Re: KaneCoin カネコイン

  • Kane (gold) coin is a digital currency that is based on the Proof of Work and Proof of Stake Mining.
    Kanekoin has been created for the Asian digital currency market. (Japan)
    Kanekoin is a software project, have been obtained through the thing and mining to perform a contribution or node.
    Kanekoin was launched in order to make the coin alternative. Gold coin can be easily accessed by investors very Asian continent want to invest in this coin alternative. One of our main focus is that the online market and payment. Money Store has a wide range of electrical products and services. We are ready to sell the equipment referred to as a "rig" through successful large extent to the FB account.

    Specifications Kanekoin

    Name: Kane (gold)

    algorithm: Proof of Stake

    number of coins: 560 million

    POS: 1 Pasento

    the number of blocks: 8 million

    target: 1 minute per 1 block

    confirmation: 2 block https:

    wallet : // drive.

    Kanecoin Roadmap

    1. Windows-Uorettsu, (in the process) Linux Uorettsu

    2. Android Wallet at 23 September 2016,

    3. Kaneko in Market (under construction)

    4. Faucet Kanekoin

    5 . ATM machine

    Kanekoin are some of the teamwork of the coin alternative from Japan scrypt
    coin. Our team has been working in the field of coin alternative and mining
    over a five-year period. We have an import and export business network, the
    main purpose is to be able to Kanekoin is accessed all over the world.

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