SOMESING (SSX) - Social Music Service based on Blockchain technology

  • SOMESING Ecosystem 

    Each stakeholder voluntarily enters SOMESING’s ecosystem to serve themselves participating in making profits, and the ecosystem grows by those entrants and participants based on their growth of activities, which create the overall virtuous cycle in the ecosystem




    What is the 'SOMESING ecosystem' in a nutshell?

    SOMESING is a social music service based on blockchain technology. To be more specific, SOMESING’s ecosystem is designed in order to distribute the added values and enjoyment fairly and rationally to the contributors while they are creating, enjoying, supporting, and commercializing music contents.

    How do I withdraw my SSX Tokens?

    After logging into your account and pressing 'withdraw,' you will be able to withdraw purchased tokens after ICO. Bonus tokens will be locked for 3 months after the end of the main sale.

    What currencies are accepted during the sale?

    We accept ICX only to purchase SSX token

    Why ICON platform?

    At the beginning, SOMESING considered many platforms like ETH, EOS and etc. But the most important things to us are the platform, swift communication, and support. ICON would be a great partner who have made utmost efforts to build a blockchain ecosystem in the Korean market and our team sees the possibility of rapid adjustment and expansion from the partnership with ICON.

    Do you have a minimum contribution limit for the ICO?

    Yes! To be stable, we have a minimum contribution “300 ICX”

    When will SSX be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges?

    SSX will be listed on major exchanges at the end of the main sale

    What will happen to the unsold SSX Tokens?

    Unsold Tokens will be burned








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