LOVE Air Coffee (LAC) Innovative coffee blockchain company

  • About project

    LOVE Air Coffee is an innovation in the coffee business. We combine crypto industry and commodity business. Coffee business is one of the most leading, highly profitable areas. Our company will make this direction even more profitable and better.

    The team LOVE Air Coffee has developed an innovative equipment for roasting coffee beans. This method significantly improves the taste and aroma. This technology preserves the beneficial trace elements contained in coffee and minimizes the loss of weight in the grain during processing, which significantly increases profits. On the basis of our equipment, the latest roasting shops will be opened in the CIS countries and Europe. Our finished product is already on the market and in the near future we will open a large number of new branded points of sale.

    The blockchain technology will provide us with a mutually beneficial partnership with customers, consumers, suppliers, competitors and other representatives of this industry.


    From the information taken from the representatives of coffee
    industry and coffee trade of Western European and North American
    countries, there is a completely definite image: a coffee consumption
    crisis is occurring in these regions. The demand for this
    product in the established markets is decreasing as its traditional
    consumers are becoming older, and the younger generation, entering
    the period of “active drinking”, is surrounded by temptations
    such as countless drinks of the new wave, as well as the
    well-known and widely available soft drinks. If we believe the
    forecasts promising full saturation of the existing world coffee
    markets for several years, then we should expect the emergence of
    excellent opportunities in developing markets, whose growth has so
    far been constrained only by coffee prices.
    Coffee demand as well as coffee supply is growing every year,
    coffee is considered to be the best-selling product in the world,
    but the processing and roasting of beans is not globally changed,
    modernization and quality improvement of roasting is progressing,
    but every year these steps are less and less.
    Our solution allows:
    • Fully change the coffee industry;
    • Minimize coffee weight loss;
    • Improve product quality;
    • Save a large amount of beneficial properties in coffee beans;
    • Significantly improve the taste of the drink;
    • Get more income.
    Blockchain technology is ideal for analyzing the market in a
    more detailed perspective. It is a directly accurate analysis of
    the implementation of a particular brand, showing decentralizes
    trust in the brand. The blockchain helps to control the authenticity
    of the product itself and its implementation, which first of
    all will give the consumer confidence in the brand reliability.

    Air Coffee Production Technology

    Out team developed and assembled a coffee roaster based on air
    technology, and roasted coffee on it quickly gained its popularity
    due to its taste, aroma and great benefits. As the air coffee itself
    could easily be replaced with a drum roaster coffee, we decided
    to create a brand, and implement a certain system into the
    product realization that helps control the authenticity of air

    With the help of air roasting it is possible to:

    • Minimize the number of defects that occur on the beans in contact
    with hot metal (cracks, grooves, charring, etc.), thereby
    preserving all the trace elements and minerals, which makes
    the drink much healthier;
    • Ensure equal and high-quality roasting of the whole mass of
    raw materials, which has a positive effect on the taste of the
    finished drink, making it pleasantly soft;
    • Avoid contact of the beans with smoke destroying their exquisite
    natural aroma;
    • Reduce the duration of the procedure to 13-15 minutes;
    • Regulate the intensity and degree of raw material processing,
    so that it can meet the demands and taste preferences of consumers
    to the maximum.

    LOVE application

    In order to bring people together, “Love” brought together all
    the main communications together.
    Personal and public, business and creativity are woven together
    helping people to communicate with each other much more often, increasing
    live communication.
    To achieve the goal and fulfill the desire, the person always
    contacts with other people in order to get the result - the main
    task of “Love” is to help the other to fulfill his wishes and
    achieve the goal.
    This is more than a set of functions - “Love” united the main
    communications - Communication, social media (photo, video,
    posts), project creation, finance, Geo-communications (taxi,
    routes, types of working with a map), marketplace, charity and mutual
    aid, sports, creativity and education.
    Thanks to the system of blocks, the application will always be
    improved. Creating a new unit for better management.

