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  • World Trip Singapore Presents New Travels

    In the midsts of traveling needs shifting from “the material” to “the experience” , we want to
    focus on the that state of growing content surrounding experiences. The way tourists look for
    information, on such things as services and restaurants found only in that country, and how
    they have fun during travel, is changing. A growing number of people are no longer satisfied
    with packages tour companies offer; Japan too has websites providing experiences or concierge
    and consulting services.
    Our plan is develop our services first in Asia, where the number of tourists are growing in recent
    years, then to Europe and America, expanding the WTS platform globally. Once guests use the
    platform, it provides a space for those guests to become local hosts. By combining the
    information of what only locals know and the skills of a host and communicating it, citizens of
    the world will pay attention and make a reservation if compelled to participate or experience
    such things. The arrangement is complete once the host guides the tourists to the local hot
    spots. Whether it’ s a unique plan that only local people can do, an experience that’ s been
    introduced on the WTS platform website, or niche activities not yet known online, WTS is a tool
    that offers a new dimension to travel.

    World Trip Singapore will change global travel

    1. A new platform with an original
    SNS system by World Trip Singapore
    2. Building speedy and high quality
    information via CtoC
    3. Connecting the world through
    travel with the WTS platform
    4. Key information and new
    5. A new world of sharing beginning
    with travel will spread

    1. A new platform with an original Social Networking Service (SNS)
    system by World Trip Singapore

    One of the features of the World Trip Singapore (WTS) platform is that it allows
    registered hosts and guests from around the world to connect with one another
    through a social networking service called airChat; hosts can connect, share local
    information, tweet, and share photos and information. The service is a tool that can
    be used in many situations, creating new possibilities and evolving.

    2. Build speedy and high quality information via C2C

    When travel planning, travel agencies and the internet were relied upon to search for
    and get information on travel destinations, that is, up until now. Currently, people use
    review sites to get local information on popular places. Travelers also look for cheap
    travel plans, and review sites to find where to go or popular restaurants.
    There are even companies that have people interested in travel suggest travel plans
    through social media and recruit people, and if it gains enough reach, then the plan
    is brought to travel agencies to carry out.
    Through the WTS airChat platform guests and hosts from all over the world will be
    connected, enabling guests to reach out to local hosts, get suggestions on travel
    plans, and obtain core information that will help in finalizing travel plans.

    3. Connecting the World Through Travel with the WTS Platform

    The WTS platform is where core global information can be relayed, connecting people
    and information, host’ s skills with guests interest and requests, thereby allowing one
    to experience things unknown before. Then, it is those guests who become hosts
    supplying information, and offering their skillset to a global audience. Together, both
    parties receive and return happiness while providing new information.
    No longer should guests look for cheap plans, read review sites of places you want to
    visit or popular restaurants, instead, read those things from guests who experienced
    them first hand; apply the information and skills provided by hosts from all around the
    And then it’ s your turn to make use of what you experienced as a guest, becoming
    host for the first time on the WTS platform, offering information only you can provide
    in your own way along with your skills to fill new guests with happiness

    4. Key information and new experiences

    There is plenty of information found on famous places or spots, but information only
    locals would know, those “hidden gems” , are still scarce. Many amazing places around
    the world yet to be published by travel magazines and websites exist. But, with airChat
    by WTS, guests can connect with hosts to not only get insider information on
    wonderful places that are still unknown to the general public, but also get advice on
    their travel plans. This way, further intel and travel planning can be achieved.
    Local hosts can think of and suggest travel plans that only local hosts would know,
    and detail costs so that travelers from all over the world can visualize the reality.

    5. A New World of Sharing Beginning with Travel will Catch On

    This is not a tour for popular places based on a schedule and price, rather, a system
    offering a fair price to an individual or a group looking for a connection, experience,
    and fun.
    The more people that approve of the local host’ s original plan, the more reviews they
    will receive, and while many guests get equal access to information to unknown places,
    the more popular that host will become.
    Now, having experienced this system, guests return home and become local hosts
    creating original travel plans, offering information and their skills to promote the
    connection, experience, and fun to travelers of the world, much like they had
    experienced as guests.
    No longer do you need to search for conventional travel plans. Local hosts can
    introduce core information only they know about and their skills through the WTS
    platform. And by listing the plan’ s market price, guests all over the world will no longer
    have to pay margin fees to agencies, in turn saving money and experience new exciting
    activities. The WTS platform does not only introduce new activities, but offer translation,
    restaurant recommendations, cloak service, delivery service, seeing off and meeting on
    arrival service, and other services by local hosts that guests may like.
    As plans offered by hosts increase in popularity, guests from all over the world will
    gather and rate the host. At the same time, guests will also be evaluated by hosts and
    rated accordingly.

