zeosX (ZEOS) - The World’s First Cryptocurrency Bank | $5 MILLION BOUNTY + AIRDROPS

  • What is zeosX?

    zeosX is a decentralized platform aiming to revolutionize the traditional banking industry. Our cutting edge technological system is built based on a powerful finance ecosystem which consists of the futuristic banking components.

    Why Choose zeosX Platform?

    Real-time military grade security

    Platform security will always be our top priority. zeosX consists of multiple layers of protection, providing
    clients with seamless user experiences.

    High-performance crypto fortress

    Clients’ crypto assets will be safely secured in a cold storage vault. Confidential information can never be
    accessed by anyone.

    Monthly ZeoAirdrops

    Beside producing monthly passive income, ZEOS tokens also offer clients with bountiful benefits such as
    additional discounts on collateral loan.

    Vision and Mission

    The reason why cryptocurrencies have not achieved mainstream adoption is that the majority of people still think of them only as
    another store of value, a risky investment and nothing else. The truth is, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are much more than that...

    Vision Statement

    Not only does zeosX offer banking security with countless added benefits, but it is also created to rewrite history and to change
    people perception of cryptocurrencies. With zeosX, there is no need for traditional banks and third-party payment networks
    anymore as our banking components are equipped with the latest groundbreaking finance technologies. From taking a loan, online
    shopping to even paying for coffee, we have got everything covered.
    With the gradual decline in the number of users using traditional banking, zeosX will expand even at a faster rate as cryptocurrencies
    continue to grow. We are expecting more than 50 million users in the next 3 years.

    Mission Statement

    With zeosX, our goal is to implement Blockchain technology to ultimately achieve a decentralized and cashless society without
    relying on trusted third parties such as banks. Also, tools such as smart contracts promise to automate many problematic processes
    in the banking sectors, from compliance and processing requirements to content distributions.


    The World Bank is currently an industry of $134 Trillion. The promise of blockchain as a technology without trust and a mediator
    is to reinvent the banking industry.

    i. Loans and credits

    Banks help with payments, loans, and credits. However, traditional lenders are subscribed to loans based on an inaccurate and
    unsecured credit reporting system.
    When completing a bank loan application, banks must assess the risk that the loans will not be returned. They do this by having
    complex factors such as credit ratings, the proportion of debt and income and the ownership of properties. To obtain this
    information, they access clients’ credit report provided by one of the three leading credit agencies which are Experian, TransUnion,
    and Equifax. By using these data, banks can then evaluate the risk of defaults and interests on the loans.

    zeosX solution:

    By erasing the need for middlemen or intermediaries in the loan and credit industry, we aim to make it more secure to borrow
    money and provide lower interest rates using zeosX loan.
    With the zeosX loan, we offer clients with either collateral or non-collateral loan. The collateral loan allows users to get dollars fast
    without selling any of their crypto-assets. The non-collateral loan also rewards users with ZeoPoints for early repayment.
    Users can easily access zeosX loans without going through any rigorous or cumbersome process.

    ii. Centralized banking system

    It is safe to say the centralized banking system has been failing because most of its core operations are manipulated by the “greedy
    and powerful” people within the sector. This has led to corruption in the traditional banks and system and gradually, the fiat
    currency system will fail. Transparency in this banking system is far-fetched as clients have no insight to what their money is used
    for as they have no control of it. Thus, the monies kept by clients, which have little or no interest at all, in these banks are used by
    the corrupt people to enrich themselves.

    Will you get your cash IN A FINANCIAL CRISIS?

    When a large number of people withdraw their money from the banks, how much cash do you think is in their reserve? If a bank
    run is to occur, will you get back your money? The number below might shock you!

    JPMorgan Chase Deposits: $1,375,179,000,000
    Assiniboine CU Cash on Hand: $23,873,000,000
    JPMorgan Chase Cash To Deposit Ratio: 98.26% of Deposits not covered
    Wells Fargo Deposits: $1,306,079,000,000
    Wells Fargo Cash on Hand: $20,729,000,000
    Cash To Deposit Ratio: 98.41% of Deposits not covered
    Goldman Sachs Deposits: $728,919,000,000
    Goldman Sachs on Hand: $9,070,000,000
    Cash To Deposit Ratio: 98.76% of Deposits not covered
    Citibank Deposits: $698,175,000,000
    Citibank Cash on Hand: $28,701,000,000
    Cash To Deposit Ratio: 95.89% of Deposits not covered
    Barclays Deposits: £455,339,000,000
    Barclays Cash on Hand: £49,711,000,000
    Cash To Deposit Ratio: 89.08% of Deposits not covered
    Generally, we do know that the banks make money on the interest they charge on loans because that interest is higher than the
    interest they pay on depositors’ accounts. The amount available to lend also depends upon the reserve requirement the Federal
    Reserve Board has set.
    The question to ask is, without any transparent and immutable public ledger, do we really know what they do with our money?