    Initially it will contain the following blocks:
    - Maps (search companies, routes, taxis, etc.)
    - Chats (personal, public, channels)
    - People (Personal pages)
    - Projects (working with projects)
    - Wallet (all financial transactions)
    - Feed (any kind of selected news)
    - Personal page (media, wishes, projects, etc.))
    - Product page (communication with the company)
    - Notifications (from all blocks)
    - Bag (hybrid marketplace and gifts)
    - Search (app navigation)
    - Karma game (good project)
    - Settings (all kinds of changes, applications
    and blocks)
    The application has been made, so that aa adding a new
    type of communication, the process of interaction itself
    will not be complicated.

    The project is based on a global idea to change the industry of
    coffee business. Our task is to implement innovative technologies
    that will bring the coffee business to a new level.
    • Our business model based on BLOCKCHAIN technology will make a
    huge breakthrough in the coffee industry.
    • We create the first world’s coffee crypto exchange.
    • With the help of our application, we will be able to combine
    the crypto industry with real physical business that already
    With the help of the business model that we have developed based
    on BLOCKCHAIN technology, we will establish a mutually beneficial
    partnership with our competitors in such a way that they will ask
    for cooperation. The “LOVE Air Coffee” competitors can consider us
    as any coffee producer, but the company sees it from a different
    angle, as we are creating a new trend in the coffee industry.
    • We have our own innovative technology of air roaster, and production
    lines based on it, which is currently being patented and
    will be implemented in our roasting coffee points.
    • First of all, we will dramatically improve the quality of coffee-
    based products.
    • We will minimize losses in the production of the finished
    • We will improve coffee taste.
    • We will increase profits.
    • Opening of coffee roasting points on the equipment developed
    by us.
    • Opening of specialized sale points of coffee drinks in our
    “LOVE Air Coffee” franchise (brand book, show-room, patented
    equipment, our unique recipes, personnel training).
    • Barista schools with the possibility to pay by tokens.
    • The production of consumables for our branded sale points;
    • Buying a franchise for our tokens.

    • Buying drinks for our tokens.
    • Cashback for customers.
    • Wholesale of roasted coffee from our points.
    • “Love” application with built-in crypto exchange.
    • Delivery of our products.
    • We have already registered “LOVE Air Coffee” company.
    The project brings together a primary local production of newgeneration
    coffee, based on the air roasting method, with its implementation
    by using an application based on blockchain and uniting
    all coffee brands supported by its crypto exchange. The details
    are as follows:
    • A network of local productions that will be located in every
    country, region and major city, which fully excludes the export
    costs, tax relations with the country in which the product is
    produced, and first of all, the consumer will always get fresh
    • A new trend in roasting coffee is the air method, which makes
    the taste of a drink prepared on such coffee softer and healthier.
    • The brand protection from fraud due to blockchain technology.
    • The first coffee crypto exchange, where any coffee brand can
    protect its product.
    • The application is linked to the exchange with the help pf
    which it is possible to make a purchase of both the product itself
    and preorder of the drink.
    • Internal social network in the application which will enhance
    interaction between consumers, and with coffee brands.

    Production Line

    The company, with due consideration to its experience in roasting
    coffee beans, is developing its own full-cycle production
    line. The design is developed by our good friends from the Future
    Mechanics lab, which has an extensive experience in the design of
    electronic and mechanical components of any production units.
    The production line will consist of multiple units, the basic of
    which are as follows:
    - Green coffee distribution unit (connected to the point).
    The warehouse prepares bunkers filled with green coffee using
    the “LOVE System”
    - Roasting unit – consisting of several varieties of roasted
    parts (6 kg, 24 kg, 60 kg). This unit is fundamental to the
    roasting of beans, and the bulk of funds for the design
    will go here. This unit will have the opportunity to add
    new roasted parts to increase the total scope of the production
    - Cooling and cleaning unit. The second most important part
    in the production line, as the aroma of a coffee drink depends
    on proper cooling. The unit will be equipped with additional
    functions to obtain a variety of flavours (for example,
    sprinkles for spraying hot coffee, in which the
    beans absorb additional moisture and change their sugar
    balance, affecting the taste).
    - Roasted coffee distribution unit.
    - Packaging unit. This unit will consist of several directions
    of packaging: automatic and manual. The automatic
    part will be aimed at the bulk of shipments, the manual
    part is for individual and non-standard solutions.
    - Shipping unit.
    The entire production line and all its units have the opportunity
    for any kinds of upgrades, so that the process of improving the
    quality of beans does not stop and keep up with the times.
    All processes of the line will be automated as much as possible
    and connected with the general “LOVE System”. The maximum automation
    of the lines will give the necessary stability in working

