Introducing The Rivetz Network and Software Developer Kit for a Simpler, Safer Mobile Experience

  • We’re excited today to announce the launch of The Rivetz Network and its supporting Software Development Kit, to enable simple access to the built-in hardware security already deployed on millions of devices.

    What is The Rivetz Network?

    Devices power blockchains. Rivetz protects devices.

    The Rivetz Network is how.

    Where, when, how, and under what conditions are you able to conduct a transaction?

    Perhaps you want to age-restrict your digital wallet so your children can purchase lunch at the school building between noon and 1 p.m. An employer may need to grant access to a wide variety of proprietary material, but ensure it’s inaccessible once a person is no longer an employee.

    And those restrictions may change often — from a death in the family to the purchase of a new device, there are a variety of methods and mechanisms a user may wish to change the conditions under which they permanently or temporarily store their digital assets.

    Rivetz recognizes that the needs of digital asset management are unachievable by a single provider. Simply put, it takes an ecosystem.

    That ecosystem of digital asset providers is required to safely and simply enable the blockchain economy. Rivetz has established The Rivetz Network, enabling third parties to become Service Providers and implement our Software Development Kit in their solutions.

    The developer tools offer a new model for access, privacy and control, while enabling every application to reduce complexity for users.

    “We have partnered with Rivetz to provide world-class security solutions to our clients,” said Ali Agha, CEO of Olypsis, one of 25 partners already using the tools. “We see excellent opportunities on the horizon for utilizing the Toolkit. The Toolkit has been easy to integrate and the Rivetz team has been more than helpful during the onboarding process. “

    Details on the SDK and The Rivetz Network can be found at, which provides easy-to-follow instructions for any Android app developer.

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