TradePlace (EXTP) - A global all in one cryptocurrency exchange platform

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    TradePlace is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform. It will form a new innovative platform to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS and other popular cryptocurrencies and tokens. Users will receive expert analysis of the current state of coin and token pairs, and they’ll be able to withdraw their money easily and receive alerts for scam cryptocurrencies. TradePlace will also have an awesome forum for users to exchange ideas and share experience with likeminded individuals. All of this in one simple yet powerful exchange platform.

    Features of Trade Place

    TradePlace wants to be -with its compliance strategy- one of the best regulated Crypto-Exchange in the world.


    Speed and instantaneity is our goal.


    Establish a complete service support available for all the users


    Withdraw your money quickly and simply


    Set up the best analyzes of the best pairs in the world

    Trade Place Forum

    Sharing best practices, seeking help from the Trade Place community


    As we know, there are more than 1800 exchange markets and people are still not satisfied with them. In a survey of the global community, we asked users this question: “what’s the reason for your dissatisfaction?” People need faster platforms, much better customer support services, more information about existing cryptocurrencies, awareness of the latest breaking news about cryptocurrency and blockchain tech, lowerfees, less difficulty in withdrawing and many other things.


    We offer a lot of free and groundbreaking new services to our community. We offer a free analysis service in which a great team of experts help us find the best trends in the market and provide us with the best analysis of the highest volume pairs. We will have one of the fastest exchanges ever. TradePlace will have a great forum for all of the community, an innovative and powerful token, a vote to add new tokens to the exchange, scam coins and tokens warnings and so much more. TradePlace will simplify the way you withdraw funds and will allow its community to get verified and regulated quickly and efficiently. Each user will then be able to receive a MasterCard to withdraw their Bitcoin or Ethereum easily and quickly from anywhere in the world. TradePlace is the ultimate all-in-one exchange platform.


    This timeline details of funding and development goals.

    • Q1&Q2. 2018

      – Searching, development. – First meetings of team management.

    • Q3. 2018

      – Creating of the first design and form of the exchange with our partners. – First step to making a place for traders to share. – Partnerships with 3 big companies (for marketing, design and development, the exchange platform).

    • Q4. 2018

      – Marketing actions (with our partners). – Starting the Pre-ITO project and sharing it with the community. – ITO starts for 4 main stages.

    • Q1. 2019

      – Post-ITO and making a deadline to start the exchange. – Creating a KYC system for all users, and the distribution of the tokens. – Get two other exchanges to trade our token.

    • Q2. 2019

      – Join CoinMarketCap, to be listed. – Starting the analysis services and publish the first analysis of pairs from our experts. – Starting the forum. – Live news sharing services starts. – Competition and vote for other coins. – Two new partnerships (with exchanges).

    • Q3. 2019

      – First steps to be regulated (SEC/CTFC). – Make it possible to be an auditable exchange.

    • Q4. 2019

      – Starting MasterCard project for all verified users (KYC). – First steps to create our own blockchain.

    • Q1. 2020

      – Starting migration from ERC20 to our own blockchain. – New partnerships (with coins and exchanges). – Continue to create technology and innovate to be one of the best exchanges and blockchains in the world.

    Token Sale

    50.000.000 EXTP to be sold!

    During Pre-Sale, get 10x tokens or 40 EXTP per USD . During regular sale, it will be 4 EXTP per USD.

    Token Details

    Token TickerEXTP
    Pre-ICODec 10 – Jan 18 2019 Tokens to sell: 50.000.000 EXTP
    Token SaleJan 28 – 19 March 2019 Tokens to sell: 50.000.000 EXTP
    Initial Price1ETH = 2500EXTP
    Currencies AcceptedEth
    Hidden Cap (SoftCap)10.500ETH
    Token Delivery Date1 week after closing token sale

    Token Distribution

    Team tokens are locked for the first 6 months and will be vested over a period of 12 months total. Distribution of Tokens will take place after ICO end. You will be able to withdraw the purchased Trade Place Tokens on an ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallet set in the account settings.





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