CenturyX (XXI) - 21st Century Exchange Platform!

  • CenturyX, also dubbed the 21st Century Exchange, seeks to
    successfully combine technological reliability and scalability,
    infrastructural comprehensiveness, transparency and highly
    secured trading platform for cryptocurrency users/traders.
    It's in our interest to provide credible and high-quality services for
    users in order to enhance their trading experience. With the use of
    advanced features and robust tools, CenturyX seeks to provide a
    more user friendly platform with the lowest trading fees currently
    CenturyX is concerned not only about providing a better and
    disruptive exchange platform but also to increase the outreach of
    the user base in Cryptocurrency and to extend a helping hand to
    less privileged communities. We believe in Cryptocurrency and we
    believe this is currently the best tool so far in centuries now that
    can help social intervention programs.

    On the 3rd of January 2009, when the Genesis Bitcoin block was
    mined, the world also got introduced to a new form of digital asset
    that enables users to take central authority of their funds without
    any third-party infiltration and obstructions.
    With the emergence of over 2000 Cryptocurrencies according to
    data on Coin Market Cap as at the time of writing, there's the need
    to provide users with a platform to swap or exchange different kinds
    of assets that will be made available to them.
    Providing a platform as such with the lowest fees, a 50% discount
    on our platform to the holders of our native token (see next lines for
    info) and CenturyX Vault are the reasons for the invention of 21st
    Century Exchange.

    CenturyX's specifications and uses that will be discussed in this
    At CenturyX.io we are developing a new kind of cryptocurrency
    trading platform. To become a game-changer, we have studied both
    successful and unsuccessful cryptocurrency trading platforms and
    have remodeled based on their best features.
    Our goal is to become the 21st century-generation cryptocurrency
    exchange for the masses by fully utilizing the Blockchain technology,
    delivering propositions for new users of unparalleled value and
    offering strong returns for investors. Ultimately, we wish to drive the
    creation of a new financial ecosystem grounded with the interactions
    between assets and Blockchain technology.

    What is CenturyX.io capable of?
    By utilizing cold storage methodologies, backed by trust and a
    smart contract in which we seek to put in place very strict rules and
    guidelines to provide traders with confidence and trust in our


    Trading and holding cryptocurrency is quite difficult for a large
    portion of the masses. We plan to enhance the adoption of
    cryptocurrency as a medium of global exchange by making our
    services available to people located in remote and under privileged
    areas of Europe, Russia, Asia and Africa to name a few.
    We will achieve this by increasing awareness and educating the
    general public on the safety and advantages of utilizing digital
    currencies and blockchain technology.

    Wallet Security

    Multi-sig is the latest in Bitcoin security measures designed to
    ensure that your Bitcoin transactions are safe. Unlike a typical
    Bitcoin address, multi-sig Bitcoin addresses require two or more
    separate signatures to send Bitcoin. The number of signatures
    required is represented as a proportion of the total number of
    possible signatures - for example, 2 out of 3 means that 2
    signatures are required out of 3 possible signatures before Bitcoin
    can be sent.
    Multi-sig allows for extremely secure wallets, as even if a private
    key is leaked or hacked, unless all keys required have been
    compromised, no coins can be released from the wallet. It is
    extraordinarily difficult for an attacker to penetrate 2 or more highly
    secure platforms within a short period of time. Storing one of the
    required addresses in a location that is not connected to the
    internet provides an even further level of protection and security.
    Over 80% of our exchange coins will be stored in a cold wallet in
    Swiss military bunker style high security crypto cold storage. To
    protect our customers' funds, 80% or more of centuryX owned
    cryptos will be stored in a cold wallet that is isolated from the
    network and in Swiss. The cold wallet is protected by several
    physical locks as well as a robust 24-hour surveillance system in a
    former military bunker turned crypto cold storage.

