• What is Namastree

    Namastree is a device powered by photovoltaic panels placed at the top of the prototype, just like the crown of a real tree, able to self-manage by exploiting the energy produced by the platform.

    This device can power various systems that produce services. For the choice of services to offer we have thought about what can be useful in those places where the scarcity of services is a crucial factor.

    Initially a condenser was inserted that uses the condensation of the air to create drinking water and subsequently all the other devices have been added.

    Below is a list of the main services that Namastree can provide:

    How Data Mining Works:


    What is NAM Coin

    NamaCoin is an ERC20 that will allow the holders to communicate with our platform and gives the access to multiple features:

    • Acquisition of data regarding developing countries like atmospheric data or information about water consumption, electricity usage and many others. Token spent on the platform will be redistributed 10% to a goal for donate new devices, 50% to all the community holders and 40% to another charity campaign


    • Opportunity for the holders of our token to become a passive donator by getting rewards from the platform and moving those tokens directly to charity campaigns, helping developing countries and helping us to achieve our goals to donate new devices


    • Thanks to blockchain traceability supporters can donate to different charity campaigns directly using Namacoin and donations will be shown in blockchain.

    Tokensale Stages





    white paper:

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