    Weak Link in the centralized banking system banking system
    The centralized banking operations are all tied to a single powerful mainframe and database system and this has invited major
    hacking attempts on the banks themselves.
    Successful hacking attempts:
    The national bank of Bangladesh was hit in a highly sophisticated hacking attack, with the attackers taking off with $81 Million
    (£58 Million) and attempting to steal as much as $1 Billion (£710 Million).
    “The same group has also attacked banks in Ecuador, Vietnam, and Philippines”, according to investigators.
    Hackers are getting more ambitious, spending longer on attacks and demonstrating greater sophistication, experts told Business
    Insider — and the rewards they are reaping are larger than ever.

    zeosX solution:

    We intend to solve the crisis mentioned above faced by the traditional banks by introducing our own zeosX crypto bank.
    With the use of an underlying blockchain ledger which is immutable, we would create and offer a decentralized banking system
    which is fully transparent, giving individuals full access and control to their funds as they can quickly determine how their funds
    are spent and get the relevant interest on the usage of their funds. With the invention of zeosX crypto bank, we will eliminate
    corruption as it is impossible for any single entity to manipulate our public ledgers due to its immutability.
    There is no single mainframe or database system in our zeosX crypto bank, and this will completely cushion any hacking attempt
    launched at this revolutionary banking system. In the case where traditional banks still make use of a database which is vulnerable
    to hacking attacks, zeosX will use decentralized applications (DApps) which will further strengthen our platform security. Our
    DApps are also designed to be highly efficient while being user-friendly by either the older or younger generations.

    III. Fees and charges

    In this section, we aim to cover the problems faced by the traditional banks and third-party payment gateways when it comes to
    the exorbitant fees and charges for every transaction carried out.
    PayPal charges a 2.9% fee from the total amount of payment received and a flat fee of $0.3 on each transaction carried out. In
    some countries where debit cards are not allowed for online transactions worldwide, users who do not have credit cards have
    resorted to asking PayPal third-party providers to top up for them.
    These same users have complained of being billed a fee as high as $50 just for a small amount of only $1000 to top up PayPal
    because of the foreign exchange rates and at the same time, being charged as high as almost 5% to make transfers from one user
    to another. These exorbitant fees are uncalled for and just serve as a way to rob off individuals.
    Users who want to withdraw money out of PayPal also have to wait for at least 3 to 5 business days for the funds to appear in
    their bank accounts.
    Credit Cards
    The charges paid by credit card users are really high and this has been a thorn in the flesh for them. We will list out some of the
    fees being paid by users.
    1. Annual Fees: These fees are paid annually and based on our research, it ranges from $19 to as high as $500 depending on
    the credit card issuer.
    2. Balance Transfer Fees: These fees are paid whenever user transfer balance from one credit card to another which are usually
    3% of the amount transferred.
    3. Cash Advance Fees: These fees are paid whenever users withdraw money out of ATM using their credit cards or for cash
    equivalent transactions. Charges are usually 5% of the cash amount.

    4. Expedited Payment Fees: These fees are charged when there are last-minute payments needed to be made by credit card
    users through the phone to avoid being late. These fees are around $10 - $15.
    5. Foreign Transaction Fees: Foreign transaction fees are charged when you make a purchase in a foreign currency in addition
    to the conversion fee. They are usually 3% of the transaction amount.
    6. Late Fees: Late fees are paid for failing to meet up the minimum credit card payment when due. These charges can be up to
    7. Returned Check Fees: Returned payment fees are charged when your bank returns your credit card payment. As a penalty,
    fees are as high as $35. They are charged every time a payment is returned.
    Having outlined some of the major fees paid by credit card users, we can completely see the need to eliminate this card payment
    system as some of the fees listed above are just put in place to extort clients and credit card users.
    Intermediaries such as visa and MasterCard also charge merchants with extremely high interchange reimbursement and surcharge
    fees which are unnecessary. There are also rules and regulations that merchants have to follow in order to partner with these
    third-party payment processors.