    Services to be offered

    We are targeting experienced professionals as well as
    newcomers in this field. To us, security is the most
    important aspect of business practice. This is why we will integrate
    similar smart technologies to provide our clients with the highest
    guarantee of security available on the market.
    Multilingual Support
    We will support English language at the initial stage and add
    Chinese, French, Japanese and Korean on all of our user
    interfaces. More languages will be added over time.
    Addition of Auto Swapping System to the Advanced and Basic
    Trading platform.
    Auto Swapping AI will be integrated into our cryptocurrency trading
    platforms. In the span of milliseconds, the AI makes bids and asks
    on the trading platform, then convert it directly into your provided
    wallet address
    With this model, traders can change their coins/tokens to another
    coins/tokens of their choice directly under this service

    50% Fee Discount
    We will provide the lowest trading fees. In addition to the lowest
    trading fees, our CenturyX (XXI) token holders with yet to be
    defined number amount of XXI in their wallet on our platform will
    also qualify for a 50% discount on all our fees.
    The number of tokens will be increased or reduced depending on
    the circulating supply and price. This model will boost active trading
    to provide liquidity and liquid markets will create demand for the
    XXI token from traders.
    Holders of 1000 XXI receive 50% discount on some fees on our
    platform, including :
    ● Exchange fees
    ● Withdraw fees

    CenturyX Vault (CV)
    CV is a program designed to reward users of CenturyX, based on
    their personal trading statistics, in order to use CenturyX and pay
    reduced trading fees (50% discount), traders would have to purchase
    XXI tokens.
    The Vault is accumulated up from exchange fees from all traders and
    is then distributed back to the community based on the usage of the
    platform, each day the top traders which is calculated from the
    individuals statistics i.e, highest volume and most trades will be
    rewarded by receiving a share of the vault.
    It is our desire to always give back to our community but their efforts
    are needed to make this work and work out perfectly.
    The daily statistics of each trader will be a key factor in unlocking his
    or her her share in the CenturyX vault. This will increase the liquidity,
    volume and trading activities on CenturyX.

    CenturyX Empower
    Empower is a fund which we will use to help the less privileged. At
    the end of each quarter, we will buy back a portion of the tokens
    with profits from the exchange till the total supply reaches 10
    million. These will be locked in a separate CenturyX Empower

    Listing Coins/Token

    CenturyX will support trading pairs in the following coins:
    ● BTC ● ETH ● LTC ● BCH ● XXI(CenturyX)
    More coins will be added over time. We generally will only add
    coins that have strong credibility, user base, and liquidity. If you
    have a coin that you wish to be listed later, participating in our ICO
    will help.
    We have no plans to support any fiat currencies as of now. But it
    might be added later on.
    CenturyX will select innovative coins and other assets to be listed
    on the exchange which may incur/be subject to listing fees.

    T o k e n A l l o c a t i o n

    Initial Coin Offering

    Pre - Sale
    Pre-sale start on 4th February, 2019
    Token Price: 1 XXI = 0.25$
    Minimum Purchase: 100$
    CrowdSale start on 18th February, 2019
    Token Price: 1 XXI = 0.25$
    Minimum Purchase: 10$
    Discount Details
    Pre-Sale - 20% 4,800,000 XXI
    CrowdSale - 5% 6,520,000 XXI

    Funds Allocation

    ● 50% of the funds will be used to develop the platform and perform
    upgrades to the system, which includes team recruiting, training, and
    the development budget.
    ● 15% will be used for branding and marketing.
    ● 5% for working capital
    ● 40% will be kept in reserve to cope with any emergency or
    unexpected situation that might come up

    Website: https://www.centuryx.info/

    Bounty: https://www.centuryx.info/?utm...





    1. Q4 2018

      Team Development White Paper release Preparation for the Pre-Sale and ICO

    2. 2

      Q1 2019

      Pre-Sale & Crowd Sale Development of the project concept and future features.

    3. 3

      Q2 2019

      Exchange Development Partnership Generation

    4. 4

      Q3 2019

      Exchange Beta Launch

    5. 5

      Q4 2019

      CenturyX Vault development and implementation

    6. 6

      Q1 2020

      Implementation of additional features such as  Mobile app, Commodities, Desktop wallet and more

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