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    In Biogen Internationa Business Company we asked ourselves a question because human
    beings have limited life to an average of 80 years.
    The whales can live 200 years, they found a shark that lived until 420 years, there
    are oysters that live until 500 years and the secret of all of them is that they have
    the ability to stay young for a long time.

    Find out how are aging processes and anticipate them, will give us the possibility
    to extend the life time, but live without a healthy life?

    Nobody would like to live sick, the interesting thing is to disengage as stay longer young
    or even as rejuvenate.
    In recent years there have been great advances in this field and in BIO GEN INTERNATIONAL
    BUSINESS COMPANY we have decided to bet and investigate how to
    extend human life.

    What are telomeres and what role do they play in the aging process?

    Telomeres are structures that protect our genetic material. They are essential for the
    DNA to be intact. The simile of the plastic at the end of the shoe lace has been made.
    What happens is that they are shortened as our cells multiply throughout life to
    grow and regenerate tissues. And this is thought to be one of the causes of why we
    grow old and mortal.

    At what point does the enzyme telomerase come into play?

    Telomerase is the antidote that nature has to realarge telomeres. It is not present in
    the adult organism, but is activated in the embryonic development and resets the telomeres
    of the new individual. It is interesting that cancer cells are the only immortals
    that exist, and that is because they have telomerase and keep their telomeres long.
    Is it possible to act on telomerase and stop cell aging?
    If we believe that it is possible, it was possible to activate telomerase in mice in a similar
    way to that which would be done in humans, if it had been done in humans it
    is estimated that it could live up to 120 years and in a healthier way.



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