to replace the third party needed to resolve legal disputes. Known as “smart properties” or “colored coins,” tokens can be utilized to represent any asset, from stocks to cars. The capacity to hard-code transfer of ownership when trading these assets can possibly create “unbreakable” contracts.

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    StreamPay Smart Contract Process

    • Both buyer and seller agree on the requirements set by StreamPay and create a smart contract.
    • StreamPay tokens (STPY) will be transferred to the buyer’s wallet as a guarantee of the payment on delivery. StreamPay will join the Bancor Network to raise liquidity for quick conversion into fiat currencies.
    • StreamPay keeps the funds in cryptocurrency within the smart contract.
    • StreamPay can also notify the bank to hold funds on a payer’s account or a credit card.
    • StreamPay traces the goods using QR codes from raw material to finished product.
    • Upon the receipt of the goods to a buyer, if the delivery QR code resembles the QR code set by the buyer in the smart contract, StreamPay notifies the seller to release the payments.

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