Vertex ICO (VTEX) - Liquidity for non-liquid digital assets

  • The Vertex Platform : Explainer Video : Eco-system for Investors, the community, and ICOs

    Vertex.Market is a digital asset aftermarket that allows investors to trade digital assets, such as Security and Utility tokens before they are listed on  cryptocurrency exchanges.

    Vertex creates a secondary market that allows OTC (over the counter) peer to peer
    trades between institutional investors and the community. Any sort of tokenized digital
    asset (ICO, STO) can be bought and sold on Vertex.Market without the need of an
    exchange listing, at preferential prices and fees.
    Vertex.Market adds a piece of financial infrastructure that surrounds tokenized assets
    and improves the way venture capitalists and other institutional investors take part in
    projects and brings liquidity into their security or utility token.
    Vertex.Market will provide a third market and make digital assets available for
    preferential prices once an asset has been listed.
    With users able to stake VTEX tokens to reduce the fees, Vertex.Market has created a
    utility token that will gain support by its own community and institutional investors.
    Vertex is creating the first market of its kind and a unique token that will benefit early
    adopters as well as continuous users, retail as well as institutionals.

    What is Vertex.Market

    Vertex.Market is the first OTC Digital Asset Platform where institutional as well as retail users can buy and sell any sort of digital asset, without the need of an exchange listing. A secondary market, where liquidity can be found.

    Vertex is changing the way the digital asset market works. It is no longer needed to have an account on various exchanges to sell or buy any digital asset. Vertex is a marketplace for everyone and functions like Amazon but solely for digital assets.

    Stable coins, true utility tokens as well as security tokens can be exchanged on the Vertex.Market Platform, making it truly the first secondary market in the Cryptocurrency/Digital asset space.

    To save transaction fees, users can stake VTEX tokens and can lower the fees of up to 90% by doing so.

    Vertex does not store any user funds on its platform, making it easier and safer to use.

    Vertex is also acting as an information hub where one can find data on tokens and projects, that can’t be found in other places.


    History of vertex

    The idea for the project came from the partners of Vertex Capital, experienced Angel investors, Venture Capitalists and seasoned business owners. Inspired by the current Private equity/Venture capital markets, the team has seen the need and potential of creating a secondary market for digital assets that solves the problem of liquidity for not listed, non-liquid digital assets. The Blockchain sector is growing fast but the financial infrastructure is currently lacking behind the demand, naturally slowing down the adoption of tokenization.  

    Vertex has put tremendous efforts and analysis in elaborating an idea that would work in the world of tokenization and blockchain.

    Once the idea was on paper, we have designed the business model, tokenomics as well as the strategy for this project and immediately began to add subject matter experts to our team and did an initial seed funding to get the project off the ground.

    Vertex has launched the portal in November 2018 and started to gain traction right away. At some point, over 28000 users have been on the page daily within weeks of the launch.

    The goal of Vertex is to increase its user base and visitors over the next 3 years and become a vital instrument in the Digital Asset space. Vertex is not like traditional exchanges measuring the success by volume, but by users served.

    Why Choose Vertex Portal?

    Vertex is the First of it’s kind market place that offers only evaluated projects where no money in the world can get you listed.



    High quality projects for preferential price. All projects are subject to Venture Capital evaluation and have got investments thourgh us or a partner investor.


    OTC Tokens

    Tokens are available that you can’t buy anyhwere else making us the only place for those tokens. Your purchase does not affect the price of the token, adding further support to the token.


    One stop shop

    Buy all your tokens from one place, without the need of going thru multiple, exhausting KYC procedures.

    A first of its kind and unique eco- system for Institutional Investors, the community and projects

    Key Information

    Total Supply: Total supply of 300,000,000 (three hundred million) tokens.
    Divisibility: 5 decimal points
    Ticker Symbol: VTEX
    Hard Cap:
    Soft Cap:
    The ITS has a hard cap of $18,000,000 USD
    If the project fails to raise $3,000,000 USD







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