Syscoin Community Weekly Update #33

  • This weekly update is written by the community for the community, to bring you all the latest Syscoin, Blockchain Foundry and SCMT news! Weekly updates, other articles and a lot more can also be found on the new website!

    Syscoin, and BCF News

    Syscoin community starts trial month in Discord messaging service.

    The Discord trial month has started!With brand new features like role assignments for various teams and a Syscoin tipping bot, the community is ready to dip their toes in the water. Discord allows us to onboard new community members at a faster rate than Slack (unfortunately, the Slack invite process is much slower and requires manual approval). One of many other Discord advantages is that the Syscoin community will no longer be restricted to 10K messages; Slack’s messaging storage limit quickly became restrictive with the growing Syscoin community.

    Join now:

    Roadmap Update

    Even though the Christmas and celebration period passed, all teams have progressed steadily towards their goals. Most notably, Syscoin 4 reached the stunning 70% mark. Furthermore, community developer “thebotguy” has begun his project of translating the Syscoin client to GO.

    Updated Roadmap:

    Syscoin Fusion Beta released

    Syscoin Fusion is a Whitelabel asset wallet. If you create a SYS3 token, you can customize Fusion to display only your individual SYS3 token and create a custom build wallet for your token to distribute to your community. Fusion can also be soft-modified using the configuration files.

    Fusion Beta is now available. Fusion uses the same Syscoin folder and .dat files as BM and QT. Be sure to make a backup before testing. The source code is available at the link above for perusal and modification if you feel so inclined!

    Link to Fusion:

    Log issues here:

    Syscoin Development Team (SDT) proposes further development of Blockmarket Web (the team behind Syscoin core, Syshub and Fusion)

    From the proposal: ‘’A version of Blockmarket Web was under development for the entirety of 2017 on the SYS2 platform so there is a lot of work already done on the project. Development was paused during 2018 in favour of a project to be done by another team.

    The SDT wishes to reignite development on Blockmarket Web on the SYS4 platform. It requires complete refactoring for SYS4 and development will be continuous.

    Blockmarket Web Phase 1 will use Syscoin as an incentive model to list/purchase items. It will be fully scaleable. It will offer payment in fiat and other cryptocurrencies for an additional fee, but payment in Syscoin will always be free. In order to maintain real-time transactions, listings and offer edits, offers will be written to an index, then written to the blockchain as a Merkle hash with offchain anchors. Since SYS4 includes EVM, many new functions can be created and offloaded to the EVM layer.

    Blockmarket Web Phase 2 will write offer data to distributed file storage on masternodes. This will depend on the scope of SYS4.

    Development on Blockmarket Web will be ongoing.’’

    Check out the current state of the project here:

    First pooled Syscoin masternode goes live on provides Syscoin masternode services like hosting (pay with Syscoin), tax calculation for rewards and a notification system. Since January 18th, the community is enjoying a brand new feature called masternode pooling. Pooling allows for individuals to pool their Syscoin together to meet the collateral requirements of 100k Syscoin required to host a masternode. Users can withdraw their coins at any given moment and payouts are made on a daily basis, proportional to the number of coins they have contributed to the pool.

    The first node is now live and working seamlessly. For questions or further guidance please join the #mn²io channel on the Syscoin Discord!

    Syscoin, Blockchain Foundry and Lode in Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (VRIC)

    Due to the kindness of the Lode community Syscoin and Blockchain Foundry were able to host a booth at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference . The conference was home to over 9000+ investment eager attendees.

    Amsterdam meetup 8 February

    Time: 16:00, Location: TBA

    We welcome the community to join the Amsterdam meetup. The one and only Brad Hammerstrong (AKA “Keyare”) will be there as well as members of the SCMT. This meetup will be hosted at a casual: Meet, Greet, Drink & Eat!

    Looking to join the meetup? Send Redrace a DM(direct message) on Discord (before January 28th), a restaurant will be reserved in advance according to the number of members interested in joining.

    Developer call between Axie Infinity and Jag Sidhu

    January 24th — 11AM Vietnam time (GMT+7), 23th January 8PM Vancouver time (GMT -8)

    Jeffrey Zirlin (AKA “Jihoz”) of Axie Infinity (Blockchain-based fantasy creature raising and collection game on ETH) will have a public dev call with Sidhujag (Core developer for Syscoin Platform). An open-discussion determining whether Axie & Syscoin Protocol could enhance/leverage each others project with the upcoming Syscoin 4 release. Make sure to write it down in your agenda and feel free to join the discussion!

    Blockchain Foundry featured as one of the “Top 10 Blockchain companies beyond disruption” via Beyond Exclamation’s latest “Technology Beyond” publication.

    Summary of the weekly AMA with Dan

    D: The way we’ve been working our strategy is to improve SYS4 in ways we see our real world clients indicating they have use cases for. We believe that is the way this tech is going to drive real value, that’s always been our perspective from the inception of SYS. That strategy is tied into our Archos partnership as well. SYS is part of the larger, blockchain-enabled apps platform we envision for those devices and Archos is aligned in that. We also use facets of the service business we run to shop SYS into use cases.

    SCMT Twitter account

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