    The Vision World Trip Singapore Wants to Fulfill

    1. Creating a world through new
    activities from each person’ s
    travel information
    2. Cherishing the connection between
    3. Hosts can earn money in their free
    4. A trusted platform citizens of the
    world can use to reach a global

    WTS Platform Remuneration Model

    1. Platform growth through KPI achievement and high quality information/skill

    The KPI for WTS is get 100 million registered users (guests and hosts). Through an
    ordinary platform offering service, the providing service, or product, has to be registered,
    users who want to use the service have to register, and services to lure guests are
    needed. However, with the WTS platform, hosts can offer their knowledge and skills to
    match with guests who show interest, thereby using the host, and then become hosts
    themselves. By feeling grateful for the information and skills provided by hosts, guests
    will become hosts that offer their knowledge and skills to new guests, opening the door
    to new services.
    Guests who experience this exchange will be grateful to the host and feel happy, and
    a want to provide new guests with the same experience as they did.
    That is the WTS platform. The WTS KPI is measured on guests being awed by the
    experience and naturally becoming hosts

    2. Achieved Matching Ratio

    Once guests and hosts match on the WTS platform the cost will be charged.
    0% of the host’ s quote will be charged to the guest as a platform cost.
    In order to increase the number of matches for hosts, their services will be listed on
    the platform.
    There are no monthly listing fee, rather 10% of every match will be charged to the host
    as a platform fee. It is possible for hosts to list several information and skills/services.
    By creating a listing page hosts will want to become popular hosts by achieving a high
    matching rate.
    Guests will be enamoured with the information and skills provided by hosts, requesting
    their services, giving hosts the power to set their own pricing on the WTS platform.
    Hosts will then be ranked in the WTS ecosystem using AI technology. Increase in ranking
    will mean a significantly higher matching rate.
    It is a system that lets guests get quality information and have a good experience, while
    hosts earn money from offering information and their skills. In order to have many guest
    get their hands on quality information and skills uploaded by hosts, a listing system on
    the platform is necessary.

    World’ s 1st Sharing Service and Business Partnerships

    1. The concept of airlocker’ s service
    2. airlocker’ s product
    3. airlocker’ s business model
    4. The synergy effect of working
    with airlocker
    5. airlocker’ s Website
    6. airlocker’ s YouTube Channel
    7. put menu’ s product
    8. Best Buy World Premium Outlet


    Blockchain Technology

    1. Ethereum (ERC20)

    The WTS blockchain will be developed using Ethereum as the base, and with it
    introducing smart contracts. All sorts of exchanges can be made possible with the
    WTS smart contract, tying WTS company, hosts, and guests. With that, exchanges can
    be guaranteed, preventing overdue and unreasonable fees. All users on WTS will be
    the subjected to rank.
    Ranking will be determined by number of stars received, the number of positive words
    in the review, number of times used, the value amount of tokens earned or used,
    the value amount of tokens in possession, usage months or years, and other factors
    calculated with the use of AI technology.

    2. Impartial ratings of hosts and guests with A.I.

    AI technology will manage the reviews of hosts and guests on the blockchain and
    create an impartial ranking based on the reviews received. Trusting in the produced
    ranking the AI technology produces, both guests and hosts can feel safe in the use
    and offering of services. Based on this ranking, WTS points earned as an incentive
    for when certain conditions are met. It is designed to value hosts that offer quality
    services, or reward hosts and guests that earn a good review.
    This system is designed to motivate host and guests, but also to raise the quality of
    the WTS ecosystem. Another merit to applying this system is the differentiating factor
    of experiencing a higher quality trip.

    3. Recreate reliable ratings similar to society

    In society, people’ s trustworthiness is measured by consensus of the surrounding
    people. If the surrounding people have a good reputation, then that person must be a
    good person, someone I can trust; that is what reputation is, the same for a bad
    Let’ s presume someone with bad intentions (A) tries to smear the trustworthiness of
    another (B). In this case, as long as person A cannot negatively influence all the people
    connected to person B, person B’ s status will not change. It is near impossible to
    influence so many people.
    In other words, because a person’ s reputation is held by surrounding people in
    consistent manner, it is not possible to change a person’ s reputation so easily in reality.
    With blockchain, it is the same. Because linked nodes carry the same records it is
    impossible to alter information. That is the kind of network that will be built. The process
    used in society to evaluate people is what WTS will recreate using blockchain, providing
    an official platform that is trustworthy.
    The WTXT token will be distributed as the standard currency allowing for seamless
    exchanges, remittances, and payment settlements to occur at low costs in the WTS
    ecosystem. The token not only can function as a currency, but as an indicator of
    gratitude - the number of earned tokens measures just how much people are grateful
    for your service.

    4. Alliances with global OTC companies and inbound tourism businesses

    The problem today’ s society faces with the rapid usage of smartphones, from only
    virtually connecting to people, or the weak connection we have with others, WTS brings
    the connection between people from virtual to real. With just an idea, a skill, and some
    time, each person imagination and experience can be transmitted throughout the world
    for people to review and experience.
    For example, offering to be one of the solutions to the travel industry industry. We
    encourage those with certifications or from trade school to test their skill in real
    situations through our platform. Furthermore, we anticipate partnering with companies
    looking for temporary workers to use the people registered on the WTS platform as
    By partnering with various companies and local governments, WTS is at ready with a
    large number of hosts when launching.
    The WTXT Token can also be issued as points for WTS services, and original points
    can be used at partner companies. The WTXT can be used to settle payments on the
    WTS site, and in talks with partner companies so the token can be used with global
    OTCs. As mentioned, the issued WTXT token can be used for payment settlement for
    WTS services, or with airlocker company’ s services, and we will work towards having
    it accepted at every duty free store in the world.
    Furthermore, alliances will be built to allow exchange or discounts with the WTXT
    token with low cost carrier flight tickets, world sports tickets, major fitness center
    admissions tickets, and more.

    5. Media Marketing using Social Networking Services (SNS)

    We plan on posting information that will garner a lot of attention on various social
    media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and others, to promote and
    spread recognition.

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