(Pre ICO) Cryptoprofile (CP) (Airdrop) Empowering a blockchain revolution




    CP believes in the importance of credible ICO projects. All ICO Projects will be check and
    research thoroughly before we accept them as our client. We offer our clients 100% return of
    all profits through marketing and also a 6-month return on the original value of tokens
    invested through a smart contract (T&Cs apply). Moreover, token holders are guaranteed
    maximum value through airdrop marketing.
    The following is how the ICO ecosystem works.
    1. ICO Projects on-boarded by CryptoProfile will pay USD100k for marketing. CryptoProfile will
    return USD100k value of CP tokens.
    2. The CP tokens returned will be locked up in a smart contract for six months and released
    when the onboard client is listed on an exchange.
    3. The onboard client will have to give 10% of their ICO token to Cryptoprofile which then takes
    100% from that token pool and airdrop to CP Holders to further stimulate interest and
    participation from this massive crypto community.
    4. All CP token holders will keep getting airdrops every time Cryptoprofile accepts ICO Projects
    for Marketing.
    5. CP token holders on ERC20 blockchain can also make bonus traceable investments with our



    The firm behind the CryptoProfile is infochain holdings pte ltd. The CryptoProfile platform
    will be headed by a managing director and a deputy managing director. Under these two will
    be the department heads of IT, Operation, Content, Business Development, ICO consultancy,
    Sales and Marketing, Online Marketing and the Security Department. This is better shown in
    the following graphical representation.

    The Corporate structure developed provides an effective hierarchy that will be known to the
    public. The managing director and the deputy managing director will oversee operations of
    the entire platform, but they will delegate to the different heads of departments. The
    department heads also have the mandate to ensure that they liaise with each other when
    there are inter-departmental projects.
    The IT department will also include operations on the CryptoProfile blockchain.


    The CryptoProfile platform will have some endearing features that make it an attractive
    option for cryptocurrency investors.

    i. The speed of the platform
    In order to support fast air drops, the platform will be developed using the latest algorithms
    that ensure transactions are done in real-time. The speed will ensure that any investor
    purchases are recorded instantaneously.

    ii. Security of the platform
    CryptoProfile is protected using cutting-edge blockchain technology that protects the platform
    from hackers who may want to steal money. The platform is also protected from Sybil attacks
    that are commonly used to target blockchains.

    iii. Privacy
    Sensitive investor information is protected from nefarious individuals using the decentralized
    blockchain with user encryption. The users are assigned pseudonyms to ensure that third
    parties can not track the transactions on the platform.

    iv. No fee charged
    CryptoProfile will have no transaction costs for our customers. Most of the earnings will be
    generated from ICO marketing through appreciation of CryptoProfile tokens and payments
    done received through our client’s respective project tokens. Thus, having such a feature
    allows our company to take our service provision with utmost effectiveness as their success is
    equivalent to our success. The benefit is that the investors will have the best due diligence on
    ICOs at an affordable cost.

    V. CryptoProfile ICO ratings
    Cryptoprofile provides ratings on different ICOs. This provides our users with a sense of
    whether the ICO has a likelihood of success. The aim is to provide users with a sense of the
    best ICOs to get airdrops from.

    A - In the case of an ICO project, there would be a need to buy CP tokens from the CP token
    reserve. The project with the ICO will be required to buy CryptoProfile tokens from the reserve.
    B - The tokens will be locked for six months using a smart contract.
    C - An ICO project will have to airdrop 10% of their total tokens for community support.
    D - Proof of community on ERC20 blockchain allows investment with a bonus.
    The invested amount is also traceable.
    E - With reserves of the CP tokens also being on the ERC20 blockchain, token holders will keep
    getting vast amounts of airdrop as long as the team keeps bringing in fresh projects.