    zeosX solution:

    We will highlight how the features of zeosX banking components would solve these problems associated with unreasonable fees.
    Our next generation of payment gateway, ZeoPay, is a decentralized payment system suitable for online transactions. Entrepreneurs
    can also integrate ZeoPay to take their businesses to the next level. With ZeoPay, not only users can pay with stable coins, but we
    also promise low and transparent fees. This is beneficial for freelancing platforms because they can reduce enormous service fees
    Users do not need to pay heavy fees to transfer crypto from one account to another. They can instantly convert their crypto assets
    to fiat and vice versa. We also offer swift and priority cash withdrawal to other payment accounts whom we have partnerships
    With our own zeosX Point Of Service (POS) devices and ZeoPay, we will use blockchain to reduce fees to its barest minimum,
    there would be no need for currency conversion fees as countries with little or no availability of USD can easily transact across
    borders and even spend their earnings without necessarily converting to USD and transaction fees will be very minimal.

    iv. Insurance

    The major problem with insurance in traditional banking is ingenuity and fraud within the system, not to mention that you have
    to queue long hours and dial countless phone calls to get your desired insurance manually.

    zeosX solution:

    Our remarkable ZeoInsure will solve all the above problems. Not only clients will be exposed to a whole new level of insurance in
    crypto, but we also aim to offer them a seamless and transparent insurance system where they can gain access to different types
    of insurance for life, accident, etc.

    Competitive Advantage

    zeosX to traditional banks

    zeosX to payment processors
    As mentioned in the problem analysis section, not only Visa and Mastercard charge merchants with unnecessary costly fees, they
    often have breakdown problems. As a result, The zeosX Cards will not partner with any payment processors and will operate on
    zeosX POS devices which are powered by ultra high lighting speed zeosX Core.
    Furthermore, most of Visa and Mastercard cards users have applied online can’t be delivered to certain countries because they
    are subjected to irrelevant regulations imposed by payment processors. Thus, our Core will enable The zeosX Cards to be distributed
    to investors worldwide.
    zeosX to payment gateways
    Our ZeoPay is the next evolution of decentralized payment gateway that enables customers to shop online without any hassle.
    Merchants are also not subjected to any hidden fees.

    Core Technology

    Our 4 banking components are powered by zeosX Core. It is a unique innovative technology that offers unprecedented performance.
    zeosX Core consists of Blockchain, smart contract, and DApps which forms an essential part of the whole platform. Besides zeosX
    Core, every software in each of the components has also been thoughtfully implemented using the latest robust technological

    Smart Contracts

    zeosX Core will not function without the smart contracts. One of the main reasons we build our Core around smart contracts is
    because of the accuracy, security, and transparency they provide. zeosX uses countless confidential data to carry out transactions,
    and there will be many problems if we are to use the traditional way of storing data. Using smart contracts not only eliminate
    problems such as errors, disputes, miscommunications, and manipulations, but they also provide the platform with the velocious
    lighting speed it needs.
    Each of the banking components is combined into the all-in-one zeosX Hub, a decentralized crypto banking system, which allows
    non-collateral borrowers to receive loan fundings to even auctioning your properties!

    zeosX platform

    Crypto Mobile Wallet

    Extremely low fees

    Borrow, store and spend crypto instantly with very low fees.

    Effortless deposit and withdrawal

    Various methods of deposit and withdrawal through local


    ZeoPay is a decentralized payment system suitable for daily
    transactions. Entrepreneurs can also integrate ZeoPay to
    take their businesses to the next level.

    Our Crypto Mobile Wallet has everything that you need, from investing to even tracking your daily transactions.
    • Wallet
    • Crypto Exchange and Loan
    • Debit Card
    • ZeoPay


    Buying any cryptocurrencies have never been easier with the wallet! Clients can even transfer them to external same address
    wallets instantly with almost no fees at all. In addition, we have provided various methods of deposit and withdrawal through fiat
    currencies using local bank accounts or integrated payment networks such as skrill or ePayments.

