CryptoTrustConsulting (CRTRC) - is the in-house investment currency of Cryptotrustconsulting Ltd.

  • CryptoTrust Consulting Ltd. is a financial management and administration company founded in 2018.

    The company provides investment services in crypto assets.
    The goal of CryptoTrust Consulting Ltd. is to give private and
    institutional investors
    access to the lucrative market for crypto assets based on guarantee
    contracts and to offer investors the absolute maximum of security,
    especially in the current volatile period of crypto currencies.

    Investors are able to invest their crypto currencies or make an investment in any usual Currency.


    Cryptotrustconsulting Ltd. becomes the largest investment and technology provider specializing in crypto assets and
    related services

    Cryptotrustconsulting Ltd is professionalizing and establishing international investm
    ent standards in the emerging
    market of Crypto Assets to become the world's most advanced and secure investment and technology provider


    Excellence -Quality - Integrity
    Cryptotrustconsulting Ltd follows a traditional investment approach for a new asset class. The products offer investors
    in the traditional financial services sector the opportunity to expand and diversify their portfolios and to invest in the
    Crypto Asset Market through a regulated asset manager.

    1. ACTIVE PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT - CryptoTrust Consulting provides private and institutional investors with secure and transparent access to the fast-growing market for crypto currencies. With actively managed investment strategies, we guarantee 100% of your deposits and you benefit from the exorbitant return on your Crypto assets.
    2. 24/7 MARKET OBSERVATION - We work on your earnings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    3. TRANSPARENCY - We inform you quarterly about the investment status and break down investments made.
    4. EFFICIENCY - We simplify investments in crypto assets, through professional software and in-depth expertise.
    5. SECURITY - We guarantee your investment 100%. (DGS)
    6. PROFESSIONALISM AND TRUST - We have many years of investment experience and know the requirements of investors and institutions.
    7. DIVERSIFICATION - We offer a unique concept on the market. Cost effective and highly effective.

    Technology Architecture

    Tokens: ERC-20 token, finite supply of 21,000,000 CRTRC
    Contracts: Service subscription in contract
    Blockchain: Ethereum network
    Scalability: 99.99% uptime
    Platform Performance: 800ms SLA target for data

    Token Mechanism

    The CryptoTrustConsulting Token (CRTRC) is an ERC20 Ethereum token. Ethereum tokens are represented as smart contracts that are executed on the publicly-available Ethereum blockchain. The CRTRC token’s design follows the widely-adopted token implementation standards. This allows token holders to easily store and manage their CRTRC tokens using existing solutions including Ethereum Wallet.
    The source code to CRTRC’s smart contract is publicly available on GitHub. The supply of CRTRC tokens is limited to 21 million CRTRC tokens. The Ethereum network enforces that there will never be more than this initial 21 million CRTRC tokens minted.
    We will continue to support and promote the trading of CRTRC tokens on several exchanges, as well as introduce subscription-based access to CRTRC’s Platform after the CRTRC token is added to an adequate number of exchanges to allow for sufficient volume

    CRTRC Token Sale

    For the CRTRC token sale, contributors can receive updates and announced on the CRTRC token sale webpage (
    Start Date: February 1. 2019 at 14:00 UTC
    21,000,000 CRTRC Tokens will be created:
    ● 70% of Tokens available for public participants and traded on exchanges
    As with all token sales, there are many possible benefits of participating. The direct benefit is that you are helping Cryptotrustconsulting further the development of its products. CRTRC’s Platform will allow for increased inclusion of beginner crypto traders, giving them greater trading confidence in the cryptocurrency markets and should help encourage more traders to enter the market.
    Additionally, once the tokens are listed on many exchanges, there potentially would be an opportunity to make a profit selling tokens after you’ve purchased them.

    Cryptotrustconsulting Ltd. token sale address only after the start of the token sale period.
    Please only contribute to official ETH address as listed on the official Cryptotrustconsulting Website (
    *Bitcoin (BTC) contributions will only be taken in special circumstances in amounts >50 BTC. Please email for more information at [email protected]
    Contributors who purchase CRTRC tokens between January 18 and February 1 (during the first two weeks of the token sale) will receive bonus CRTRC tokens based on the table below.

    ETH* - also applies to an equivalent amount in BTC at time of transaction.
    CRTRC tokens will be delivered to your ETH Wallet (currently CRTRC is available in every MultiWallet, supporting ERC-20 Token) shortly after the token sale period ends, and then tradable on exchanges shortly thereafter.
    Please check your local laws and regulations prior to participating. Unfortunately, citizens and residents of the United States and the People’s Republic of China cannot currently participate in the CRTRC token sale due to due to regulations in those jurisdictions. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

    Use of Token Sale Proceeds

    Primary Development - 60%
    Sixty percent of the funds received during the token sale will be allocated for development and continued improvement to the CRTRC Investment System.
    Marketing- 10%
    As the value of CRTRC Tokens and the CRTRC Platform will jointly benefit from more users, marketing will be done through social media, direct marketing, partnerships and affiliate programs.
    Outreach- 10%
    Our outreach funds will be utilized to provide education to the public on the CRTRC Platform and cryptocurrencies in general. Increased awareness of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, will allow for increased use of CRTRC Platforms and ultimately more liquidity in the markets in which we operate. This will also include outreach to CRTRC’s users for feedback - ensuring that we continue to provide a relevant product that continues to add significant value to their trading experience. We intend to firmly establish CRTRC as the dominant player in the Trading Alert space.
    Operating Expenditures - 20%
    Twenty percent of the token sale funds will be reserved for operating expenditures. These will be allocated for any non-development, hosting and legal expenses.

    Company Summary

    Cryptotrustconsulting Ltd.
    20-22 Wenlock Road
    London N1 7GU
    United Kingdom
    Tel.: +44-20-3880-0515
    [email protected]
    Share Capital: 1.000.000 EURO
    Insurance Volume international: 50.000.000 EURO



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