MOBU - Security Token Protocol and Licensed STO Exchange


    How it works

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    MOBU is vertically integrating all major financial services under one roof:

    1. MOBU supports companies that want to raise capital like an investment bank
    2. MOBU provides secondary trading like a stock exchange
    3. MOBU provides retail brokerage and banking solution to everyday investors

    ALL on the blockchain to ensure more automation and less middlemen to support Corporate efficiency!


    As the cryptocurrency market evolves, the global adoption of STO
    fundraising structures has led to an explosion of new capital formation
    that has outpaced both the seed and venture capital investment markets.
    However, approximately 98% of these STO's launched security tokens. The
    securities market is a multi-trillion-dollar arena which remains
    virtually untouched in the blockchain space. We know that a security
    token start-up can be a legal, technical and regulatory nightmare. MOBU
    is a decentralised organised all-in-one platform to launch validated
    security tokens. Security tokens improve traditional financial products
    in a number of ways:

    Fees are lower

    The total costs of
    launching successful STO's are a lot more cost effective in raising
    funds than IPOs. Most IPO costs originate from payments owed to
    middlemen like bank institutions. Security Tokens remove the need for
    most bankers which lower fees while smart contracts may decrease the
    reliance on lawyers in future. Smart contracts decrease the complexity,
    costs and paperwork with managing securities (collecting signatures,
    wiring of funds, mailing of distribution checks, etc.).

    Transfers instantaneous

    By removing the middlemen from investment transactions issuers are able
    to conclude quicker timelines to successfully offer their security.
    Instant and prompt trade settlement on the secondary market for Security
    Tokens will become an attractive advantage for issuers and investors as

    Exposure to the free market

    It is challenging
    for investors in Asia to invest in private US companies or real estate.
    Therefore, most investment transactions today lack exposure to a global
    investor base. With Security Tokens, asset owners simply market their
    deals to anyone with an internet connection. This free market exposure
    will lead to a notable reform in asset valuations since any asset that
    is not exposed to a free market is inaccurately priced.

    Investor base is larger

    STO's now raise more capital than IPOs. The potential investor base is
    drastically increased when asset owners can present deals to anyone with
    an internet connection. It is obvious that asset owners prefer to show
    his/her investment opportunity to every potential investor in the world
    and not be restricted to only US accredited investors and institutions.
    Competition is healthy and beneficial for financial markets on

    Service functions are automated

    Security Tokens, issuers will start to use smart contracts to automate
    the service provider function through software. In most transactions
    lawyers are less middlemen and more service providers. This does not
    necessarily indicate that lawyers will cease to exist, but rather that
    their function will be more advisory based.

    Decreased manipulation by financial institutions

    The likelihood for corruption and manipulation by financial
    institutions is decreased if those institutions are removed from the
    investment transaction process.

    The MOBU HOLDING COMPANY owns the following
    1. Digital securities issuance platform and unique STO protocol standard
    2. MOBU Initiatives – subsidiary companies including a game farm (impact
    investing), fuel station and forex trading company. Their rights to ownership and
    dividends will be represented by digital securities to boost adoption and
    platform usage. MOBU will own a minimum of 20% of each company. MOBU will
    be profitable from day one.

    3. 15% Equity stake in Equity Express, a licensed operational stock exchange
    of which the current CEO expects a turnover of 500m ZAR in 2019 alone. Other
    shareholders include prominent listed companies like Investec Private Bank,
    Peresec, Lagae securities and the largest family office advisory group of South
    Africa. Application to list bonds and debt notes is currently under review by the

    4. MOBU will be the 100% sole broker for all digital securities, owning an FSP
    1 license in South Africa.

    5. MOBU confirmed issuers. MOBU already have some of the most influential
    individuals in Africa as clients and will obtain up to 5% equity in their businesses.

    6. 100% of Mobu Cash, a Singapore based payment company to provide
    crypto- fiat, fiat-crypto and fiat accounts in up to 21 currencies in addition to debit
    cards accepted world-wide.

    What do you actually get when buying a MOBU digital security?
    Each MOBU digital security represents a physical right to ownership, dividends
    and rights to assets in case of liquidation of the holding company as any
    conventional share just with the new age benefits of digital securities! The
    MOBU digital security will power the issuance platform, digital securities
    exchange and e-money crypto payment solution.

    Revenue and Sustainability
    will take 1% of all STO`s using the MOBU protocol and take a small
    percentage of the marketplace between service providers. MOBU will charge
    listing fees for security tokens on the exchange as well as transaction fees.
    Service providers in the ecosystem needs to stake MOBU tokens to receive
    the right to operate and generate revenue which will effectively lower the
    supply and increase the price of MOBU tokens as well.

    Dividend policy and voting rights
    MOBU token holders can obtain voting rights by owning 5% of MOBU digital
    securities in circulation. MOBU will declare an annual dividend to additionally
    compensate investors.
    MOBU is the leading ecosystem for digital securities and can be seen as the
    Goldman Sachs of Blockchain


    MOBU Abstract Smart Contract

    Real businesses wishing to raise capital by issuing security tokens will build their
    STO’s on the MOBU platform. MOBU creates an abstract smart contract from which
    all STO’s will be extended. The MOBU abstract smart contract will contain the code
    that is required by the STO’s to conform to the MOBU ERC20 platform and the MOB20
    standard in order to adapt to the ideas and requirements of MOBU.

    Smart Contract Interfaces

    By means of smart contract interfaces STO’s will be enforced to conform to certain
    functionality requirements of MOBU. MOBU will be able to validate whether the
    interface has indeed been implemented.


    The Crowdsale will be hosted by by Dmitrii Borodin from the ICOrating
    team. The ICOrating team adds much value to the security of project sites for the
    whole period of the STO by offering the following services and solutions to potential

    Isolation of hosting from other components of the client company.

    Shadow copy of the site and constant monitoring of the immutability of the
    original site.

    A personal algorithm of protection against the substitution of payment details is
    written for each customer by analogy with the “secret launch” of the engine in

    System administrators check the STO client’s site for standard threats and server
    configuration error.

    Individual methods used for monitoring the site and blocking its work in case of




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