    • The ICO projects are required to acquire CP tokens to show their long-term commitment
    to the cryptocurrency industry.
    • Locking the tokens for six months is important to ascertain the long-term viability of the

    A - The project can acquire CP tokens from our reserve and store them in their CP wallet.
    B - Reserve will receive airdrops as well.
    C - However, the reserve will keep getting reduced with the increasing amount of sales of the
    CP tokens from the same for any project.
    D - The way out is to resell the airdropped token in exchanges.
    E - We will utilize the money to buy back the CP tokens from exchanges and pump back our


    In every project, there must be usage case and liquidity. In order to ensure that the CP tokens
    are used, the following pointers are to be kept in mind:
    a. Writers who write articles and have an up-vote of 50+ will be rewarded with a token. The
    token can be further sold in exchanges or to the wallet (in later stages).
    b. Newbies, who have gone through the basic education regarding CryptoProfile, will be
    rewarded with a particular amount of CP tokens.
    c. Projects that featured their ICOs in cryptoprofile.com can enjoy free zone service under
    particular terms and conditions.
    d. Featured ICO projects have access to our trusted, consolidated VC’s, digital marketing
    team, legal advisors, blockchain developers, PR & fundraising team and ecosystem partners.
    Minimal charges apply to these services.
    e. Airdrop tokens can be sold in exchanges.
    f. From exchanges, they can be sold off and changed to fiat currency.
    A. Companies that engage CryptoProfile in paid marketing, our partners in various
    collaborations and even the companies or websites which advertise our venture can benefit
    with the privilege of free tokens.
    B. Writers that share their valuable comments and feedback via email about our contents in
    tooltip, descriptions, articles, and forums, or send in their reviews on our website to help
    improve not just the quantity but the quality of the content available will have intensive
    privileges of CP tokens.
    For note A and B above: (which contains some other coin’s/ token’s airdrops which good
    coins/tokens improve the airdrops). By doing the highlighted things, CryptoProfile can solve
    issues like speculation in cryptocurrencies, steady uptrend of coin prices, projects doing ICOs
    with inadequate budgets and obtaining trust and support from the community.


    The value proposition highlights the benefits that the platform has for the different
    stakeholders who will use the platform.

    Investors benefit the most because they will be able to pick from existing ICOs whose
    CryptoProfile has already conducted due diligence. While the risk can never be completely
    zero, it is substantially lowered by the model we adopt. It makes it easier for them to get real
    gems in the ICO niche from the hundreds of fakes.

    ICO startups
    Genuine startups that legitimately want to raise money for viable businesses can benefit by
    requesting our ICO marketing services. We will conduct intensive research on the project.
    Once the project is deemed legitimate, it can run its fundraising through our platform using
    our airdrop system.

    Bounty hunters
    Bounty Hunters are conventionally thought to be only useful in boosting up the numbers of
    communities and not contributing anything much to the ICO project. CryptoProfile has come
    up with strategic planning to involve bounty hunters in a manner that they contribute to the
    projects up to their full potential:
    - Bounty hunters will receive free CP tokens as long as they register as a community and do
    the needful tasks.
    - Bounty hunters will get incentives for holding CP tokens and also receive airdrops of other
    ICO projects’ tokens.
    - The bounty hunters possessing CP tokens will have more discounts if they want to invest in
    an ICO project handled by CP.

    The writers who are involved in CP ICO projects will have the following benefits:
    - Writers will receive CP tokens as well.
    - Writers will get incentives for holding CP tokens and also receive airdrops of other ICO
    projects’ tokens.
    - The writers possessing CP tokens will have more discounts if they want to invest in an
    ICO project handled by CP.

    Regulatory agencies and governments
    For years, government agencies have had a problem trying to eliminate fraud and scamming
    from the cryptocurrency industry with little success. However, the solution is self-regulation.
    CryptoProfile is the first step in the process. As more investors realize that they can make a
    less risky investment by using our platform for due diligence, the number of pump and dump
    ICOs will disappear. As a result, governments will be able to achieve their goal of protecting



    The token sale aims to raise the funds that are required to develop the platform and provide
    adequate marketing and operational costs. The total token supply is 753,471,015 CP tokens.
    The token sale will have a soft cap and a hard cap of $1,162,556 and $30,463,808 respectively.
    Token allocation involves 17.7 % in private sales, 17.7 % in the pre-sale and 23.4 % in the ICO.
    An additional 10 % will be reserved, 17.7 % will be seed 2 money, 2 % will be seed 1 money,
    6.5 will be reserved for the team while 5 % will be used for the bounty campaign.