    processes, and will direct the worker’s attention to the main
    roasting unit, which will be automated, too.

    Roaster for roasting coffee beans РКС-1230

    Technical Description

    Roaster РКС-1230 (hereinafter referred as the “roaster”) is
    intended for industrial roasting of raw coffee beans (“green”
    coffee). According to the method of roasting beans, it refers to
    devices with a so-called “pseudo boiling layer”).

    Main Features of the Roaster РКС-1230

    The roaster is a cylindrical structure consisting of two main
    parts  the roaster base with heating elements and electric
    fans 1 and a removable roasting chamber with double walls 2.
    The cut of the roaster in assembled form is shown in Fig. 3. The
    roaster base 1 is the supporting structure for the remaining
    units. The holder of electric fans2 and the holder of electric
    heaters 3 are welded to it. There are two electric fans 9 (one is
    shown) on the holder of electric fans on elastic fasteners. The
    electric fan is a unit consisting of a centrifugal fan with axial
    input and output devices and an AC collector motor. 10 air heaters
    8 are fixed on the holder of the heaters.
    A roasting chamber is on the top of the roaster base 1. It consists
    of the outer (4) and inner (5) walls with insulating material
    between them and the welded conical bottom of chamber 6 with a
    perforated bottom 7.
    The main structural material from which all components are made in
    contact with raw materials and air is food-grade stainless steel.
    The principle of the roaster is as follows. The air injected by
    the fans is sucked through the holes in the roaster base, passes
    through fan motors, cooling them, and through the holes of the
    holder of heating elements goes into the room between the holders
    of heating elements and the bottom of the roasting chamber. Here,

    the air is heated by heating elements to the desired temperature,
    and goes through a perforated bottom into the roasting chamber.
    With the jet of hot air, a part of beans located above the perforated
    bottom, is ejected into the upper part of the roasting chamber,
    and its place at the bottom is occupied by the mass of beans,
    sliding down the conical bottom. Thus, the beans are constantly
    mixed, and their roasting occurs both due to the contact with hot
    air, and due to the contact with the surfaces of the roasting

    Roaster control cabinet ШУР-1230.

    Technical Description

    Roaster control cabinet ШУР-1230 (hereinafter referred as the
    “control cabinet”) (Fig. 1) is designed to power and control
    Roaster РКС-1230 and roaster of the same design, having 5 groups
    (channels) of triac voltage regulation of electric heaters and one
    group of triac electric voltage regulation. The control cabinet
    implements a simple principle of open control of the supply
    voltage of the actuators (heating elements and electric fans)
    using chips of phase regulators.
    Operator controls can be recorded on a SD memory card and re-