    Crypto Exchange and Loan

    We offer clients with the mobile version of decentralized crypto exchange and loan. Using ZeoStorm which allows interaction with
    DApps directly from the app, clients can trade main cryptocurrencies and ERC20 tokens in real-time. They can also choose to
    apply for collateral and non-collateral loan with just a few clicks. Both decentralized crypto exchange and loan are secured because
    no confidential information will be stored in our database.

    Debit Card

    Not only can clients track their daily transactions using our decentralized crypto mobile wallet, but they are also able to top up
    their zeosX cards using crypto or fiat too. The zeosX cards also offer convenience to clients as they can withdraw cash to local
    bank accounts or external payment accounts.


    Our ZeoPay has various benefits for both clients and merchants. In addition to allowing clients to buy online goods effortlessly
    using stable coins, we also protect merchants from market fluctuations by having the option for them to accept several
    cryptocurrencies and every payment received will be converted to fiat currencies straightaway.

    The zeosX cards

    Our cards are available in different editions and designs

    Monthly savings interest rate
    Grow your overall crypto portfolio by holding ZEOS tokens.

    Earn cashback and ZeoPoints
    Rewards can be redeemed for various mouth-watering

    Premium limited edition cards
    Get our Plasma Sapphire and Spectral Infinite cards to
    enjoy complimentary benefits such as exclusive access to
    zeosX’s priority royale solitaire club.

    The Spectral Infinite Black Metal Card

    Our Black Card is the world first most prestigious blockchain cards. For the individuals who demand of what life has to provide,
    the exclusive elite Black Card is for you! Made entirely using high quality and pure metals, the Black Card offers you with the
    ultimate and luxurious buying pleasure.
    However, the Black Card is not for everyone, it is available to only the ultra high net worth individuals to ensure the extraordinary
    standard of personal service that is available to every Black Card members.

    Why choose the impeccable design and uncompromising quality zeosX cards?
    1. Cashback and rewards for every transaction which can be exchanged for various gifts and prizes.
    2. Complimentary access to airport lounges worldwide and airline miles welcome bonus.
    3. Up to 100% credit (Loan-to-Value) limit and interest-free installment plans will be available.
    4. Earn ZeoPoints that can be used exclusively for our marketplace.

    With all the above benefits, we only charge fees for the following:
    1. Delivery
    2. Secondary/Replacement card
    3. Inactive/Dormant

    Why operate on zeosX Core?

    1. There will never be any breakdowns at all.
    2. If customers lose their cards, they can simply order a new one without any worries. Our zeosX Core is designed not to store
    any confidential information.
    3. We can deliver The zeosX Cards worldwide as there will not be any regulations at all.
    4. zeosX POS devices, which is powered by the zeosX Core, will be effortless and straightforward to use.

    With the zeosX Core, merchants can also use smart contracts to enable the purchase of everyday goods. Every transaction will
    be recorded on the Blockchain which is broadcasted to the mobile app simultaneously, enabling each customer to track them.
    Besides paying in debit, customers can also enjoy up to 100% credit limit based on their collateral’s Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio. Just
    like zeosX loan, the interest rate will be calculated daily and customers have the option to pay whenever they want. In addition,
    merchants that have VIP partnership with zeosX offer interest-free installment plans to customers who pay by credit.
    To use The zeosX Cards, all you have to do is just to activate it through the mobile app! Whether you want to pay for coffee or
    shop online, our cards are the ultimate solution to everything.

    zeosX Loan

    Clients can choose whether they want to borrow with or without collateral. Our collateral loan allows them to get dollars fast
    without selling any of their crypto-assets. The non-collateral loan also rewards clients with ZeoPoints for early repayment. Our
    DApp based zeosX Loan also offers liquidity investors to earn their own income by lending out their crypto-assets to borrowers,
    aka ZeoLend.

    Features of zeosX Loan
    1. Low interest rate
    2. Simple Process
    3. Fast Approval
    4. No hidden fees
    zeosX Core also has various critical loan functionalities such as automated maintenance, instant notifications, real-time analytics,
    and loan contracts.

