DecentraX (DCX) - Proof-of-Stake (blockchain using custom ASIC chips) | Masternode | DEX

  • The DecentraX (DCX) blockchain is being built from the ground up by designing the proprietary hardware that runs the network around blockchain needs. DCX Minmaster Chips are designed from the ground up around processing hash algorithms, to effectively allow for increased Transactions Per Second (TPS). The goal of the DCX team will be to meet and exceed 1,000,000 TPS on the DCX Network.

    DCX blockchain will grow with each new project that is adopted into the DCX Network, starting with a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that will aim to resolve ease of use and liquidity problems seen with the options currently available to the market. DCX will act as the gas of the exchange, as every swap that occurs will be paid for in DCX. The DecentraX team believes that DEX trading is the future and will free projects and investors from the chains seen with centralized exchange

    DecentraX has a goal of producing utility of moving Assets via Title, or Pink slip, etc onto the Blockchain and utilizing Atomic Swaps via their DEX Wallets through their Public orderbook that’s accessible through their Software/App mobile and desktop wallets that will store multiple Cryptocurrency Assets and will allow users to deploy their own contracts, so the users can trade Assets for Crypto with monetary value or Asset to Asset trades (like pink slips) without sacrificing ownership of your private keys to complete a Peer-To-Peer trade

    This will eliminate fraud with selling peer-to-peer online, you’ll be able to safely sell houses, cars, tickets and more online without dealing with fraudulent transactions on the buyer or sellers end.

    DecentraX Network

    The DecentraX Network is truly revolutionary. DCX will be the gas that fuels the
    Network and the creation of a Decentralized Exchange is the first project the
    DecentraX team plans to take on to give DCX utility.

    DCX Masternodes

    The DCX Network is expected to be faster than any other network available in
    today’s market, and plans to be the first network to build the hardware around
    the blockchain. The MinMaster Chips on the Masternodes will power the DCX
    Network, and set it apart from other hardware based networks that are building
    off of existing technology.

    Future Applications

    DecentraX plans to create a network that will allow for the uploading and sharing
    of files that are including but not limited to: Sensitive Documents, Tickets, Iden
    tification Cards, Contracts, Ownership Titles, and many more. We plan to create
    a network that will allow for instant sharing of data that is truly secure and is
    impossible to replicate creating a new way to view and share data online.

    DECENTRAX Network Features


     System software that scale with nodes using highly parallel algorithm


    Blockhain with ASIC to accelerate SHA256 and AES256 algorithm


    Mining performance over 20 Petahash per node. Our goal is to exceed 1m TPS


    Storage reliability that can scale up to 1000PB and retention of 100 years

    Masternode and MinMaster Accelerator Chip

    There will be a minimum of 350 masternodes at launch, a minimum of 900 masternodes will be available to the public and 350 will always be operational by Decentrax team. DCX will have standby nodes as a security measure to combat 51% attack.

    Masternode Specifications:

    • 8 MinMaster chips per board
    • 24 boards per masternode
    • 192 MinMaster chips per masternode
    • 1024 Sha256 engines
    • 8 aES256 engines

    Masternode and Chip Capabilities

    DecentraX masternode’s are outfitted with MinMaster chips. MinMaster chips are an extremely efficient and programmable cryptocurrency engine designed from the ground  up to address the high power consumption problems faced by all current mining and future masternode hardware solutions.

    Architectural Innovations:

    • Highly efficient massively parallel micro-cores
    • Connected with low latency, low power bits (Custom low swing technology)
    • Efficient in-memory computation (10x better than ASIC & SoC)
    • Off-the-shelf processor for contral functions

    Transactions per second (TPS):

    The true value of the DCX network is with custom designed and manufactured MinMaster chips that are integrated into the specially designed hardware masternodes giving DCX a leg up on the competition with over 300 times faster TPS speed over DCX’s closest blockchain competitor.

    Compute and Logic

    Creating a network of custom built ASIC hardware with chips that are specifically designed around hashing transactions, with servers that are capable of automated precise scheduling, and allowing trusted and reliable users outside of the network to pool and validate transactions creates a scalable network that increases in speed as it increases its size.

    Atomic Swaps

    By creating wallets for both mobile and desktop that will connect each user to a network order book, all tokens held in the DecentraX wallets can be swapped cross chain with each other. This means users can store multiple crypto currencies and trade them at anytime without losing ownership of their private keys.


    The Presale and ICO of DCX Tokens will allow a purchaser to use the token on the DecentraX platform, particularly once the DEX becomes operational. DecentraX tokens will bear the utility of being used as gas to cover transaction costs. This makes it easy for users to broadcast out trades on the DCX Network Order Book and allow other people to choose to fill an existing swap, broadcast out their own custom swap, or to do a direct sale for DCX which will be filled by the fractional reserve.

    Total Supply of DCX tokens is 25 million (Never to increase).

     Pre-Development: 12.5 million Tokens

    • Presale: 1 Million
    • ICO: 11 Million
    • Marketing: 500,000

    After Development:  12.5 million Tokens

    • Staking Rewards: 6 Million
    •  Development: 6 Million
    • Time Locked: 500,000

    ICO Participants Limited to Accredited Investors in the United States due to U.S. Securities Laws.  DecentraX also follows foreign regulations for participants in other countries.  A follow-up email will be sent to you for qualification.









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