    played. For visual control of the roasting profile, it is possible
    to connect to a Pt100 thermistor. The scheme diagram of the control
    cabinet is shown in Fig. 5.
    The microcontroller unit is based on the STM32 microcontroller
    family (ARM Cortex M3 architecture).
    The thermistor amplifier unit is a signal amplifier for a measuring
    bridge, in which a thermal sensor with a Pt100 thermistor
    is included.
    The analog signal from the amplifier output goes to a 12-bit
    ADC, and then through the SPI line to the microcontroller input.
    The signals of the regulators (potentiometers) from the keyboard
    unit, the regulators and indication go directly to the built-in
    ADC of the microcontroller. If necessary, these impacts can be
    stored on an SD memory card and repeated during the following
    roasting cycles.
    LCD serves for visual control of conventional power levels of
    heating elements and air flow of electric fans, as well as the
    control of the roasting temperature profile.
    In a phase regulators and galvanic isolation, the PWM control
    signals of heating elements and electric fans from the microcontroller
    ports through transistor switches (1 for heating elements
    and 1 for heating fans). Further, these signals come to the powerful
    triacs of the triac unit mounted on the radiator with forced
    The control cabinet also consists of a power supply unit for the
    cabinet itself, the roaster cyclone fan and the roasted coffee
    The control electronics is powered by 220/ 12V switching power
    supply. To power the loading, the control cabinet is connected to
    a three-phase network 220/380V 50Hz.

    Innovative workshops "LOVE Homeland"

    “LOVE Air Coffee” production points are a symbiosis of an open
    workspace and a coffee point. The production system of point will
    be locally oriented. The points will not be large in size and production
    scope, as there is no need due to the lack of export.
    In premises planning, the “Open space” system will prevail. With
    such planning, office area employees can be and work in any part
    of the building. The space will be as open and transparent as possible.
    The visitors will be able to see the whole working process
    of the company from the acceptance of raw materials to shipment,
    visually observing the whole process “behind the glass”. The workplaces
    will be in different parts of the building and have different
    configurations (sofas, tables, poufs, chaise lounges, glass
    rooms, etc.). Visitors and employees will be in the same space.
    The staff will not have the fixed place, and all the work will be
    carried out on laptops through the cloud system.
    The location of the coffee point will be marked in the form of a
    bar counter, and the customers can stay anywhere on the territory
    of the point.
    There will also be a room for the “I LOVE Air Coffee” school,
    where you can learn both cooking skills and roasting skills. The
    training system will be both for professionals and amateurs.
    - Production line personnel 2-3 persons per shift
    - For warehouse - 1 person per shiftу
    - For coffee point - 1 per shift
    - Barista school - 1 person at the initial stageе (further
    depends on the service demand)
    - From administrative personnel: 1 director + financial assistant

    The premises presentation should give a message to the work
    transparency of all the processes of “LOVE Air Coffee”, the glass
    is the material that fully
    conveys this effect. The
    whole interior represents a
    single space and is delimited
    by glass partition
    walls into zones. The furniture
    will be made as much
    as possible from glass or
    acrylic elements that will
    show the levitation effect of
    equipment or décor standing on it. The maximum visibility will
    show the effect of clean production.
    - Visual effect
    - Process transparency
    - Uniqueness in the production design
    - Cleanliness maintaining

    Local placement:

    After conducting the audit of transport interchanges, the location
    of the point should be determined with maximum accessibility
    from any part of the city (region), moving away to the nearest
    ECO-district, and launch own transport (a small bus to carry visitors
    and employees to the point), thus creating a little intrigue
    for customers. In the point is is not allowed to use photos and
    videos – people communicate here live, keep the intrigue for others
    without posting photos on social networks.

    Internal projects

    To provide materials for our own “LOVE Point” and partner coffee
    points, it is necessary to create additional production units.
    Additional units may be located in a separate place from the Main
    building, but it is necessary to have a logical superiority for
    the product delivery of maximum quality.
    Main secondary units:
    - Production of cups and lids
    - Mixer production
    - Packaging production
    - Sugar production (packaging system)
    - Milk production (packaging system)
    - The point for the material preparation for “LOVE Point”