    Collateral Loan

    Loan Contracts
    We also use smart contract for the decentralized loan. When clients borrow or lend, transactions will also appear on the Blockchain
    with no third party services. Thus, loan agreements are clear to both parties, eliminating any disputes and manipulations.
    Automated Maintenance
    If clients do not repay the loans, their crypto assets will automatically be unlocked and can be claimed by zeosX’s loan lenders.
    Liquidation procedures will also be initiated once clients’ assets fall below the minimum LTV ratio.
    Instant Notifications
    Daily interest rate will also be updated instantly on zeosX platform with no delays. To maintain loan safety levels, clients will be
    notified with liquidation warnings.
    Real-Time Analytics
    When the value of clients’ main assets appreciate in value or after they repay their loans, loan limits will automatically increase and
    can be withdrawn immediately.

    As mentioned in the above diagram, clients can borrow in just 3 simple steps with no complicated credit checks at all. The amount
    of borrowed money they get is updated on The zeosX Cards simultaneously, available to be spent or withdrawn anytime. Clients
    also have the option to get their borrowed money through the zeosX marketplace.
    There will be a 50% discount in interest rate and an LTV boost of 70% when clients pledged ZEOS tokens as a collateral.

    Non-Collateral Loan

    We also offer non-collateral loan to clients living in certain countries. They can borrow cryptocurrencies with just a national
    identification card.
    As promised, non-collateral loan has no minimum loan repayments within a month, however, borrowers that do not repay their
    loans after the end of each month will have to pay late payment fees. If they default on the loans, our debt collection agency will
    take the necessary legal actions against them.
    Borrowing a larger amount of cryptocurrencies will require a more detailed credit check but it will not be as complicated as the
    traditional banking system. After a loan is approved, it will be posted to zeosX decentralized marketplace where investors and
    lenders worldwide can invest in that loan with up to 30% lending interest rate per annum.
    Loans are determined by smart contract’s grades ranging from A1 to C3 with A1 being the safest and C3 is the riskiest.

    Investments, auction, and lending


    Being a member of the Zeoniteans community enables you to gain access to countless exclusive and complimentary benefits.

     Zeoniteans Ranking System

    We offer investors with 5 tier of membership levels ranging from Beginner to Elite Jedi being the highest rank. In addition to bonus
    tokens that they receive during each phase of token sales, there will also be massive discounts on the number of tokens required
    for each rank. Furthermore, they can convert the tokens into collaterals which can be used for credit payment.
    Make sure you do not miss out on this, as bonus tokens and discounts will decrease after each stage of token sales!


    Accumulating ZeoPoints allow you to exchange them for various zeosX’s gifts. Having each ZeoPoint equivalent to $1 USD also
    enables you to use it for your next item purchase.
    You can earn ZeoPoints from doing certain tasks like:
    1. Item Transactions
    2. Early repayment of non-collateral loan
    3. Acquiring The zeosX Cards


    During zeosX’s lucky draw event, ZeoTickets are exchanged for extravagant prizes ranging from iPhone Xs Max to a first class flight
    and presidential suite package. Total number of ZeoTickets will be calculated after each round of token sales.
    The more ZeoTickets you have, the higher your chance of winning will be!

    zeosX ICO

    Why Initial Coin Offering?
    This is a non-regulatory means of raising funds for a new company of cryptographic value. Start-up companies use Initial Coin
    Offering (ICO) to bypass a rigorous and regulated way of raising the capital required by venture capitalists and banks.
    At zeosX, we aim to offer a percentage of ZEOS tokens to our investors interested in this revolutionary project in exchange for
    fiat and other cryptocurrencies. The zeosX’s (ZEOS) token sale is required to enable us to raise funds for further development of
    zeosX platform to completely reinvent the traditional banking industry.

     Basic Token Sale Info

    Total Supply: 3,000,000,000
    Start Date: 1st Dec 2018
    End Date: 31st July 2019
    Softcap: $20,000,000 USD
    Hardcap: $100,000,000 USD
    Token: ZEOS
    Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 3000 ZEOS
    Project protocol: ERC-20
    Payment methods: BTC, ETH, LTC
    Why Invest In zeosX?
    Firstly, we have a world-class team capable of delivering all of the banking components. Some of them have more than a decade
    of professional experiences working with top finance companies.
    Secondly, a crypto banking service is required to have a mass adoption, hence, zeosX is exactly what the crypto community needs.
    At the same time, the value of ZEOS tokens will also increase because it will generate a higher demand.
    Thirdly, ZEOS token holders will get endless benefits as mentioned previously as we believe in giving as much value as possible
    to the zeoniteans community.

    Token Distribution

    Use Of ICO Proceeds





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