Brain Space (IMP) - INTERNATIONAL TALENTS PROMOTION, IP PROTECTION- ERC-20 token based on a system of smart contracts

  • BRAIN SPACEWelcome to "Brain Space". (English ver.)

    Market and description of the existing problem


    Low level of private authorial activity (domination belongs to the business sector)


    Providing the author, who is in a "sleep" and "home conditions" mode, the possibility of full involvement in publication and popularization with access to an expert audience.


    Low level of interaction between business and entrepreneurs with intellectual property (lack of a quality direct “bridge” between the author and business)


    A platform that allows quickly, in a quality and understandable language to establish interaction between the author and the person interested in the usefulness of his work for himself, as well as allowing to ensure rapid organization of the team decision by combining the authors into one project.


    Lack of a high-quality and uninterrupted ecosystem available to authors of the “initial link”, as well as the presence of an authority factor among authors and the possibility of excluding the term “turn”


    Multifunctional platform with the possibility of the maximum rapid development of the author, as a holder of cultural value in the form of his work.


    Constant difficulties with tracing the violation of property rights on the object of the author.


    Own algorithm for recognizing duplication of an audiovisual and text object on the Internet, which will speed up the processing of data to identify copyright infringement, up to automatic notification of the author in the case of using his work.

    We are confident in the technology of blocking. Technology, already proven
    itself, as an object for study and development for several years”
    Anton Storozhilov, Evgeniy Scherbakov, Vladimir Vorobyev, Kirill Yurchenko

    We believe that blocking technology:
    - will become a strong and reliable bridge for the economy and progress in
    modern society and the financial world;
    - increasing the range of opportunities through increasing the level of trans
    parency of state relations, improving the level of data security and increasing
    the interest of citizens of each country;
    - will play an important role in optimizing and increasing the number of ap
    plications that will benefit humanity and promote the level of innovation to a
    new stage of growth;
    - stimulation to create a unique economy, which has no analogues.


    We present to your attention a unique multi-platform that will significantly simplify and
    expand the possibilities of IP registration and the further fate of the author of a work of
    any cultural theme and value.
    Realizing the registration of intellectual property through our service, the author will
    open the maximum number of levers for globalizing his product both towards moneti
    zation, and in the direction of popularizing the product and entering the broader market.




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