    Token Sale

    According to preliminary calculations, the total project cost is
    €14.5 million. The project will start in 2018, the complete readiness
    is expected in 2019. About 9 employees will work in the
    point. The first profit of €1 200 000 - €1 800 000 is expected in
    the end of 2019. The project will use new technologies to attract
    funds, such Token Sale.
    Project stages:
    - I stage 12,5% - €2,062,500
    - II stage 37,5% - €12,375,000
    - III stage 55% - €27,500,000
    I Stage
    1. The design of the Production line - €400 000
    2. Rent of testing room - €2 000
    3. Transportation of equipment to Tallinn - €4 000
    4. The project-estimates of the shop – €50 000
    5. Construction-repair shop - €205 000
    6. Brand - €40 000
    7. Organization of communication of business processes - €40 000
    8. Coffee shops "Love Point" - €605 000
    9. Create a cost estimate project - €50 000
    To Go – 25
    Small – 5
    Chill Place – 3
    10. The transport for the delivery of €35 000
    11. Salary Fund - €84 000
    12. Implementation of the project, a capsule coffee machines -
    €360 000

    I I Stage
    1. Development and scaling of the "Love" Application
    2. Marketing application «Love"
    3. Launch of the project "Love Systems»
    4. Scaling "Love Air Coffee»
    5. Launch of the project "Love Coin»
    6. Exit to the strategic implementation of projects
    I I I Stage
    1. Marketing application «Love"
    2. Scaling "Love Air Coffee»
    3. Production of professional coffee machines
    4. Production of automatic coffee machines
    5. Production of cups, lids, mixers.
    6. Tea production, cocoa, milk
    7. Project "Love Horeca"

    LAC Tokenomiks

    Tokens: Created on ETH blockchain using ERC20 standard
    Emission: 1,000,000,000
    Abbreviation: LAC
    Specification: Tokens can be purchased for ETH
    Blocking*: Tokens will be blocked before the second stage
    Distribution for the I stage (12,5% - 125,000,000 LAC):
    - Token Sale: 68% - 85,000,000 LAC
    - Frozen HODL Bonus: 17% - 21,250,000 LAC
    - Marketing: 3% - 3,750,000 LAC
    - Founders*: 10% - 12,500,000 LAC
    - Advisors*: 2% - 2,500,000 LAC

    Road Map

    1. 15 January 2019 – Production Line – General concept
    2. 15 January 2019 – Strategic marketing – Market analysis
    3. 21 January 2019 – “Love” platform – Concept development
    4. 31 January 2019 - Production Line – Main unit design
    5. 31 January 2019 – Strategic marketing – planning
    6. 31 January 2019 – Corporate identity – logo, colors, fonts,
    7. 31 January 2019 – “Love” platform - Functional block scheme
    8. 31 January 2019 – “Love Point” – creating the concept and technical
    9. 15 February 2019 – Systematization – Concept creation
    10.15 February 2019 – Corporate identity – Design of consumables
    and goods
    11. 21 February 2019 – “Love” platform – Design development
    12. 21 February 2019 – “Love Homeland” – Concept development
    13. 28 February 2019 – “Love Point” – Project creation and approval
    14. 28 February 2019 - Production Line – Designing secondary units
    15. 15 March 2019 – “Love Homeland” - Project creation and approval
    16. 15 March 2019 - Management – Strategic plan
    17. 21 March 2019 - Corporate identity – Website
    18. 21 March 2019 - Production Line – Detail refinement and testing
    19. 21 March 2019 - Systematization – Initial setup of business
    processes (DeloPro)
    20. 30 March 2019 - Management – Strategic tasks
    21. 30 March 2019 - Marketing – Tactical planning
    22.April 2019 - Production Line – Creating and testing of the
    first version
    23.April 2019 - Systematization – Implementation of process automation
    24.April 2019 – “Love” platform – Testing
    25.April 2019 – “Love homeland” – Construction
    26.April 2019 – “Love point” – Construction
    27.May 2019 - Management – Operational plan
    28.May 2019 - Marketing – Tactics implementation
    29.May 2019 - Systematization – Final testing
    30.May 2019 – Testing of all processes

    Company’s website: https://tokensale.loveaircoffe...
    Telegram :


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