The Future of Bitcoin Cash

  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) plays a huge role in the cryptocurrency industry. The
    first purpose that BCH serves is to increase the block size. This is
    mainly because Bitcoin Cash can process a higher number of transaction
    per second as compared to BTC. BCH can also lower the transaction fee.
    For example, BTC usually has a fee of $1.31, whereas BCH would charge a
    fee of $0.125 instead. This is significantly cheaper and can save you
    money in the long run. Keep in mind the mining industry, Bitcoin Cash is
    proven to be more lucrative than BTC. Therefore, it entices miners to
    switch from BTC to BCH. Records and statistics have shown that Bitcoin
    Cash has experienced exponential growth. Because of the rapid growth and
    all the advantage that Bitcoin Cash has, the community has predicted
    that it could reach a new milestone. As a matter of fact, Bitcoin Cash
    has a wonderful future and can definitely change the way we do crypto.

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