SaTT (SMART ADVERTISEMENT TRANSACTION TOKEN) - The future of advertising transactions

  • A Smart Contract to govern advertising transactions

    Thanks to the SaTT Smart Contract, an advertiser can easily create advertising campaigns whose
    conditions for participation and results will be stored in distributed decentralized records (blockchain).
    These ads will be searchable via dedicated APIs. This means tampering with results will be much more

    A SaTT Smart Contract transaction may only be validated if:

    Selecting the relevant publishers

    One of the biggest challenges of internet advertising
    is recruiting and validating advertising campaign
    Advertisers must select the best partners. This can
    depend on the scope of their broadcast network, the
    topics addressed or simply its image.

    An example:
    illegal streaming sites are able to generate
    significant traffic, but given the nature of the
    practices an advertiser will generally avoid
    using them in favour of a source that will not
    affect the integrity of its image.

    SaTT Smart Contract will give an advertiser the
    power to define criteria for partner participation
    in a campaign as well as our automated oracle
    An advertiser may, for example, choose the Klout
    app to define the level of influence required to

    Quantifying the results of an advertising campaign

    In the current model, advertising agencies or affiliate
    networks are able to evaluate the performance
    of an advertising campaign, by its the number of
    impressions, clicks, or sales.
    Therefore there is a specific statistical tool for each
    platform, which are relatively robust and secure, but
    do not include reactions on social networks that are
    useful in judging the performance of an ad.
    These tools are similar to the ones used by
    advertisers (e.g. Google Analytics, Facebook
    Analytics, etc.)

    The major advantage of SaTT is the use of the Smart
    Contract which communicates with third-party
    APIs to quantify the performance of campaigns
    and evaluate the amount of the transaction.

    These applications play the role of oracle and
    interact automatically with the Smart Contract to
    quantify the performance of an advertisement and
    thus automatically define the amount to be paid to
    the publisher.
    The advertiser can choose between third party apps
    depending on its objective.

    For example:
    As part of an influence campaign, an advertiser
    can define an application specializing in the
    study of Instagram statistics as a performance
    oracle and thus quantify the remuneration to
    the publisher.
    In the same way, another may choose Google
    Analytics as a referent if it aims to quantify the
    visits to its website

    Building trust, preventing fraud

    The security of current affiliation networks is threatened: If a centralized network is hacked, the hackers can access all system accounts. In the case of a technical failure on a centralized platform, all ad campaigns stop working until the incident is resolved. Advertisers and publishers of many ad networks must trust centralized advertising agencies without being able to verify the statistical results provided. Thanks to the blockchain, advertisers and their campaigns are not connected to each other. This means they are not all affected by a single hack or malfunction. Thanks to the SaTT Smart Contract, ads and transactions are governed by modules of independent persons secured by the Ethereum blockchain. In the event that a module or oracle malfunctions, the integrity of ads of other advertisers is preserved.

    Reducing costs, speeding up transactions

    The traditional business model of conventional centralized
    advertising agencies relies on a prohibitive cost of entry and
    monthly billing for the services provided.
    The minimum fee for using their interface ranges from several
    hundred to thousands of dollars a month.
    With the blockchain and the SaTT Smart Contract, the transaction
    cost is split between the encryption and oracle modules based on
    user needs. There is no minimum monthly billing. The competition
    between the oracle modules guarantees a high level of service and
    competitive rates.
    In traditional centralized advertising agencies, the payment of
    commissions to affiliates may take several months, resulting
    in significant transfer fees and blocking where minimum billing
    amount is not met.

    By using SaTT, payments are immediate as long as the success
    criteria are met. Payments are subject to neither a transfer fee nor
    a currency conversion fee.

    A complete and decentralized tool to govern advertising transactions

    Operation of the SaTT Smart Contract

    The SaTT Smart Contract works in a decentralized and distributed manner. The blockchain will include
    all current offers that allow any API or platform to perform operations, whether creating as part of an
    adbuilder, posting to make an ad directory, or as an oracle, for example by providing the necessary
    statistics to validate and quantify the transaction.
    The advantage of such a Smart Contract is to gather market offers in a decentralized database, to set
    the rules that apply to advertising contracts and to automatically trigger payments once the transaction
    is performed.


    The advertiser wants to maximize the penetration of their message.
    We provide a simple, fast and powerful tool to identify the best communication medium, and the best
    performing potential partners.
    The SaTT Smart Contract faciliates the broadcast of advertisements according performance objectives
    (e.g. to increase its visibility, to generate traffic, to generate sales opportunities or to directly make
    It can follow the evolution of a campaign onthe industry standards, such as Google Analytics, Instagram
    or Facebook Analytics through oracle module connections.
    Finally, publishers and communities can access exclusive products and events in exchange for SaTT.
    SaTT which it can turn around and reuse for new campaigns!


    The publisher wants to find the most relevant and profitable campaigns and content for its audience.
    Thanks to the blockchain, partners can now guarantee that the campaign is funded and will be paid as
    soon as the contract conditions between the partner and the advertiser are met, such as at the end of a
    campaign or performance threshold.
    Once the objectives are achieved, the Smart Contract automatically triggers the transaction and the
    specified funds are transferred directly to its portfolio net of the commission paid to the oracle modules.


    Buying SaTT exclusive products

    To make the SaTT more liquid, we will install the PayBySaTT function in our application store and offer
    an SDK for third party developers so that many exclusive products and events are payable in SaTT.

    Crowdsale and initial distribution of SaTT Tokens

    Why such a Hard Cap?

    There will not be a multitude of functional Crypto-currencies for the advertising industry. To
    have the means of ambitions of the SaTT guarantees the success of the project which must
    benefit from a big promotion for its adoption, a qualified and very expensive technical team,
    to be able to finance the expenses of listing on the exchanges but also of ability to cover
    international licensing fees related to regulation. All of this is extremely costly.
    We are also planing to launch a research and development department to study the opportunities
    of creating our own protocol.

    RoadMap - to infinity and beyond

    SaTT Wallet






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