    Fund utilization will be different depending on the amounts that are raised. There is a soft cap
    and a hard cap. The following is how the proceeds will be utilized in different amounts.


    There is a probability that the amount raised will meet the soft cap. The largest utilization will be
    by Listing fees at 18.6%, the content team at 14.5% followed by the marketing team at 14.3 %
    and the IT team at 14.1%. The sales team will require 10.1 %, Referral fee at 6.8 % and the CPF at
    5.5%. Accounting will use 2.2%; consultant team will use 5.6% while office rentals will use 2.7%.
    The funding utilization is well shown in the following pie chart.


    If at least 7 million is raised the funding utilization will change as follows. Listing fees are at
    2.6%, the content team at 11.2% followed by the marketing team at 17.1 % and the IT team at
    12.8%. The sales team will require 7.1 %, Referral fee at 2.1 % and the CPF at 12.3%.
    Accounting will use 5.4%, the consultant team will use 11.0% while office rentals will use 4.7%.
    Operation team will use 7.8% while the security team will use 5.9%.

    $14 MILLION
    If at least 14 million is raised the funding utilization will change as follows. Listing fees are at
    2.8%, the content team at 9.8% followed by the marketing team at 25.0 % and the IT team at
    13.3%. The sales team will require 6.3 %, Referral fee at 3.1 % and the CPF at 12.2%.
    Accounting will use 3.9%, the consultant team will use 8.5% while office rentals will use 3.4%.
    Operation team will use 6.5% while the security team will use 5.2%.

    $21 MILLION
    If at least 21 million is raised the funding utilization will change as follows. Listing fees at 3.1%,
    the content team at 11.1% followed by the marketing team at 26.7 % and the IT team at
    11.9%. The sales team will require 6.0%, Referral fee at 4.0 % and the CPF at 12.2%.
    Accounting will use 3.7%, the consultant team will use 7.3% while office rentals will use 2.9%.
    Operation team will use 6.3% while the security team will use 4.9%.


    If at least 30.46 million is raised the funding utilization will change as follows. Listing fees are
    at 3.7%, the content team at 11.0% followed by the marketing team at 17.6 % and the IT team
    at 16.9%. The sales team will require 5.3%, Referral fee at 4.0 % and the CPF at 12.0%.
    Accounting will use 4.0%, the consultant team will use 7.4% while office rentals will use 2.8%.
    Operation team will use 6.8% while the security team will use 4.8%.


    The CryptoProfile team realized there was a problem in the ICO market in 2016 and by the third
    quarter they started to build a community using WhatsApp and pool funding. By the 4th quarter
    of 2016, the team stated education on the tactics of buying and selling cryptocurrency coins and
    During the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2017, the team got an education on how to invest in ICOs
    from experts. By the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2017, the team built a website for beginners. In the
    1st quarter of 2018, the team developed the charting, coin description and tool-tip get started.
    By the 2nd Quarter, a more professional website was created with a new layout, payment
    gateway, 1tier subscription, and a test market run was conducted.
    Since the run was responsive, in the 3rd quarter an ICO list was developed, New mobile view for
    the website was integrated, and a test runs to see the VC's were done. The 4th quarter of 2018
    involves blockchain development, integration of the blockchain with the new website, news
    update and a Private ICO sales will be made.
    In 2019, CryptoProfile will upgrade to a higher detection point for timelier buying, selling or
    holding strategies with elliot waves (which have previously been used in forex and stock market
    before they had proper financial valuations). Our foray into patenting is also potentially a
    possibility. The 1st quarter of 2019 involves the launch of the Pre-sale, the ICO, wallet and
    launch test net. There is a possibility that the first other ICO airdrop will be done in the 1st
    In the 2nd quarter, the calendar and mining rig will be the main projects pursued. In the 3rd
    quarter, a Forum will be developed while the 4th quarter will involve compliance with many of
    the existing laws by regulators like the SEC and MAS.
    The 1st and 2nd quarter or 2020 will see the development of APIs that have market and
    exchange integration to make it easier to exchange and trade the airdrop tokens. Finally, the
    3rd and 4th quarter of 2020 will see the development of a mobile application for the platform.
    Further development projects will be communicated to users through the dedicated forum to
    respond to any changes in the industry.



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