Ebosia ( XEBS) - Smart Solutions for electrical vehicles based in blockchain technology

  • What is Ebosia

    Ebosia is a new project for electrical vehicles based in blockchain technology.

    We are the leading developer and installer of smart solutions for electrical vehicles based in blockchain technology.

    We are developing 2 different cards for electrical charging. (Read more below)

    Though we are an independent company, we have decided and we believe in blockchain technology; that is the reason why we are launching our own token.

    What we are working on

    Ebosia´s project is working on several features.

    Our main features are:

    • Real Time Application: Using our smartphone application, you will be able to find available charging stations at real time, being able to reserve one with a maximum period of 15 min to charge your electrical vehicle.

    • Renewable Energy: Fighting against pollution and climate change, Ebosia project wants to be next to zero environmental spoor. We only use renewable and clean energy.

    • Worldwide Partnerships: Day per day, we are trying to get partnership with a large amount of companies, getting of our project a successful project.

    • Instant Transaction & No Fees: Once Ebosia token is launched at exchanges, our transactions are done instantly, having zero fees for buyer or seller.

    • Charging Stations: As time goes on, more Ebosia charging stations will be installed worldwide.

    Our forecasts and our main intention is to have installed more than 3000 points of electric charging stations distributed around the world, in an approximate term of 5 years.

    • Different Cards: Ebosia is developing and distributing two (2) different cards, which can be acquired from our website. Both of them can be used for your daily. (Features described on our website)

    First one, is “White Card” which has a cost of $175 USD valued in cryptocurrency.

    Second one, is “Black Card” which has a cost of $375 USD valued in cryptocurrency.

    Our mission:

    Make the world cleaner, save natural resources, create trust and confidential comfort for people

    More than 3.000 public charging points will be globally installed in the next 5 years.

    Thanks to Ebosia project, more than 3,000 public charging points will be installed worldwide in the next 5 years, increasing year by year. Also, with Ebosia application you will be able to find available charging points at real time. 


    Where we are and what are the milestones we are looking to achieve.

    Q1 2018:

    • Project Initiation

    • Research for the competitors

    Q2 2018:

    • Project Structure

    • Team formation

    • Legal services approved

    Q3 2018:

    • Smart Contract and Token Creation

    • Whitepaper Released

    • Sign as partnership with worldwide companies

    Q4 2018:

    • Design and utility of Ebosia cards.

    • Complete the idea of the project

    Q1 2019:

    • Private Sale 1 & 2 Launch

    • Start Working on Mobile Application

    Q2 2019:

    • Pre ICO Launch

    • Main ICO Launch

    Q3 2019:

    • Token Distribution (Locked for 45 days)

    • Cards Distribution

    • Applyment for several exchanges

    Q4 2019:

    • Launch Android & IOS Mobile Applications

    Q1 / Q2 2020

    • First Ebosia public installation points for Electrical Vehicles.

    • Continue developing & growing company.


    Everything related with Ebosia´s token.

    Sales Period

    Token Distribution

    • Private Sales 45>#/p###

    • Pre ICO 20>#/p###

    • ICO 20>#/p###

    • Team 10>#/p###

    • Airdrop 5>#/p###

    Use of Proceeds

    • Development 50>#/p###

    • Marketing Operations 25>#/p###

    • Reserve Funds 13>#/p###

    • Management 10>#/p###

    • Legal services 2>#/p###

    • Soft Cap: $4.800.000 USD.

    • Hard Cap: $12.800.000 USD.

    • Accepted cryptocurrencies: ETH, BTC, LTC , ETC, BCH, BSV, XRP, ZEC, DASH and XMR.

    • Token Name: Ebosia.

    • Token Symbol: XEBS.

    • Total Supply: 890.000.000 XEBS.

    • Price: 1 XEBS = $0.02 USD.


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